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  1. Yes there should.
  2. Good resolution, wasn't it?
  3. Nope Read my posts, it will explain.
  4. Omg

    See "My store.....broken....."
  5. Now that's just jumping to conclusions. He kept on overtaking me AND using my strategy!
  6. It's a long-winded strategy one. I'm still amazed Stu hasn't said anything!!! I was pretty much competing with him for 1st! And read my above post. Someone.
  7. 2 members of the Army System (that were hooked) are on holiday and will be back in a week or 2. Will this topic still be open then?
  8. :| If your computer can run that, I may have to steal it....
  9. So.

  10. Lol sorry Wingwolf, I'm just doubting Player 1's existance on this forum, and his ability to read what I say, or what other people say about me, and not lock topics. The problem is, if I do say what I have against him, I'll get warnings as he's an Admin. And okay, but has he read anything else I've said? Or just what someone else has said about the Store?
  11. Touché. I will test this theory. Actually I wont, as I can't be arsed. Let someone else do it, i dont see a point in me trying.
  12. HAHAHAHAHAAH!!!1!!one! Welcome to the Forums.
  13. ....P1 will listen to him?
  14. I've PM'd him twice, over 2 weeks ago. I have also opened a topic saying how there aren't enough topic sections... he hasn't replied to any of them. The only things I've seen him do on this forum is lock topics and agree with Wingwolf.
  15. Not only has Player1 locked ANOTHER topic, but he has also THREATENED TO BAN PEOPLE! Yet he hasn't read anything else into the forum. Usually I would PM him about it, but I know he wont read that either. WHAT IS IT WITH PEOPLE AND IGNORING ME