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    Like I said, I want two staff members votes on if the comic should be removed or not.
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    http://www.thevenusproject.com/ I've been pretty interested in this for a while. The idea of ending the money system, dead end jobs, wage slavery and all that good stuff. Not to mention helping mankind advance to a new level since our progress has been rather slow of late. The venus project aims to implement a resource based economy that would remove scarcity completely by making the Earths resources the heritage of mankind not to mention creating renewable energy and automating most of society. Plus theres the added benefits of removing social class, cleaner cities and a decrease in crime. Now I know alot of you will be all BAWWW THATS IMPOSSIBLE AND WILL NEVER HAPPEN GTFO!! WAHHH HUMAN NATURE MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE!! ITS A SECRET COMMUNIST DEATH PLOT!! These answers are just the cries of defeatists who have given up on life and humanity long ago. People who like to talk about the problems in society but never on ideas on how to solve them. I stated a week ago Which sums up my feeling on the above statements. Through I will put some of the most related quotes from the site in this post as well, since they cover alot of these issues. This really reminds me of rapture a bit and the ideals of Zeon Zum Deikun from Gundam, but the idea is good. Granted its not perfect but there will never be such a thing as a perfect system but the fact is I believe its better than what we have now. Anyway discuss but do have a look around the site such as the FAQ's, videos and so on before making any judgments.
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    Ha... HAHHA AH HAHAA BAWGHAHAHA I am loving this, your move Wing. I support you Remmy 100%
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    And nothing of value was lost.
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    Although I admit this issue should probably have been kept private. I'd like to make a point about it right now. No matter what any of you say. The corvolt, stay dead. I was a good a close friend of TMWKs and I'm getting pissed as shit with people forever elephant barging all over his damned grave. STOP IT. JUST STOP. For gods sake, make a new evil army yourself and leave a good death be! BUT I digress. Keep this in IMs in future ok?
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    This sort of stuff gives conspiracy theory a bad name. I mean I myself believe in a few conspiracies but at least ones grounded in reailty like government corruption, small ellte trying to take control of everything, false flag terrorism. The kind of shit I hate and what really makes us look bad are the people who give off shite like this. ITS ALL PART OF A PLOT TO BUILD A SATANIC666 GOVERNMENT USING THE 666CHIP UNDER THE 666EU ACT WHICH SATAN WILL BEGIN THE END TIMES AND THE RAPTURE WILL COME FOR US!! EVERYONE IS A SECRET LIZARD MAN WHO CREATED MANKIND IN THE SPACESHIPS INSIDE THE FAKE REAILTY IN THE STARMAN UNIVERSE WHICH IS IN THE CYBOPLASM FALSE UNIVERSE CODE34949 OUTSIDE THE ENERGY REAILTY. THE GLOVERMENT ARE WORKING WITH THE ALIENS TO INFECT US WITH THE BLACK LIQUID AND MAKE US INTO ALIEN SEXY TIME SLAVES! Just because someone believes a conspiracy doesn't mean they believe every conspiracy under the sun, plus anyone who believes conspiracies never happen is an idiot. Through to be fair RFID tagging and Verichip does give me the willies.
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    Yeah well I'm dead because I ate the poisoned one. The poison wasn't even from natural produce. And hi.
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    Legos, army men, toy guns and wooden/plastic swords.
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    Welcome to Sprite Wars stranger. Enjoy to the boards, we are all beyond all comprehension insane over here. Don't eat the cookies, i put poison in them. That ghost over there is Dan, he ate one of the cookies.
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    Does this mean you will raise my salary!?
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    Oh yeah do they have a few submarines to spare on there cave budget? I really hate the whole fear mongering arguments. The entire point of the project is making society better and addressing many of these issues. I never said it would be perfect or magical but just better than what we have now. Speaking of terrorism anyway, the entire point of terrorism is to spread fear. You should never let anyone scare you into submission or use fear to halt human progress. If people want to hate on such a thing then I say fuck em. When you look at 9/11, now I don't care what version of the story you believe but when that happened you never saw people stop building or expanding cities did you? Hell we didn't outlaw aircrafts either. Not to mention that event with the cars which I found questionable but thats another topic, but did that stop us using cars? "Terrorists can take life, but they cannot change the legal system of societies, only governments can do this. If they primary goal of “global terrorism†is the abolition of freedom in democratic societies, governments acted as their accomplices with the introduction of anti-terror legislations. Civil liberties have never been granted deliberately by governments, most of them have been fought for with democratic means, which are on the brink of becoming illegal." Anyway this is going highly off topic, can we at least stop derailing things? I don't recall starting a topic on mecha or anything. If you look at the concepts, one of them does include large ships like you said ironically enough. I like your style, your getting a PROMOTION!! I fully agree with you. We're an intelligent race who can adapt to almost anything, we're not a series of thoughtless robots who stick to one place because thats what there programming states. We go where we feel like based on personal opinion and desires. Not to mention alot of other factors. Alot of people are quick to quote Darwin and such on these matters but the very idea of evolution is that creatures can evolve to there new environments and humans are no exception to this. Say we ended up on some high gravity planet, our race would in time adapt and evolve in order to survive better in its new environment. The same can be said about Space, sea etc etc but thats light years off. the point is we're not glued to the ground and I'd quite like living in an artificial island or underwater city. The fact the environment is artificial means it will feel just like the surface anyway.
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    Well, y'know what we need to do for this to happen? I'll lay it out for you. GUNDAM needs to happen. Since about the mid '70s, humans have had the technology to establish a permanent presence away from the surface of the Earth, if they so chose. It would be a MASSIVE undertaking, but it would almost certainly be worth it. Here are the things we could get out of building colonies at the LaGrange points. 1 - Practically unlimited living space for population overflow. 2 - A secure population center for the human species that would spare us from extinction if a major catastrophe should befall Earth. 3 - The massive resources available in outer space could help to alleviate the chronic shortages we are beginning to face here. 4 - Living in a new environment could bring about new methods of thought and action for humans and provide the catalyst for our next stage of evolution. 5 - There's a chance we could get giant robots with light-sabers and laser guns out of the deal. Humans need to expand to stay healthy, in every sense of the word. We have done this for almost all of our existence on this planet, but recently we've stopped. And what do we have to show for it? Two world wars and countless smaller ones. If we don't go somewhere soon, we might REALLY get stir-crazy. And if we go into space? Well, not only does it give us a common goal, but it forces us to consider new ways of doing things and, crucially, working together. As a side effect, every major expansion in human history has provided us with new knowledge, perhaps this next giant leap will give us the technology and the thinking skills to build a new utopia? Well, I'm not going to dream anymore, I'm going to make it happen. Say what you will, that's my generation's responsibility, and I'm taking it.
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    Erm...Merku's not a yank...he lives in the UK...I'm a Yank cause I live in the US. Learn the difference. That aside, Frankly, I think the idea some of you seem to have, that this utopia would put an end to all conflict, is far too incredibly idealistic. Especially because we have tried to avoid war...on many, many occasions for that matter. And yeah; it does tend to work at first...but then some jackhole decides to blow some shit up and fuck with everything. And you have to have a means of countering said jackholes or else you're fucked, so then you have to have your own armed forces, and it just goes all downhill from there... I can see it possibly...just possibly solve the other issues. But I think there will always be conflict between each other. Expecting to eliminate war is practically the same as expecting everyone to absolutely agree with every single thing; its just not going to happen. HOWEVER, I do believe that we can make it so that war becomes so rare, that it might aswell not exist at all, the human race has shown much improvement in how much violence occurs within itself after all.
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    Yeah because peace, freedom and justice are so overrated and suck balls. Hmmm do I want a happy sunshine filled happy land where everyone is equall and free? Or lifetime of wage slavery, misery, war, destruction, corruption, suffering, poverty.... Quite a tough choice you present me with your solid arguement I must take some time to reflect on this.
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    THIS!! While I agree alot of human beings can be complete twats, I don't believe we are secretly a race of robots with a hidden EVIL sub routene that makes us do very bad things. In the end its up to the person themselves on how they live there own life good or bad. But point being, sitting around bawing about how life sucks and wanting to cut oneselves does not solve any of these problems. Granted greed and corruption is a major problem but instead of screaming about it, we should focus on ways to solve said problems, which is some of the issues this project tries to address if you took the time to read through the site. Like I said I live in this world, I'll most likely live in it only once. I'd rather live in a world that doesn't "suck" over one that does since ya know I want to enjoy my life and shit. Maybe your right, maybe it will never happen but if theres something I can contribute to such an idea then I want to help, even if it fails and falls flat on its ass I still want to help, because in the end at least I can say I tried and gave it my best. Also on the entire utopian arguement. Everyone said that during the 50s to 80s...Guess what? It never happened dispite all the massive paranoia. Even with massive corruption, not many people are stupid to fire the first missle. Granted there is always a large risk but I'd rather try to help some "Bullshit utopia." than sit on my ass worrying about if I might get bombed tomorrow. The irony of your arguement is, that you rant about how bullshit humanity is then you post an arguement based on fear just like the so called war on terror the governments of the world engineered. Thats why theres no harm in pushing such an idea. If we can help progress it, pace it along then perhaps we could see it in our livetimes. Like I said even if it does seem off, theres nothing wrong with trying. Its better than sitting around going "Oh I give up humans are so corrupt, my life is hell" *cut cut cut ;_;* no offense intened, I was referring to a few friends I know, not anyone on this site. The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
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    Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? 'No!' says the man in Washington, 'It belongs to the poor.' 'No!' says the man in the Vatican, 'It belongs to God.' 'No!' says the man in Moscow, 'It belongs to everyone.' I rejected those answers; instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose... Rapture, a city where the artist would not fear the censor, where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality, Where the great would not be constrained by the small! And with the sweat of your brow. Rapture can become your city as well. Will you ladies and gentlemen join me in a life where we can live. Under the sea..
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    Or we could say it hit any random SFF vassal, Sol that is, and you'll get a life time supply of [insert product here] Merku: <=D
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    On the topic of waterborne zombies, they either walk along the bottom of a body of water until destroyed, or swell up with gaseous byproducts of their own decomposition and float to the surface, where they drift until they either grab on to something, wash up on the shore, or drift out to sea. Anything that can crack a skull is a good zombie-killing weapon, no specialization is necessary, or sensible; Gill. Also sorry I've been so inactive lately. Been busy.
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    My faith in humanity is like Kenny; it gets killed off an an almost daily basis. But in all seriousness, sorry to hear all that crap happened to ya, Commander Cool. At least the authorities finally got off their asses and busted the jerk responsible for it, so hopefully karma's had him get locked in a cell with some big ol guy named "Bubba".
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    Alright I'm going to have to pick sides here but Storm pushed me to it anyway. Alot of people are getting tired of scripting shit, it ruins the sandbox elements and RP feels of the game and makes it based around whoever engineers the games entire plotline. As we know Garrick wants to rush this to an end, tie up all the old plots and put a close to the original canon once and for all. But by doing so we've got a massive clusterfuck game where everything feels forced and rushed. Also Garrick isn't the only guilty party, I know Nexus originally wanted to turn the Sprite Wars canon into a prequel for his battle for the milky way series. I don't mind people adding there own plots and ideas into the story but we can't force Sprite Wars's timeline to just end in our own personal image of perfection. It should be defined by the players and there actions. Anyway feel free to toss stones at me now.
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    http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/115736/Sin-bins-for-worst-families I really fucking hate what my country is becoming. If nobody draws the line at that point, I've really lost faith in humanity.
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    Well It seems this is happening all over Europe, though UK has it the worst. People must learn to stand up against stuff as this, no human being should accept these things no matter how stupid or smart they are. We need another 1789.
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    Yes, I'm giving out free stuff now. just give credit. more to come!
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    Completely forgot to post AWR V.5 in this topic. Here it is.
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    The only thing that really bothers me is the surrendering thing. Come on guys, having enemy troops surrender in your own comic just for the sake of looking powerful is just insulting.
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    Well Garrick, i see no casualties at all on your faction in your comic, same for Shinva's. Because; Opinions about this from both sides would be good i guess. Play fairer will ya?
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    You are right now on a Laptop Zigge
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    What the fuck...I lol'd
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    Shut the hell up about it already. Not everyone has to grab their dicks and follow along.
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    I thought you wouldn't mind because there from our LA game, besides you did use the Arachin design aswell. Credit will all be given so there is no theft.
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    Well, its time I faced it...even with all the crap that's been unfortunately going on here lately, frankly I've had more important issues to worry about than the ones I've been trying to deal with here, and if I continue to neglect them then I'll have shot myself in the foot big time... So yeah, I'm taking a break till at least Wednesday at the very earliest (that's when my new laptop will come in, and that should be a major help with the college-related issues), so that I can focus more on my other responsibilities, especially College. Cause frankly, as much as I love this site and you guys; I'll be damned if I ruin my chances at a future for it... Just...don't throw any wild, drunken parties while I'm away, okay guys?
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    I play touhou. I do EASY-MODO on the windows versions and normal mode on the PC98 ones. The funny thing though is that I can get farther on the "death mode" touhou fan-game (which is supposedly harder than lunatic) than I can get on a normal mode regular touhou game. Death mode touhou (I'm pretty sure this guy slowed the game down with fraps): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9OyoqoNwfU I recorded some videos of me playing it but I was really tired and fraps kept lag-killing me so the videos show me playing a lot worse than normal (dying from stupid easy to dodge things). Me doing a terrible at it: (TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN!!)Me getting much farther due to taking advantage of all the game mechanics: Before anyone says anything, I really can't stress enough that these videos make me seem a lot worse than I actually am. And besides, I think I did pretty good considering I'm an easy-modoer.
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    Kinda weird to make new Arbiter armour which only has a limited cloaking device, pointless to me. Dunno, there are many confusing things in Halo Wars that just doesn't make much sense (to me). lol and I don't think he landed somewhere considering he fell off the center of the planet that exploded mere minutes later. But that would be funny, you're walking along when all of the sudden the Arbiter falls right in front of you.
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    Due to the terms of the most recent declaration of Congress, unless any and all alliances with the FSA and COTR involving current allies of the US are dissolved immediately, the United States will hereby cut off all relations and return to a state of neutrality with said factions who choose to align themselves with the FSA or COTR. Its time to choose sides. POLITICAL WARS: THE SPRITE CAMPAIGN Edit: ALSO NOTE I never said I was going to war with anyone. I just don't want to negotiate with what Americans perceive as enemies of Freedom
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    Seriously i'm to the point i'm just going to nuke this campiagn. I'm seriously tired of people getting on Merku's ass for FUCKING STATING HIS OPINION... seriously He is speaking from the heart and you guys are on his ass for not only his opinion ,but just cause me and him and a few others aren't sucking the armex's cock and drinking the goo from it. I'm getting tired of you guys getting on people's asses all cause " OH YOUR NOT ON THE BALL LIKE ALL OF US" the armex is fictional... everything in Sprite Wars IS FUCKING FICTIONAL... so stop taking this shit seriously on a out of character level continue this shit or getting on people's asses for there opinion and I don't care if my admin powers or remove or I get a wag of the finger from the staff I WILL PULL DOWN THE WEST PERIOD!
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    What if it just happens to hit in the middle of the ocean and none will be harmed? HA! What a surprise that would have been Zigge
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    Pardon me for putting logic over emotion here...but if they're right about him not posting it on their boards, then doesn't that mean there really isn't any arguement that could override their statement? I mean, if he hasn't posted it anywhere over there, then wouldn't it be a bit unfair for them to ban him for doing it since he wouldn't have done anything wrong there? You can't honestly expect to just get the guy kicked off of every forum he joins... Now, if he DID post it on their site, then why not just show them the proof by linking one of the admins to whichever topic he posted it in? Shouldn't that be enough to prove that he stole it? As much as I don't approve of taking other people's work and claiming it as your own...I don't approve of the idea of ya'll goin around and getting him booted from every single site he joins either, unless if he actually posts what he stole there. Do correct me if I got the wrong impression here, its just that's kinda what it sounds like ya'll are wantin to do here.
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    If there would Bush in presidency, I would go apeshit. But since it's Obama, I can take this calmy... OVER HALF OF THE WORLD SERVERS ARE IN TINY LITTLE STATE CALLED USA AND THEY ARE PLANNING TO HAND CONTROL OF THOSE THING TO ONE MAN!? I mean, what the fuck? Every freaking company, person, organization etc. are just going quietly hand all their internet connections/servers to goverment? I think we are going to see a LOT more Sealandspopping up... This is getting ridicilous. What next? USA claims they have right to kidnap people from otehr countries? Oh wait...
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    I'll never join you! You killed my father!
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    Alright guys, alright. Let's just quit fighting and try to get the grand campaign West back on track here. You guys want to get your points across? do it in a comic, rather than in the chat forum.
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    Yeah, got this this called Real Life messing with my time lately. Anyway, back again.
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    THEN WHO TYPED MESSAGE? Silly Spartan it's Candlejack he's such a ni-
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    I have to agree here through the comic was pretty WTFPWNED. I mean he didn't defeat your entire army in one comic, only a few tanks, mechs and some soldiers. You could easily make a comic fighting back or something. I mean not every comic has to have one of your own guys die *Long as you don't do it all the damn time*. I mean sometimes people wish to show there men in a more compatant light. Also there is a heavy technolgy gap between a small communist rebel army and a first world nation with a highly advanced space force and mechainzaed assault forces. Not to mention Zigge you too are guilty of such things in the past, like when your army was taking a shitload of punishment off three enemy forces and still had massive resources to keep fighting forever. Yes maybe Garrick was cheap in what he did but he did play it tatically in some aspects. Either way people are badgering me to have the comic removed so I'll get two votes off other staff members first.
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    No he's too busy with that public toilet opening http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/Gordon/
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    Hi, welcome to Sprite Wars. I'm Cass, resident new person and such (been here a year, but still got that newness.).