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  2. Smash Mouth and Evanescence is a good crossover, if memory serves. There are other good mashups with Smash Mouth and other music. After helping clear out space in the basement and break up a 118 year old desk to make up space for our new freezers, I needed to chill out. This video helped! "Battletech/Mechwarrior Lore : Exodus to Elementals - A Primer on the Clans [Part 1]" is informative and interesting, as is it's second part. The Black Pants Legion team put hard work into this, and it shows. The speaker's voice is calm and smooth mostly, but he gets passionate at points and can hype a character up to be an amazing war hero who equates getting shot in the head with taking the trash out every week, or beat on their image until they are the lowest of the low, and yellow-bellied, snake-tailed scoundrels. His mixture of calm and thrilling tones are great for relaxing, and I recommend giving a listen for at least twenty minutes of your time while you work on a pixel art project, unless you're someone who can't handle historians in the background whilst you go at it. Anyway, I like this video ad recommend it!
  3. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ug4Tt6JS32sLip9R6oZTI3FAsQdmjLdR?usp=sharing
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    It's got some interesting stuff that I don't mind having in the Halo universe, but almost none of the Halo feel. The sound effects and mechanics are different. Also, what made the Banished stop using red armour for their Elites in favour of blue stuff? Seems like an attempt to copy nostalgia, without any regard for actual substance. It's Halo 4/5 with a tiny bit of older games mixed in, and is still a 343 game without Bungie's input. CE, 2, 3, ODST and Reach are not going to be replaced anytime soon, I think. Edit: The Elites in the blue armour are https://www.halopedia.org/Sangheili_Enforcer called Enforcers. They're anti-building units in Halo Wars 2, so the Banished using them in Halo Infinite makes sense. I enjoy when games at new classes of enemy.
  5. The mixture of techno and violin music is exciting and relaxing for me. I think Hideki's work is brilliant.
  6. *Tank building sounds*

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      Good advice. Check my sprite topic pls!

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      Thank ya. Your stuff looks amazing, too. That big tank type really does impress.

  7. It wasn't the Titan Empire I think, but I could not make out the sprites. The dream actually made me more interested in what you're going to come up with. 😄
  8. Funny, I was planning on making new poses for older sprite sheets as a way to diversify battle scenes. And I HAVE been making those NRE Titan Empire sprites. You sure you can't recall the faction? If anything I want to start making customs by editing Ascawr guns into regular Rebel troops.
  9. Nope. The Prikkis are literally THAT small! Lucasodelta made many of these vehicles, and he made them in SW scale.
  10. This is a dream I had, it's not really creepy, so I'm not putting it in the Creepy Dreams And Other Occurances topic. Dreamt I wanted to make a present for my mom, in the form of a sprite. I wanted to make my mother in pixel art form... Wearing a mask for some reason? Like, one of the cool ones that covers the face. I told Commander Evil about it in DMs and then suddenly we were talking about spriting Darth Vader, and CE said: "Take every swing and move he's ever done with a lightsaber, and sprite it." CE wanted me to sprite each lightsaber angle and pose, and I was all: O_O. Then I mentioned that I used to do lots of easy-to-spot edits where I smooshed things together to make sprites, and CE said Backtothefryingpan was building a sprite sheet based on one of SW's older factions, and was putting together edits so easily made out that it made him cringe. It was my mission to go get Back to... Not do that. And that was my dream. Like, what?
  11. Is this picture wars scale? Now that's a rare thing. There forum was deader than ours last I checked.
  12. Halo Infinite finally has a gameplay trailer available for us. In my view, it's really, really average. Nothing amazing. There's many aspects worthy of further examination (the UNSC having "lost the war" for example). The there's the expected return to a classic Halo style that's executed somewhat haphazardly. You can see a mix of Halo 4 and Halo Reach grunts in glimpses, the Covenant guns are entirely new, the assault rifle draws influence from Halo Reach, and the pistol looks like something from our time, nothing like the hand cannons of past games. Most notably is the comical Brute redesign, including the Chieftain at the end who looks more like a regular human with lots of cosmetics (that could be due to the angle we see him hiding the Brutes jutting jaws, but even then those have been shortened). Brutes in the 343 Era have gone through this redesign I can't really approve of. They almost like like a different race of burly aliens. Even the elites and their awkwardly-moved eyes weren't that bad! Halo Infinite's Brutes seem to be combining the two eras in a jarring manner. Graphics in general feel off, though my expectations might've been tempered so much by just not being interested that I was initially surprised other people had made the complaint. Hopefully the theory that this is an early build proves true. And the Warthog engine sounds entirely different, 0/10. Won't even be playing it anyway most likely, no Xbox X for me living out of state. So, how do you feel about this desperate attempt to recover from the disaster that was Halo 5?
  13. Welcome to Sprite Wars! 👋
  14. Hello! Make sure to join the discord, where all the real magic happens!
  15. Hola to all elder gods from this forum, my firsts hours here, passing by just to share my work, know more about you, and make new friends, keep it up!
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    Bring yourself! That's it! :3
  17. Ok. I don't have a headset currently. do I need to bring anything? Examples? (on a side note I am on the autistic spectrum so I apologize ahead of time if my reply's seem a bit off. this is kind of a new thing for me.)
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    Hello there! The actual forums have been a bit quiet for the last few months, but the discord server is EXTREMELY active!
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    Hi. I'm Not Sure if this is a dead site or not but on the off chance that it is still active, im very interested in what you guys do and would like to join in.
  20. We already have a discord server! See:
  21. Discord looks like the new and trending mainstream site for discussions, collaborations, and other things that require live 24/7 chat. Perhaps it's time we get a server for ourselves so we can be more active at staying in touch and coordinating our business?
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