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  1. Quite True, the guy in CE's comic kicks ass.
  2. Wasn't Mike or Armo in Little Corneria?
  3. Don't Panic. We've put our best worst man Snow Woman on the case. http://www.jibjab.com/sendables/preview/bt...KVYM1F4PJKv7Q9n
  4. Learn to take a joke.
  5. http://www.jibjab.com/sendables/267/Birthd...elated_Birthday
  6. This is your very own Yuki-chan reporting on the weather. Expected Blizzards are predicted to continue into the night, largely because of me. We have a High of -23c and and a low of -31c, also largely my fault. I don't know about you Merku, but I'm actually looking forward to some cool weather for a change. That was your weather report. 'Night Ya'll! ^.^ Okay, something possessed me to do that.
  7. *Yuki-Onna's (me) Two Piece remains on because she's still wearing it and was not in the pile. However, I am sad because I did lose a good Kimono that was among the eaten clothes.*
  8. *Switching powers denied due to card, but Reverse is released from Stasis*
  9. *bribes Gatekeeper with another magma flavored popsicle* *breaks out of hell again* *uses Ultra Anti God-Mode on esreveR Card that denies Place Switching Powers and Making up rules* *esreveR is confined in stasis for crimes of attempted rape and therefore can't do anything.* Knock it off already, Reverse. You're spoiling a good party.
  10. *esreveR cannot grab Keila or run off or do anything at all because he is in stasis.* Stop. Ruining. The. Party.
  11. I thought Kane's Storm Machine was destroyed. EDIT: Never mind, I checked the old comics. But Solly, you're going to Malark? You're so silly. It's already just ruins.
  12. Yay! *drinks*
  13. I wanna know about Napalm
  14. You got any Bordeaux Wines?
  15. *grabs rope* *is pulled out of Eternal Torment* *Uses Super Anti god-mode card that denies place switching powers on Reverse* *Reverse is confined in Stasis, which means he is frozen in time and can't do anything.*