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      Interstellar Registration is Open   08/10/2017

      You've read it right! The SW Interstellar Campaign registration is now open! Check the Interstellar forum under The Sprite Wars.

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  3. It's been a while since I've posted here. Maybe it's time for me to make a new profile picture. Any ideas, empty room?

  4. Registering on behalf of Nex. Theme : youtu.be/JopFcOUbgtgFaction Icon - imgur.com/a/nKdum8yFaction Name - The Ankanian ImperialisAlignment - Lawful EvilTechnological Level - Semi FuturisticDesc : https://swwars.fandom.com/wiki/Ankanian_ImperialisNotable Persons:The Deity Emperor - the Deity Emperor is the person who guided the Ankanians through his right hand the Praefect, said to be fighting an everlasting war against the gods of the Ruinous powers in the warp. Legends have it that the Deity Emperor will return clad in golden armour, leading Ankania through the incoming darkness..The Praefect - Once a mere man, now the right hand of the Deity Emperor. Leading Ankania in his stead, the Praefect started the crusade of blood (it’s edgy ik). Launching multiple offensives against Xenos and heretics alike. Unfortunately, the Praefect was mortally wounded during the Heresy that started all of this bloodshed in Ankanian historyHow to Portray :The Ankanian Imperialis is a Xenophobic and religious Empire as mentioned. But, they will most likely send ambassadors out to the said Xeno races, but if that fails they will for sure strike them with the hammer that the Imperialis Militaris is.The Militaris uses doctrines ranging from the Deep Operation doctrine to the Shock & Awe doctrine. Rolling over the enemies with their armoured vehicles such as the Malcador MBT or the Arkus Super Heavy Tank. As the hammer is the Imperialis Militaris the Legiones are the Scalpel of the Ankanian Imperialis. Striking from the Orbit by launching Drop-pods onto the Battlefield to dropping into the battle by using the Thunderhawk Gunships which is normally used by the Militaris. The PDF can be imagined as a low-tier Militaris. Links to the Sprites :imgur.com/a/nKdum8y
  5. And we back at it.
  6. Back with another one! Fregata has some very sneaky people.
  7. I moved some old 2000s forums of mine before the move over. What you need to do is get whoever had the hosting e mail for the original forum and get them to contact tapatalk to port the invasionfree board over. Everything is moved, avatars, posts and structure so should be fine. Only concern would be if the hand over had a cut off date but there might still be a chance(Best bet would be to see if Storm or Mike hosted the IE board)
  8. I have been keeping some tabs on old spriting sources and on my own time trying to keep an eye on any and all of our old forums to ensure upkeep and archival, as well as admittedly taking the odd walk down memory lane. However while trying to access the old invisionfree sprite wars forums I was directed to a page that had the following.: It seems that the web address of the old forums is not longer accessible for whatever reason until these tapatalk folks are contacted. Granted it's a given that the old forums were pretty much used for a long time at this point as just archival and not much else since the forum migration years ago. however I think it might be important for the sake of archival and maintaining community digital history that someone might try and look into seeing about getting this incident resolved since their is a lot of old content of note that could still be worth preserving and revisiting.
  9. The game starts, now!
  10. WELCOME TO THE INTERSTELLAR CAMPAIGN This is the official registration page for Sprite Wars' Interstellar campaign. If you have not already, I would suggest you read the GC2 comics, as well as the Interstellar introduction, as they will give you more information on the current situations regarding the main SW canon. TABLE OF CONTENTS Registration Information Registration Format Registration Information In order to play in this campaign, you must first register. That's kind of a given, but before you register, you must have basic military sprites for your factions, because without them, you will be unable to make comics, or have responses directed towards you. I think the best quote we can take, is "If it isn't sprited, it doesn't exist". The next best quote is "If you need it, make it". When you register, you agree that you will be making comics and responding to the people who make comics towards you. Now again, the first bit of this campaign is largely going to avoid large P2P confrontations, and if you do enter into an all out war with a faction early, be wary of other factions who may stumble upon your fighting. I've digressed. There is going to be plenty of time to make sprites, even if you don't have the ones you like just quite yet. Just have something to work with. Because when the fighting really starts, you will be in for a shocking defeat if you are not prepared! Registration is just as easy as filling out the format below. Registration Format Below is a good guideline to follow for registration. ------------------------------------------------ [FACTION INSIGNIA] (if applicable) [THEME SONG] (if applicable) Faction Name: Faction Alignment: Technology level: [DESCRIPTION OF FACTION] [NOTABLE PERSONS] (if applicable) [HOW TO PORTRAY FACTION] Links to Sprites: ------------------------------------------------ I suppose you get the gist of what is needed. You can add more if you would like, but there are certainly things that you NEED to include in the description, so that we can make the Map properly. It is your factions profile, after all! Take a look at how some of the past factions have done it. To register, just comment with your faction information.
  11. Anyways, we need a free use thread for the newbies and people who are lazy... ...like me, but at least i'm going all out for this season... (Mods, please sticky this for everyone else to post their own free use stuff) Also, here are 2 topics from the old forum that should NOT be overlooked, as they contain gold. http://s15.invisionfree.com/Sprite_Wars/in...pic=82&st=0 http://z15.invisionfree.com/Sprite_Wars/in...p?showtopic=422 heres a few goodies that people are constantly asking me to use, recolor or just add some distinguishing detail, and give credit so i don't have to break your legs! First off, since i got so many requests to use the trenchcoat on my soviets last season, they are now free use. (Yes the tank is free use as well, heres the link to JUST the tank. http://www.majhost.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?i=948678 I'm putting the mobile infantry troopers up for use as well, due to i never use them for anything... The ever popular, 'Build your own shoddily constructed boat' set. Please do NOT use the pickup truck things without my permission, but the boats are free use. Heres a few Suits/Businessmen. They make for great mobsters and stuff, just don't use the company name please. Heres a nifty little tank i did as a request, now its for free use. Welp, thats all kiddies, no more goodies for today... And just so i'm clear on this, the Cerberus Panzer Korps are NOT going to be up here anytime soon.
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