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  1. Discord looks like the new and trending mainstream site for discussions, collaborations, and other things that require live 24/7 chat. Perhaps it's time we get a server for ourselves so we can be more active at staying in touch and coordinating our business?
  2. Since majhost.com doesn't work anymore, CommanderCool's Axon sprites are no longer accessible and will need to be backed up on a new image hosting site.
  3. I checked in to see the comics. Only to find out that majhost is being GAY as usual. Majhost: "This Site is working as intended."
  4. I can make some Desert Backgrounds for the African War. But I can't use Photobucket to show them.
  5. The first offering that I have is an Invitation Code for the PC Version of World of Tanks that will give you 1500 Gold and a 7-Day Premium Status for your New Account. You will need a High-Performance Computer and no existing account for World of Tanks. The second offering is a Beta Activation Code for the upcoming Xbox 360 Version of World of Tanks. You will need a Gold Membership to redeem this code at the Marketplace. Please Note me if you are strongly interested.
  6. Hey Silver, Did you actually mean to use this Computer Room or were you content to use the smaller, cramped one?
  7. What a coincidence. You're reminiscing about Mario and I'm working on some projects related to Mario.
  8. The EPI4-R5 Rybinskoe is a Wanderung Panzer that is dedicated to mobile field repairs and can quickly bring damaged vehicles and machinery back into operation. A very essential asset for armies that rely heavily on mechanization.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DxkEe_l7S3g
  10. The DCY-X0 Series (A.K.A The Gravity Decoy) is an Active Counter-Measure that employs highly advanced technology in its operation. When it is deployed, the Gravity Decoy generates a small and artificial well of Negative Gravity that is highly selective as it only attracts any and all incoming enemy projectiles towards it. As a result, a projectile's flight path is disrupted and, if it loses all kinetic energy or is unable to break away, is drawn towards the center of the well. In the event that a projectile does hit the Gravity Decoy, it disintegrates harmlessly upon contact with the anti-matter field. Not even artillery shells and missiles will detonate on impact. One final detail about the Gravity Decoy is that it is strong enough to protect against and disrupt the flight path of Energy Weapon Projectiles such as burst lasers and plasma blasts. The later series of Gravity Decoys can last longer and exert a stronger Well of Negative Gravity.
  11. Fucking die already, EA. We don't want anymore of your typical bullshitting which is to push out another crap game of a RUINED series.
  12. Simplify the Terrain Hexes by reducing the number of colors used in the palette. Details are useless and will only add to the filesize which in turn increases the amount of time a browser needs to load the picture.
  13. It's alright. By all means, you should continue with this Idea. Look at my old work as a foundation stone for some guidance and inspiration.
  14. I already understand the Idea behind your Icons because I came up with it first. http://www.spritewars.com/index.php?/topic/81-arisakas-sprite-rips/page__st__10__p__534#entry534 But if it's any consolation, your Idea is an expansion upon it that is more visually appealing.
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