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  1. HOLY SHIT! I DIDN'T NOTICED THIS TOPIC AT ALL! Happy birthday to draco and MD today and to those all who i missed. *Please don't kill me*
  2. I say ms, METAL SLUG ALL THE WAY!!!
  3. What the hell? I never receive it but i still not sure if it is a spam.
  4. matchbox91


    Greetings, you want some dog biscuit? Or do you prefer big juciy bone? =) Hee hee, welcome the forum. *off topic* Slowthroat- *Weep* I not in the sig. =(
  5. Granted but it was made out of card board I wish for a titan war machines.
  6. Welcome to the deepest part of the hell. You will hear the slaughtering and screaming.
  7. Granted but it get eaten by my bulldog. I wish for a trained and tamed pet shark.
  8. Granted but when you tried to fire it, you held it the wronge end and you blew up your own house. I wish for a coke drink.
  9. Granted but no one wanted to serve you. I wish I'm rich.
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