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  3. I was indoctrinated into the cult of Bungie's Gaming-groundbreaking legend at a shockingly early age. For years I watched my Dad play the games, listened to him read the books, obsessively read the official strategy guides, bought the toys, recreated the characters in shoddy imitations of Lego Customs I saw online, looked up fanart on Deviantart, and watched the Machinima. There was no critical thinking involved whatsoever. Halo could do no wrong. Until Halo 4's marketing machine kicked into full swing and the extent of the "new" Halo aesthetic was revealed for this first time. I was devastated. How could 343 Industries burn down all the designs that came before? They were perfection! It was heretical to the worst extent for me and many others. To see how the story for the game itself played out, and the ensuing fifth game later, was like watching a train derail itself in a multi-car pileup. All the good will from my favorite franchise was squandered. Nothing can ever be good again... Jokes aside, I've moved on from Halo. Halo 5 really did drop the ball when it came to establishing and wrecking expectations for the campaign. And as a lore fan, recognizing some of the canon shifts starting in Halo Reach and reading about other newer changes online was a dismal experience. The fate of one specific group sounded particularly stupid just from what I read. It was an egregious case of tying up a loose end. And because it's late and this postingsetup doesn't have a "spoiler" tag right there in easy reach: Spartan Team Black gets ganked by the Didact (Yes, the guy you thought you killed in Halo 4 but no, he survived and his actual death is confined to a tie-in comic) when he fucking respawns on the Ring they're posted at. Especially dumb because, based on the scanned pictures on Halopedia, they're clearly wearing the Halo 2-era Mk6 Armor, even though it was seemingly made clear that EVERYTHING had been redone for the Halo 4 aesthetic, inlcuding the Chief's model of armor. Unless if you buy the silliness from Halo 4 about Cortana "redesigning" it in a Cryo chamber. As Crazy Uncle Joe says, C'mon, Man! It really did feel like a symbolic killing off of the prior style, if not a prior Era of Halo storytelling. Fuck, the Spartan-2 Gray Team from The Cole Protocol got brought back in an entirely new book. It's like the New Star Wars films and the tendency of Lucasfilm to deliberately toss important lore bits into tie-in stuff that YOU MUST READ, buy that shit! Don't even get me started on the first set of newer Halo Books I bothered to read, Karen Traviss' Glasslands. What a mess. Maybe coming back after 7 years will give me some new perspective, but I still can't see how a storyline that started out as basically "Iran-Contra in space" and only spirals out of control from there was the best choice for the first series of full-length Halo novel in five years alongside the Foreunner trilogy. Stupid little side-observation I thought up years ago: Karen Traviss wrote a bunch of Star Wars Republic Commando books that I still haven't touched yet, until she quit writing Star Wars EU stuff altogether. Why? Well, she seemingly took it as a personal insult that the Star Wars Clone Wars Cartoon had a story arc that heavily altered the culture of the Mandalorians from the version that she herself helped flesh out in her books. Subsequently, she got her book deal for Halo in 2010. It's funny, in other words, that we can blame Star Wars, and Dave Filoni in particular for giving us Glasslands. Everything is more connected than you think. Never really liked the animation style for that cartoon anyway. (Oh, and you better believe there's a some degree of Anti-New Clone Wars sentiment out there. I once found a guy's moddb profile that was loaded with propaganda pics of the stuff. This being 2012, I can only imagine how Disney Wars has made people like that reconsider their opposition, even slightly). There's other shit I that leaves me thinking too. Example: Halo tie-in stuff us coming out at a faster rate than even the Mid 2000's last I checked. Why isn't there more stuff featuring Spartan-III's? Glasslands at least showed that the ones trapped in the Onyx shield world were rescued. ONI got the Katana team members out of the forunner stasis pods, right? Would be interesting to read about what they did? How about the other members of Gamma company that made it off Onyx? Nope, from what I can see there's only the same Onyx crew and one or two new faces. 343 is in the run-up to a new game, right? Just call in your current roster of writers, sift through the internet for some new ones, and pull out all the stops when it comes to tie-ins. New characters! One-offs from past books! Your questions about that one battle? That marine who fought alongside the chief and survived? Here's the answer! I'll have to review what's been released, maybe go over what I've seen people discussing on Spacebattles* as examples of criticism, but it does feel like there's less ambition than what I just described. Do we really another "Adventures of Master Chief during the Great War" series (not just one novel, no, two!)? Other books focus on side characters like Half-Jaw (Always good to have more of), the members of Fireteam Osiris, but again, there's also the Gamma company members we already know and Blue Team in others. And over in the comics, there's the aforementioned tie-in that happens to feature key story details, an origin story for the antagonist of Halo Wars 2 that's apparently good, and a "Master Chief kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything" comic. The anthology series...Tales from Slipspace had a telling split in reviews on Amazon. Sad, because it's supposed to be a successor to the 2004 Halo Graphic Novel. And if there's one Halo Tie-in I fucking love, it's the Halo Graphic novel. What I noted it had in common with the Halo Evolution successor was a variety of stories that looped in with other full-length ones. X world was the site of this story, Y characters were the subject of that one. What I'm trying to say is that there's a lot more opportunities for stories to tell than just this Star Wars EU method of having a select few characters running around in a whole Galaxy. We had fun self-contained stories like "Seconds sunrise over New Mombasa", "Armor Testing", "Dirt", "The Return", with entirely new casts, and dare I say it, I've read fanfictions that pulled off all-new casts with more twists and turns in the plot than canon stuff. Really, my favorite current one is just about a group of Jackals trying to survive the Covenant Civil war and Flood invasion on High Charity. No galaxy-altering prophecies or whirlwind tours of space, just regular people trying to survive. Way I see it, more stuff on that scale is what you need. It could just be my mental imbalances, but I really find myself wondering about stories on a less grand, more personal, almost mundane scale and view of the world. It's what I've had in mind first as a plot my first original setting (the strangereal-style map on DA that deactivated accounts keep favoriting). The world can only be saved so many times. Maybe it's a subconscious reaction to all this Godforsaken capeshit film. Do something more than just the known characters. Go wild! That's how you fuel a good EU. As it stands, I'm not sure. I went to one of those Outpost discovery publicity stunt larpfests. Aside from dedicated cosplayers and the museum-style exhibits, there was nothing too amazing. Could've been a good chance to pull in some collector's item booths with past Toylines and haul out older merch to drag in nostalgic millennials and Gen Xers for more $$$, but instead the merchandise selection was mostly direct tie-ins. Halo Infinity could go either way. Yeah, they brought back 2004-07 Chief, but hey, that's almost like an admission of defeat after 6 years with the Halo 4 style. It's like Disney Wars-the CEOs can say it was planned from that start, but that's an awful lot of reshoots and director shuffling... Sorry for the length, but I just had to bring this all up, and it had to be a proper rant on the forums. Little pieces of it weren't going to work. Too much goddamn time on discord! Failure or revival, I won't be there cheering Halo on. Things have changed and this is the year I start changing with them. I kicked myself off of a discord channel that wasn't even hyperactive by that site's standards to stop fixating on it, I'm not gawking at R18 art or porn anymore, and this may be the year I quit California for good. *=REALLY not worth your time to visit anymore these days without a goal in mind, gets messier by the year, it's a contradictory fusion of the old "oh look how quirky and geeky and wacky this forum is lol xd" reddit-tier mindset surrounding the site that I could never get into and the new hypersensitivity of the current generation of nitwits jumping into the pool alongside nostalgic middle-aged long-timers that's really starting to show.
  4. (This is Gir's profile and will be deleted if/when he provides an updated version.) Theme: https://youtu.be/enMbEl5JYk4 Name:Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Alignment: Lawful good,The closest ally of Global Defense Alliance(ADG) Technology Level: Rather than the most SW factions,Russian Armed Forces are depicted with their current military technologies,meaning that they lack of such things as Mechs,Mobile fortress/Gigantic size tanks.Lacked of any stellar interspace cruising Ability, they rely on ADG to transport their warmachines into the planet of Byarli. Notable people (if any): -Major Nestor Leskov:a VDV soldier,Veteran of various wars,meaning that he is battle-hardened -Dragunov: Originally a Character from Metal Slug Attack,got her Background story rearranged by Gir as a commander of Russian Special Forces unit "SSO" -General Daniyar Ruslanovich Gorshko,Main commander of Russian Armed Forces deployed into Byarli. -Volodya Malashenko,President of Russian Federation. -Nikolai Suvorov'Prime Minister of Russian Federation(Originally a President from C&c Generals Zero hour mod:Rise of the Reds) -Yoshino'Originally a character from Metal Slug Attack,rearranged by Gir as a Japanese SoF member assigned in a special division with Nestor and Dragunov in it. -Tanaka Mikhailov'A Japanese-Russian Spetsnaz operative. Background story: Russian Armed Forces is an Armed Forces of the Russian Federation,formed in 7 may 1992 after the dissolution of Soviet Union.The President takes the role as the Supreme leader of it.In the campaign,Russian forces landed in the Byarli along with ADG forces and quickly established perimeters on their landing zone. How to portray: APART FROM THE STEREOTYPE OF RUSSIANS WHICH YELL "URAAA","ZA RODINU!!"(for motherland),they don't phrase those.Russian soldiers excel in medium-range combat .Often they will stop or seek a cover from enemy and return fire,which makes it ideal to give support to its allies to advance.The same tactic and doctrine applies to their vehicle crews and pilots.Fighter pilots sometimes tend to merge an enemy air unit into a Dogfight, which was an outdated Air combat doctrine but inherited from their Soviet fathers.Russians mostly put an effective setup of defensive positions:either it will be their soldiers entrenchment,or their Armored vehicles set on trench,such as their T-90 tanks for example.They excel in ambushing enemies,especially ambushing armored vehicles where they set up their Anti Vehicle weapons such as TOWs in perfectly hidden places. Links to sprites: -Russian Infantries: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/Russian-soldiers-megasheet-767887778 -T-90 MBT pt 1: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/Sprite-T-90-MBT-variants-part-1-765324556 (don't use the Azerbaijani and Indian ones) -T-90 MBT pt 2: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/Sprite-T-90-MBT-variants-part-2-update-765793066 -T-279 Golem HBT: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/CandC-Generals-RoTR-Golem-tank-sprite-sheet-768664143 -Major Nestor Leskov: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/OC-Avatar-Nestor-Sprite-sheet-769617929?ga_submit_new=10%3A1556079085&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1 -BTR-80/90 IFV/APCs: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/BTR-80-90-Sprite-sheet-V2-0-774703757 (Don't use BTR-87 since it's an export variant) -Ka-68 Hellion Advanced Combat helicopter: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/Ka-68-Hellion-helicopter-sprite-sheet-776553323 -Yoshino: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/SAT-Yoshino-remastered-sprite-sheet-775729815 -T-14 Armata H-MBT: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/T-14-Armata-MBT-Sprite-sheet-777228673 -SSO Dragunov: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/SSO-Dragunov-remastered-sprite-sheet-778302822 -Ural-4320 Utility truck family: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/Soviet-Russian-Ural-4320-truck-sprite-sheet-78151599 -Su-35S Fighter jet: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/Updated-Su-35-sprite-sheet-781784506 -Malashenko and Suvorov: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/Volodya-Ilyasevich-Malachenko-and-Nikolai-Suvorov-781943456 -GAZ Tigr HMMWV: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/GAZ-Tigr-HMMWV-remastered-sprite-sheet-783994675 -S-70 Combat UAV: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/Russian-Sukhoi-S-70-UCAV-sprite-sheet-784306371 -Tunguska-M1 Short range SAM/AAA: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/Russian-Tunguska-M1-SPAAG-sprite-sheet-785602270 -Navy AWACS plane IL-112RLU: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/Russian-Navy-Il-112RLU-fictional-sprite-sheet-784689953 -Russian Navy fighter MiG-51: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/Russian-Navy-MiG-51-Fennec-sprite-sheet-786165633 -UAZ staff car: https://www.deviantart.com/gir1010/art/UAZ-staff-car-jeep-sprite-sheet-788591601
  5. (Usagi111's profile, will delete if he posts an updated version.) Name: Crow Army, Last Brigade Aligment: Mercenary Elite Force (Neutral, money decides what they are.) Technology level: The level of their technology is unknown, they use modified weapons, chemical grenades, heavy tanks and international hackers. ---------------------------- Notable people: Stalker: Leader and founder, Trainer of the entire army Tarkov: Trainer and Leader of the Sky Crow/Aerial crows, Élite mercenary Astaroth: Leader of the chemical ops, Expert Hacker and Mastermind of the Hackers in the Army Nicolai: Leader and Trainer of the Aquatic División, Expert ninja and spy, trained by yoshino Kat: Keeper of the armory, Trainer of the Flame Crows, Elite Fighter Jorge: Leader and Trainer of the The search and rescue scout unit, also Boxing Ring Champion ---------------------------- Background History: Russian soldiers made a mercenary terrorist group, Using the plague doctor masks, they allied themselves to other organizations, only to steal information, after that, the elite members of the teams began to form a powerful assault division, As time passed, they began to be known by many names, The Crow Army, Black Crows, The Black Death, Leviathan's army Now his army is made up of soldiers from all over the world, from Germany to Spain, from Guatemala to Chile Japan and North Korea have tried to stop them, But the power of the Crow Army will never stop, Every day, It is armed grows more and more How to portray Always united and seeking new recruits. They usually scream when shooting, and when a victory is achieved they will always shout: "FOR DEATH AND FREEDOM!" Links to sprites: https://sta.sh/2rsdom9yzdy (BACKUP LINK): http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/DHalo/ByarliAblaze/CrowArmy/crow_army_last_brigade.png
  6. THE ANKANIAN IMPERIALIS Lawful Evil Technology Level : Semi-Futuristic Sprites Characters & COs : [Coming Soon™] Ankanian Infantry: [Coming Soon™] Ankanian Mechanized Forces: [Coming Soon™] Ankanian Armada : [Coming Soon™] Ankanian Air Force : [Coming Soon™] The Story so far Forged in the flames of 30 years of civil war, the Ankanian Imperialis emerged out of the ashes of the old order that the federation was. With their leader on life support, the High Councilours of the Imperialis became the leaders of the now-empire. With the military assets crippled, the empire laid idle, rebuilding its worlds and what was left of the federation's military. But, after decades of sitting idle in their part of the known galaxy, the gears of the Imperialis's war machine have begun roaring and grinding once more. Machines of war leaving their bays accompanied by legions of guardsmen equipped with the latest of armament, from the simple "Impus" Battle Rifle to Ankania's "Dragenir" Mark II MBT.. Setting out to spread the influence of Imperialis across the known galaxy to continue, what their predecessors have started... Having reached the peak of their might, the Ankanians have now entered a new age of progression and conflict. Fighting for their birthright as well as for man, they stand their ground, and even if they should stand against a galaxy of endless horrors, they will do so until the time of ending. How to Portray The Ankanians make use of a diverse range of doctrines and tactics, from the traditional trench warfare, deep operations, lighting warfare to shock and awe. Those are only common doctrines and tactics that are used by the Ankanians. The High Command is open to new tactics and doctrines however, giving the choice of preferred doctrine and tactic to the commanding officers themselves. Being largely Xenophobic the Ankanians still respect their alien enemies. Yet, they will not exterminate any alien on first contact but rather remain neutral with them, engaging in politics with them. However, they will be wary and suspicious of them. When it comes to other human life forms, may it be a normal human from earth or abhumans* from a distant world. They will be treated as a solid equals. The Guardsmen of the Imperialis are often seen taunting their enemies by calling them names or threatening them, often across the entirety of a skirmish or battle. Besides that, they often name their vehicles' provocative names as well as self-glorifying names, honouring sometimes a hero of the imperialis or one of the many worlds that reside within their realm. Depending on the role and the planet they hail from, the guardsmen may be compulsive smokers, heavy drinkers, barbaric, etc. Ankanians are not aware of the known laws of wars, often performing heinous acts as well as atrocities. However, they do indeed refuse to slaughter any man or woman that cannot fight for themselves, may it due to age, heavy injury or profession. The act of murder of children is strictly forbidden and is often sought out by the Military Police and often leads to court martial, followed by life-sentences or even execution. Strengths and Weaknesses Even in the most dire situations, the guardsmen hold their ground. However, the sight of supernatural, monstrous or barbaric creatures and foes that do not yield will strike fear into even the most hardened soldier's heart, along with terror, dread, or even panic. Having sat idle for a century, stagnancy has taken hold throughout High Command and it's intelligence arm, causing misunderstanding and underestimation of their foes and other factions. Ankanian technology, however, has not stagnated. The forces of the Imperialis are well equipped and are comprised of disciplined cannon fodder soldiers. Their devotion to the Empire's religion is considered fanatic, causing them to follow it blindly. Making them venture out of the safety of their trenches, outposts or controlled cities to remove unholy symbols or to preverse artifacts. *Abhumans include but are not limited to dwarfs.
  7. Faction theme: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohHA8b… Name: Orks Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Technology Level: Primitive / Scavenged Background story: The Orks once struck the planet Byarli with a mighty WAAAGH! decades ago, but their warboss was killed and they were scattered, regrowing from spores over the years. If a mighty Ork were to emerge from the land or from space to unite them, they could become a powerful threat. How to portray: The Orks roam the world and raid towns and cities, looking for loot and for a good fight. Their infantry charge in massive numbers and shoot inaccurate weapons, and specialists look for things to blow up or cut up. Orks are not big on strategy. Links to sprites:
  8. (From Reptil77, will delete if he posts updated version) Name: Independent Alignment: Good Technology level: Standard Notable people: Reptil and soldier Background story: We are two people who were teleported to another plane while escaping the purge. How to portray: Mercenaries Links to sprites:
  9. (By Lucasodelta, will delete if he posts an updated version) Name: Nueva Tierra Alignment: Chaotic Good Technology Level: High (FTL capable) Notable people (if any): Background story: Nueva Tierra was a human colony on an Earth-like planet that was 250% larger than Earth, and was rich in resources. It was one of several colonies in it's star system. The colonists experienced an age of prosperity before disaster struck. An interstellar anomaly moved the entire system billions of light years away from it's original spot, and possibly caused the system to travel through time. The planet's technology slowly decayed due to a lack of support from the other colonies. After thousands of years of decay, they came into contact with a starship that was buried underground long before the incident caused the decay, and it contained a trove of advanced technology that allowed the Neo-terranos to gain the ability to return to the stars. How to portray: A Good faction, but willing to make small sacrifices Sprites:
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