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  1. Damn it's been a while hasn't it? There, here's some rips for you all. I'm not sure about the palette for this one. Waterworld=>A custom BG I made.
  2. No I can't stop ripping before I lose my minds!!! And that's because I'm a big generous guy...
  3. AWESOME custom sprites, Cryptic!!!
  4. Here's the real and only R-Shobu (not that Ptole version)
  5. Those blood thirsty monsters are back... I don't assure any heart attack by watching this.
  6. Yeah good idea! Here's another vehicule sprite rip:
  7. Thanks, guys! I wonder if I'm going to publish the next episodes here... Have you any idea of what sprite I could rip?
  8. Here's another sprite rip for ya!
  9. You have no idea how many I did for doing this... Rebel Soldier sprites Don't forget to give credits! Have a nice day!
  10. I wonder if this one have been already ripped:
  11. Smockin' Sick Style sprite rips for your beautiful eyes!!! Metal Slug 4_Mission4 Boss Cyborg Allen Rebel van Metal Slug 4-Mission 5 vehicule Metal Slug 4-The Crawler Metal Slug 4-Metal Crow Enjoy those stylish rips!
  12. The Army of Darkness Everyone wonders why the General Morden and his Rebel Army keep coming back after being killed. The answer ? It is simply because they have made a pact with the Devil in order to take over the world, and now the Rebel Army is back under their real appearance and under a new and fearsome name : The Army of Darkness. Merciless and brutal, the AoD will never give up until they'll eat the souls of their foes and take over the world. COs General Morden : The great leader of the Army of Darkness, armed with his favourite bazooka and having wings, he's well decided to lead his army to the victory. Colonel Glendhal : The second leader of the AoD. He have the ability to teleport over short distances and he's an excellent tactician. Sgt. Allen O' Neil : His reputation is well established. He leads some elite troups Infantry Rebel soldier of Darkness : The main infantry, they feed of fresh souls. They have mortar cannons, bazookas, sniper rifles and grenades. Rebels weapons sprites Guerrilla & Special OPS of Darkness : An elite unit deployed for reinforcements. They also feed of fresh souls. The Guerrillas are used for massive destruction instead of the Special OPS soldiers who they excel in stealth operations. Vehicules Girida-O Melty Honey Big tank
  13. Thanks everyone ! Here's a little rip : Metal Slug 5 : Items & stuffs part 1
  14. Here's some Metal Slug 3 backgrounds : Metal Slug 3 - Mission 3 : Hidden Factory Metal Slug 3 - Mission 4 : Rooted warehouse