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  1. If anybody's gonna play this and hasn't started yet, just use this new version. It's better than the last version. http://underground.bananachan.net/UGames/XtremeLegend4UDemoV2.zip
  2. Was talking specific characters; I'm really out of the loop as far as old SW goes!
  3. I'm working on it, albeit a lot slower since this demo was made on a really fast deadline. The sense of urgency's gone, so my drive to work's compensating. Glad you liked it. Underspriters was going all right until Invisionfree decided to fart it out of existence. Totally terrible. In addition to that, I need old characters for the freeroam Sprite Wars arc. Not a lot, but enough significant people to make the game not just revolve around random mooks and my own characters.
  4. So. Unlikely people still care, but! http://underground.bananachan.net/UGames/XTremeLegend4UDemo.zip Updated a whole lot of things and added the Underspriters Arc. Only problem is that with the revamped item list and everything, you cannot port over an old save to this version of the game. Sorry about that, folks!
  6. why i make comic so long
  7. Thank the HEAVENS I'm done with this
  9. More fixed! - You can now pick up the flower in the desert oasis and have it in your inventory. - The demo's last boss can now be harmed if (s)he so desires to become defensive. - Weakened Shoot Gasdrum. - Halved Jim's attack power on both of his attacks.
  10. Comments like these make me feel warm and fuzzy. Glad you enjoyed it, Draco!
  11. http://nottarga.com/phuuistuff/XtremeLegendDemoFixed2.zip Made a couple fixes for you guys. - Made more NPCs that tell you more of the game's mechanics - Made Storm's mission easier - Replaced the Sunglasses in Storm's mission with a Kevlar Jacket - Made it apparent that you can save on Dom and Phuui's computers - Hopefully fixed the bug that made Storm's mission give the player a game over after beating one of the robots To use your saves from one game to the other, just transfer the save file (i.e. Save01.lsd) from the first folder to the second. It should work like a charm.