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  1. You are not the only one, Kalash. I've been busy in my own little world playing Rome II Total War and Payday 2 as well, plus been working late a lot from time to time. I will on the other hand be right on the next comic when I get time over.
  2. Thank you Hell ya! The battle is literally heating up! Love the comic CE! However, I won't be able to respond so fast to the comic, in the coming week. Gives you a chance to focus on others. No worries, take your time. Don't rush it. I will respond as soon as I get time over
  3. This may be a stupid question since someone has probably already asked it before, but I can't figure out on which side the Americans Base lies on, in the Strait of Gibraltar.
  4. Epic Religious Fanatic Army to the rescue! Hold out America <3 Burn Heretics! You have to ask for the sprites from me, they are still work in progress :3 As usual, both good and bad feedback are always welcome in the discussion thread :3
  5. I would like to wrap up one last thing before we timeskip as well. I've been working on a special comic for a while and It would be a shame if I had to remove it because of the timeskip.
  6. I am a little bit confused over the situation and I don't know the cause of Shikis / Silver Empires retirement, but I feel conflicted over the whole in-game timeskiping idea. I have nothing against it, but let us say that we agree on time skipping in-game, will all the battles around the world just stop for some kind of "peace" month or for some other unforeseen reason? I am on the other hand against the proposal to take a real break for a month, the campaign isn't actually going that fast in my opinion. I, like many others, wait patiently for others to post, so there is no need to rush yourself to death.
  7. And so the battle continues.. made this comic in a rush to show me more active :3 On the other hand, this time I tried to make it more like a battle zone for once. People are screaming constantly, sounds of gunfire etc. and the ground is shaking when you fire large ass artillery.
  8. No worries, I understand the situation. on the other hand I would like you to avoid using the commander sprite since he is a leader, OC char which does not operate on the frontline at the moment. He kinda died in your comic :/ but do not fear, it was a mistake since you did not know that he was a important sprite. You do not need to remake anything.
  9. I thought for a moment that the campaign had hit a speed bump, but now I can see that I was completly to hell wrong (I am glad I was wrong) The campaign is heading straight forward, with newly achived energy, to a beautiful world war! @CE: You've been a bit inactive in the past. However, with these 2 comics right behind each other in just a few days, you came back from the underworld with such a force that you managed to shock the campaign with the rebellion! (At least I was surprised) @CC: Still going strongly forward with your axonian tanks as battering rams! It feels freaking awesome that you used sabaton (from Sweden yay!) as your insperation in your latest comic, the comic which you made blew my mind. The funny thing is that I saw sabaton live for just a couple hours ago! Rock on! Oh and nice peace speech on the ball. @Dempsey: I know that you are working your ass off IRL, but It's great to see that you are still managing to hold on to the campaign. My respond for Africa will come next week and new death poses @Merku & Spartan: You're probably the ones who have been most active in the campaign, if I am not mistaken! Great to see that you can keep up with the pace, even thought I am not sure how you manage Love that you made the ball into such a succés! Keep up the good work! @Geardisco: Not much to say, I am looking forward for the uprising of the Japan people to take on the world! Curious about the new and mysterious major... I better hurry up with my own comics
  10. Ha! You read my mind, I was right about to make a similar thread! Here goes: Muhahahaha!
  11. I want to make it easier for me and everyone else, so here are a few desert backgrounds. Will make it easier for the African War.
  12. Why do people spend time murder threaten game developers, a game is just for our entertainment. Our lives isn't going to change anything at all, maybe the score perhaps, but come! If they tweak a game a little, then so be it, no need to go berserk. These people just need a high-five.... In the face.... With a chair.... repeatedly.
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