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  1. I'll have a combat comic up later today, this is all I could do for now, sorry
  2. As I've already talked about in the chats, I want to make a compendium of both reference material and actual sprites for all of: the alien races members can have characters of alien races or factions that exist in the galaxy multidimensional races or factions that have been in SW canon For the use of this. I'd also like to submit the idea of "random threats," or just 3rd Party Factions ANY member can play in any campaign like this- like the Discordians, the Order, some kind of Flood like infection, etc.
  3. Not so sure about entering a campaign where only a few have put their sprites up off of first, but here goes: Theme Song: "Paper Planes" by MIA, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBqvbednAhY Faction Name: The Syndicate Faction Alignment: Neutral Technology level: Futuristic, Space Age, Multiuniversal [DESCRIPTION OF FACTION] Their base of Ashton Island ruined in the first Global War. The second Global War ending in China and Russias devastation. Except for civilian and construction companies that stayed to help in rebuilding efforts, the Executors left Earth with their tails behind them. Oh sure, you'll still see bands of Executors fighting Voltor and other alien incursions in our galaxy, son. Most of them went back to fighting threats in other universes though- like in the Hydronian Civil War. Quite the Red Vs Blue situation apparently- sick to know that even with the Barrister and Terran Command defeated, they've had an impact throughout time and space. Anyway, where was I? This Syndicate? There are rumors that they're some Executor task force that's come back to our universe but that doesn't make sense. They use the same tech but they must have bought it, because these guys are just as liable to start fights as end them, sometimes- whatever the Syndicate wants is unknown. Recruiting from the populace and other factions all the time though, I heard. Apparently, The Syndicate wants to harvest the resources of this planet to send it back to Earth to aid in its rebuilding, so they're fighting for a good cause if nothing else. [NOTABLE PERSONS] The Masked Man: The Mysterious, Masked Leader of the Syndicate. Who they are is unknown. The Boss: A mysterious benefactor funding the Syndicate, who the Masked Man reports to. Sgt. Gregory Hawkins: Former leader of the Executors ground forces, he's now in charge of the Syndicates soldiers. [HOW TO PORTRAY FACTION] Syndicate troops use standard combined arms warfare with infantry supported by mechanized and airborne elements like IRL combat forces, in addition to tactics like a blitzkrieg, mob rushes, tactical strikes and so on. Their sole infantry unit in combat for land, air, sea, and space battles is a standard trooper. The troopers refer to themselves as "The Syndicated-" apparently, their philosophy being that existing in the world, they're on syndication to everyone else, like on the Truman Show. There is no ranking system- all troopers coordinate together in every battle under the command of "Comissars," like in Warhammer 40k. Syndicate troopers are a happy lot- they're out to harvest resources, live off of the land, help those in need, have fun and are basically intergalactic pirates. They're to be portrayed as normal amongst each other, curt and polite with civilians and rude and cheerful against opponents. Links to Sprites: https://postimg.org/image/e3ff0nwy5/ https://postimg.org/image/ffrinntmj/
  4. https://postimg.org/image/z0x5hfljv/1430146b/
  5. So who has access to the Mega.co.nz archive with the old campaign archives and everything? I'd be interested in getting some of those
  6. Do you have anyone elses majhost stuff on the wayback machine, backtothefryingpan?
  7. Hydronian Armymen:
  8. You are all banned from SW for life.
  9. That'd be a project I could get behind- so are we going with the new planet from the first post of the topic, or with the galaxy idea?
  10. Can that map be edited?
  11. This'll be a topic where free use sources that can be used to put together armies are all put in one spot. Big sheets like the ASCAWR weapon sheet, free use infantry types that can be edited, generic vehicles, stuff like that. First off, a collection of infantry and a few vehicles gathered from different sources: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Hyacinth13/spritewars/newbie_sheet.png Vehicles compilation sheet: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/merku/FL/transport_megasheet.png Civilian mega sheet: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/merku/FL/civviemegasheet.png ASCAWR weapons sheet: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/merku/FL/ascawr5a.png Mikes free use sprites folder: http://www.majhost.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=106928 Compilation of Rebel sheets by me: http://www.majhost.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=208258
  12. Comic takes place before Shikis and CC's- gonna be a two parter as well, which'll be out either tonight or tomorrow
  13. Some takes place before Shikis comic, some takes place after it.
  14. Map color: Gold The Story So Far The Executors PMC, (nicknamed "Esdaile's Executors" after it's founder) is a relatively small, multicultural and multispecies force that has strongholds and outposts in the "Grand Campaign" universe as well as a few others. The paramilitary force takes missions by those they allow to hire them and those that they stumble upon that are willing to recieve their help. They support all beings free rights and will only take on missions by governments they feel work towards them. Along with taking combat missions, they also participate in rebuilding and construction efforts, and sell technology, weapons and vehicles. The Executors started in the Grand Campaign universe, after its Earths third "Grand War" and the Terminus incident that followed. This lead to the alliance between the Executors, Axonians, the Silver Empire and the Mobian Kingdom. When the Silver Empire fell to the brainwashed forces of the Order, the Executors were quick to move into Britain to free it from them- as well as going to Spain to stop Rebel forces from moving in to take over the now abandoned SE land. This would lead to them being stretched out too far, when a local branch of the multidimensional Highlon Corporation [one Esdaile was familiar with] was taken over by Barrington Rook. Quickly turned into Terran Command, this oppressive, Earth and human centric force attacked Ashton Island in full, forcing the Executors to move to their territories in the UK and Spain in exile. Despite support from many due to their work in Britain fighting off FSA remnants and the Order, their giving home to SE refugees, their aid to the Mobian Islands during its attack by Millenium, their defeat of the Rebellion in Spain, among other things, the Executors reputation has been bloodied by impersonators committing terrorist attacks on US soil, as well as accusations of dozens of crimes by the TC run Tiger News Network. With many looking at them unkindly, tensions between them and Axon, Terran Commands ceasefire with their ally Axon about to run out, Terran Command expanding on Earth, Liberalis attacking many alien citizens, Esdaile being missing and so on, The Executors know the fight is far from over. COs Esdaile Coil ??? Command Sgt. Gregory Hawkins Veteran of the Kugestaldt Republic Armed Forces [KRAF] from one universe, Gregory Hawkins was eventually picked up by the multiversal Chrono Army and eventually met Esdaile in the terrorist Discordian faction. Defecting from them with the Worldbuilder, they parted ways until Esdaile sought him out to lead the infantry section of his Executor forces. A compassionate, respectful and cordial man, Gregory can work well with most people he meets- despite his good attitude, he doesn't sharken from being tough on his men when he has to be. Being a Kugel, he has an especially strong dislike of unfair treatments, prejudicse and so on- besides battle, it's often what brings out the most fire from him. Respected by the troops, he's a good leader who often takes the helm when Esdaile is unable to. Francis Kennedy Richardson FKR is an old friend of Esdailes, and the mercenary has taken on both an advisory role and a participatory one. He can be easygoing when in a good mood, but he's more serious compared to Esdaile and can be sarcastic and bitter, almost biting with those he dislikes. Brooding, it's rumored that something happened to him that has to do with the Rebellion, oweing to his especially tough treatment of them in the Spain conflict. FKR has a genetic mutation that has given him his uniquely albino appearance, as well as pyrokinesis. Cynthia Belonging to a race of magic users called the "Hejek," Cynthia is an old acquaintance of Esdailes who's used her magi for cons and other schemes. More "scrupulous" then bad, it's still notable that Cynthia doesn't care as much about the work the Executors do- she's just willing to help a friend out, once or twice. Ronin A mysterious, armored individual who seems to know Esdaile as well as a few others. Why he's joined the Executors or who they really are is unknown. Isiah The "Isiah" is a prototype seige robot created by Esdaile. Although it utilizes Earth designs and weaponry, its chassis is constructed from Worldbuilder alloys and it is /extremely/ tough to take down, not to mention fast due to the way it moves about- through the air, owing to the helicopter blades attached to the top of its body. Characteristics and How-To-Portray The Executors will use modern strategy and tactics. Although Mk 3 Combat Suits can take fire from small to middle arms for a period of time, infantry will almost always use cover when they can, only relying on their armors strength when they have to. Infantry will usually be supplemented by smaller vehicles and anti-infantry mechs and combat suits, if they aren't acting as support themselves to massive swarms of remote controlled, robot infantry. Tactics and strategy in individual battles will often vary, but the Executors often focus on overwhelming firepower, flanking maneuvers and other such tricks, vehicular support and fleets of airships and so on if the airspace is clear. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds and species, the Executors will have one or two bad apples- xenophobes, those who're superstitious or biased- but the organizations aim is to help all beings to gain their rights, and they're almost always accepting to those they're helping and those who want to join them. Socially progressive, pro-science and so on, the Executors have a low tolerance for oppressive or prejudice governments and organizations, vying with them on principle. The soldiers coming from special forces organizations, the cream of the crop of regular divisions and a number of mercenaries, most Executors will be respectful and polite, a few being informal or surly or more maverick then others. Many of them smoke, and some will drink- drinking is tolerated, but only when off-duty and at certain times. Strengths + Weaknesses The Executors will keep themselves well supplied, air and spaceships supplementing when landlocked supply lines can't do it all. They prepare with the right equipment for different enemies, and can deploy quickly with their wide range of dropships and transports. With relatively heavy armor on their infantry, good weapons for them and overwhelming kinetic and laser weaponry as well as railgun and coil technology adapted from the Hydronians on their vehicles, the Executors can often overwhelm weaker foes- however, like all others they're only mortal. Anti-tank and heavier weaponry/bombs will be able to take care of most Executor vehicles [despite this, they ARE well armored- especially the larger tanks], and heavier caliber weapons, heavy/sustained fire and explosives will all wipe out their infantry. However, Executor soldiers are tenacious and determined in battle and even those at an equal footing with them will find themselves facing a tough battle. In addition, Executors have operated on a number of planets and in a few different universes- and being made up of aliens themselves, foreign and alien technology and weapons won't frighten them from origin- just if it something that brings a lot of force to the battle. They have some experience with supernatural/paranormal forces as well and won't balk at them at first appearance, but if things get terrifying reactions will range from scared to unflinching like the members of any other army. Units - Coming Soon! Sprites http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Hyacinth13/EsdailesExecutors/Season2/gc2_executors.png