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  1. makes perfect sense to me. we all to back away once in a while.
  2. Not to mention the sheer power of the position! I had someone detained in game because of a difference in dates!
  3. Well well, there's someone I haven't seen in a while. Glad to see you around!
  4. utilize your imagination and pull an Immelmann turn.
  5. according to slashdot, acta is being reincarnated as CETA (Canada-European Union and Trade Agreement). see more at: http://yro.slashdot.org/story/12/10/15/2348250/post-acta-agreement-ceta-moving-forward-with-similar-provisions I sense a critical mass coming... could be wrong, though.
  6. stoffhimel

    Oh Hai

    its been a while since any of us has heard from you.
  7. Are you using windows? if so, you could put your windows disk in and tell it to repair windows (not reinstall).
  8. after what happened, I didn't expect you to ever return. welcome back.
  9. seems another threat has arrived. the cybersecurity act of 2012.
  10. I just read through the entire acta treaty, and I can conclude that it does NOT give the power to blackball people from the internet. as a matter of fact, it is mostly aimed at pirated goods. if you want to read the treaty, it is here: http://www.mofa.go.jp/policy/economy/i_property/pdfs/acta1105_en.pdf While yes it is a mostly European thing, the United states Did sign it, binding it all the same.
  11. also, acta is still being negotiated. acta's full name is the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. being a treaty, it is considerably worse than sopa and pipa, as it can literally blackball YOU from the internet at large.
  12. Looks like someones having fun with current events.
  13. You nearly had me with this one. lucky me, I second check things.
  14. that is, until a new version of the bill surfaces again. stuff like this never die.
  15. promote internal promotion in companies. not only do the workers know how every thing works, chances are, they know where they can improve the corporate processes. if your going for a resource based economy, NATIONALIZE FOOD PRODUCTION. its never good when farmers potentially hold more influence than you, do to the resource they produce being a necessity. for naval interceptor ships and torpedo ships, consider erkanoplanes. they're fast and light, and since it is a surface effect vehicle, its hard to hit with torpedoes. put money aside for infrastructure. infrastructure is what make debtor nations out of most of the small African nations. thats all I can think of right now.
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