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  1. cool i like C&C AND LEGOS
  2. *ahem* this is your tentacel monster captain speaking you man there at the front of japanese girl school...yea YOU...pleas get out imedeatly...*sigh*...dad....no you cant take one whit you....I SAID NO!....god damit dad....
  3. ' deck 666 no we cant. and could you stop killing animals? deck 1212141208 is runing out of food'
  4. hey, you can call me TP and just avoid me...AND I HOPE THAT NO ONE WILL EDIT MY COMMENT OK? *looks at Wingwolf* EDIT: ~Wingwolf~ ... you had a spelling error...
  5. Peace Makers Of Bermuda Info: Many years ago a scientists from Peace Makers made research about Bermuda triangels mystery. thye found out that this "mystery" was actually a great teleporting system...to other dimension...so they gathered army and tried to open it, they succeed at it they found the missing peoples and lots of wrecked boats and planes...this is also a good power source. makes lots of energy and made less damage to nature, well it WOULD do if they would hawe the missing material. And they dont know what this material is, they hawe searching it for a long time until they had a feeling that this material would be at Bivalve island. so they changed the course to the Bivalve island. CO: Dr.Droid-the man who discovered the mystery and power of bermuda triangle also the leader of he Peace Makers. Secret Agency Of BT(Bermuda Triangle): Dr.D's Body Guards can handle only pistol and few tool. good to do some deals and other politic stuff. Medics: Heals,Boosts,Cures,Poisons whit diferent medicines can handle pistols and medicines. Engineer: Repairs and Sets Bombs also drives, can handle shotgun and hawe few tools. Soldier: Kills,Murders whit guns can handle Machinegun Sniper: Kills,Murders,Silences,Covers whit sniper. Vechiles: uses diferent vechiles found from diferent dimension ( i use ewry one of yours vechiles too lazy to make own) BT(Bermuda Triangle): Makes Magnetic storm wich truns all electricy off and teleports units. (il make some sprite of MACHINE that controls the power of BT) Psycho Bermuda: Uses special psychic suit. Sprites: MORE COMMING SOON
  6. make MMORPGS no cost money month pay and that kind of stuff...
  7. Tappipappa


    Nuclear launch detected....
  8. ....ok...thats just too dumb....whos going to pay...for sprites that you can allredy hawe for FREE!
  9. Tappipappa


    Tappipappa means nothing it was just gived to me when i was about 8-10 years old at some thing plase i dont know what is it in english anyway i started use it when i was trying to think some online name and then TAPPIPAPPA!!!
  10. il be going to vacation tomorrow so i wont do enything but YOU guys can do somthing to it T_T
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