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  2. where I can publish Where i can publish my sprite wars or sprite sheet
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  8. Can't believe this game won't come out for another two years. Gonna be a long wait boys.
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  10. Welcome to the forums. However the announcement board is for admins and mods, you're looking for this one http://www.spritewars.com/index.php?/forum/5-introductions/
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  12. Welcome aboard. Are you Soldier66666 from Deviantart?
  13. Ok,here i go... Mi name is: Alan I'm from: Tijuana,Mexico I live in: los Angeles,California I have :15 years old
  14. That's one hell of a introduction. But please introduce yourself.
  15. Credits for the creators of the sprites!
  16. Find out how much you should worry so that you don't worry too much. Interact with them and see if they care. If they don't, then do not put the extra stressful effort into worrying too much. If they do care, then you can worry a little more than you should. Play Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin at your own pleasure. Take a hint from Mandemon's princess game and learn to balance worry with happiness and or certainty. Done. That do.
  17. Faction Name: Republic of Mechvaraa Expeditionary Force 2/Republika i Mechvaraa Spedsnaari Ferkais 2 Faction Alignment: Lawful Good Technology level: Modern/Retro-Futuristic Having escaped their population from their homeworld, Mezvaraa to Terra from the clutches of the Holy Mazenovich Empire, the Mechvaraan set up bases and military facilities on the place they landed from the approvals of the local leaders. Over the course of two campaigns, they rapidly improving once cumbersome weapons and war machines under many pressures from all sides on the planet, while constantly sending troops back to their home to fight the Empire. By the end of GC2, they've acquired some units from the former Independent Oceanic Treaty, and have opened peaceful diplomatic channels on Earth. Due to the fear that their homeworld's rapidly drained resources by both sides for over ten starturns, under the collective decisions of the Council of the Republic, Representats av di Republika, the Expeditionary Force 2/Spedsnaari Ferkais 2 is assigned to gather basic and exotic materials, foods and resources all over the galaxy, explore otherworldly lifeform (with extra precautions), as well finding some habitable worlds in case the forces of Mechvaraan in the homeworld is utterly decimated by the Mazenovichs. With the galactic knowledges provided by the ally Task Force 100 and former IOT scientists, the Mechvaraans are ready to start the engine and explore the 'Samashais Koros', the Milky Way Galaxy for the first time. Notable Persons Fleet Admiral Jenkin Hardek: Having served as the fleet admiral of the Mechvaraan Astronaval Force on the War of the Heaven alongside with Field Marshall Shireen Haraus (who gets promoted and reassigned to lead the [REDACTED], now the young admiral is appointed to lead the Expeditionaries after the latest conflict on Terra. Loves to blame every bad things that happened towards the Mazenovich Empire, usually modifying human expletives with word 'Imperial'. ("This is Imperialshit!) Army Captain Sierra Kelis: A young and really optimistic officer, this blonde-haired Mezvaraan were involved in many battles in her homeworld, like Battle of Bastko and Siege of Cesaris, not counting any small campaigns on her nation. Skilled with light-to-medium sized weaponries. Likes Terran drinks like tea, coffee, vodka and any other. [TBA] [HOW TO PORTRAY FACTION]
  18. Here it goes, short but sweet. I worry too much for too many people, who probably don't care about me. What do?
  19. Spartan 117 is back as Spartan 118, reporting that all of his sprites were deleted when Chromebook did a thing and bad stuff happened. Any and all links related to his sprite work or Global 1 would appreciated. You can put them on the topic in Sprites, or send them via private message. Update: 10/16/2017: Spartan has gotten a whole bunch of sprites back. Three cheers for Sprite Wars!
  20. I actually don't mind if people ponify weapons, vehicles, and even create pony versions of characters, because it reminds me of what we do with sprites for fun. But The Conversion Bureau stuff? Ugh. I think I know someone who made a fanfic where the Empire of Mankind actually captured the ponies and tried to do humanify them or something. Weird stuff.
  21. Faction Name: The Kolvartian Empire Faction Alignment: Neutral Technology level: Advanced, similar to Helghast circa 2357-2360 (KZ 1,2,3) and Sith circa 4980 BBY (SWTOR) The Kolvartian Empire is the successor state to the old Kolvartian Republic which was forced into exile from Earth centuries ago and has since forgotten its location. The Empire is based on xenophobic expansionism as it only accepts humans after its conquests, however, its rule is seen as benevolent to its people and representing Humanity's best interests, the Emperor wishes to “reunite” Humanity through peaceful or violent means in order to make its stand against alien ambitions and cease what he sees as 'fraticidal' wars. As of the beginning of the campaign, the eastern part is battling against two planets which have rebelled against imperial rule and an expeditionary fleet is being sent by order of the Emperor to find out Earth's location, having been for centuries away from the planet and longing to return to their 'home', the Empire knows nothing about Earth's current situation [NOTABLE PERSONS] The Emperor: The seemingly immortal leader of the Empire, he conceals his face with a smiling mask which has also given him the nickname of 'The Smiling Emperor', seen as a benevolent leader, it is unknown how he's been alive for so long, and no one dares to ask. The Emperor is currently in an unknown location but he still manages some affairs of state and makes some public appearances through hologram. Jeremiah Vircan: Grand Judge of the Empire, Viceroy of the East and Lord Commander of the Red Fleet, he's currently fighting the Karankan and Dimapofian secessionists while planning a coup, unknown to everyone except his inner circle, he holds the treasonous thought of integrating aliens into the Empire in order to ensure its survival, he sees the imperial government as outdated and decadent and believes that it must be taken down for Kolvartia to progress. Silas Auer*: Judge of the Empire and commander of the expeditionary force, also known as the "Butcher of Fort Darren". He used to be Jeremiah's protégé but as of know he harbors an immense hate for the eastern viceroy. Marguerita Vircan*: Executor of the Imperial Justicars and niece of Jeremiah, she has been tasked with assisting Silas as his second in command, in reality, she has been sent by her uncle to watch on Auer's actions and attempt to persuade him to join Vircan's coup. Anton Paktarec*: Fleet Commander of the expeditionary force, he was previously an officer in the Thandoran navy but after its surrender he joined the Kolvartian military in order to improve his planets' standing within the Empire. Lord Blutzen: 3rd in command of the expeditionary force and survivor of the massacre at Fort Darren. He's exceptionally skilled in melee combat, seemingly going beyond human capabilites. It is thought that he is part of the Culter Dei, an organization with ties to the Emperor. Lord Shien: Chief of Staff and Castellan of the Imperial Palace. He's currently the de-facto Head of State due to the Emperor's disapperance but his age and weak physique may trigger the end of an era. *: Characters that may be killed on sight, a message alerting me of their impending death is enough. [HOW TO PORTRAY FACTION] WIP
  22. A'ight, here we go. I don't like Friendship is Magic, but what's pissing me off is the very concept of 'Ponification': Making everything you love into the Pony version of them. Seriously, I fucking hate that shit. Do you think that equipping vulcan cannons to Derpy Hooves to create the 'Slug Pony' is a good idea?! We have the fucking Donkey Slug for that! No, you can't ponify the Emperor of Mankind to become the fucking Princess Celestia by reincarnating him, that's just plain fucking stupid. Shit, mane, I just can't stand it when they got their hands over historical things, like painting an old Kar98 with Rainbow Dash-themed colors just to make it "20% Cooler", or editing Rainbow Dash into the photos of World War 2 victims, it's just fucking offensive. And... There is 'The Conversion Bureau', a series of fanfic where the human race is converted (involuntarily) into goddamn ponies while destroying the planet Earth 'just because those fucking pastel-colored horses are simply better, pure, innocent, peaceful beings than the barbaric, tyrranical, genocidal, warlike stupid hoomiez'. It's misanthropy up to 12, mane. Alright, that's my 4-cents for today. Thank you and have a nice day.
  23. lets hope dark nexus returns

  24. Faction name: Task Force 100 (X) Alignment: Justified Good Tech Level: Advanced Home Base: Kait'hur Task Force 100 was made as a solution due to terrorism in the Middle East, as well as other parts on the terran planet, Earth. These soldiers fought some in some of the hardest battles, and diffucult conditions. These people and aliens had tried their hardest to defend their countries and planets. Several of these men and women made names for themselves as some of the most selfless and hardworking men and women alive. After the NATO disbanded, several soldiers from divisions of the armies from the former NATO decided to join together and help defend Earth. As time passed on, more volunteers and other ex armed forces members decided to join the disavowed military members, forming a strong faction, adept at assault and defense. Eventually, mobians joined forces with the Task Force, as well as kaithe, xorgs, virox, wolven, and a few kragolyte refugees. Slowly growing from the ex-NATO, soldiers from all flags, and eventually other planets, began to unite for the greater good. TFX operators are extremely well trained, compared to several of the factions they have fought. Their skill level borders the limits of what a faction can do. However, it has come at great cost to the soldiers. Many a time in the Task Force history, has there been catastrophic loss. After the events of GC2, TFX is at a new high. Elite soldiers of all nationalities, and several planets, are serving together. The Task Force has become much larger, and it is a well oiled machine. While TFX relies on technology, it can operate without it, which is the most important thing. TFX does not use nanomachines, and every soldier in TFX undergoes a very physical and psychological test to make sure they are truly fit for the job. The training has produced several bi-products, such as immunity to mind control, and a heightened level of awareness. IMPORTANT CHARACTERS Orion Michael Irving: Orion is the leader of the Task Force. While he may not always be on the front lines, he has a unique skillset and is a seasoned veteran. He often issues orders, along with Colonel O'Leary, and was responsible for the Kaithe-TFX alliance, which became permanent. He has gold and slate gray armor, and wields an assortment of weapons, dependent on the tasks at hand. Richard O'Leary: O'Leary is Orion's head field commander. Like Britain's Montgomery, Germany's Rommel, and America's Eisenhower, he is a stoic and very smart leader. He is someone who helped found the Task force, and has strong interest in helping the Kaithe. Patrick "Chernobyl" Kolevano: Chernobyl is an ex-spetz soldier who survived a nuclear blast, and exposure to a deadly amount of radiation. Augmented by the radiation, he became stronger, and suffered a genetic mutation that made his eyes turn blood red. Don't be fooled, however, he isn't evil, even though his armor is black and red! Rees "Red" Noble: Named after one of the men who lead America's "Great Escape" from Stalag Luft III in WWII, Red was already destined for greatness. Task Force soldiers are portrayed like an elite unit. They think things thoroughly. However they are not mindless war machines. They have hearts and souls too! Up to date TFX sprites can be found on my deviantart: https://monstarules.deviantart.com/
  25. Weigh your options, maybe consider a 3rd party service.
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