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  1. Just popping in to wish Mike a Happy Birthday! Enjoy Quake II and the other shenanigans that are sure to ensue!
  2. _Allen_

    Oh Hai

    Thanks everyone, Glad to see you're all just as friendly haha.
  3. _Allen_

    Oh Hai

    SO I'M TOTES NEW HERE GAIZ! JUST SAYIN HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI. No seriously though, I haven't heard from you folks in forever. How goes everything? I've been real busy personally, living in my own place with the GF and our roommates and just generally having a good time. I was just browsing through the boards after 3-4 years or so and it's good to see you guys haven't changed too much! Edit: Also having problems uploading a user photo. Seems to give me errors even under the size and dimensions limit.
  4. Delicious HIMYM avatar!

    1. Backtothefryingpan


      What's so "delicious" about "How I met your mother"?

  5. Haha goddamn, Some pretty nifty reviews you got here. Ah the classic gameboy Super Mario Land still my favorite handheld Mario out there.
  6. Thought this was neat. Sorry if its been posted.
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