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  1. Your voice is sexy.

  2. Tri can't do anything about Waglet and those specific sprites because he didn't post them on Triblox.
  3. Hey Wojo, how's it going?

  4. If Bungie had any control over this I doubt they would allow an anime, or a movie. They would stick to the basics of gaming.
  5. Created the Internet
  6. Anything Nazi is bound to be good.
  7. Is Causing Interference

  8. Loves Big Long Thick Rifles
  9. Gets extremely jealous when I talk about other guys
  10. Has a fetish for Meer Campbell
  11. Cass has an unusual fantasy involving Breaking Benjamin
  12. Aye, you told me Matthew, like Meself. Polish name is Maciej though, English its Matthew.
  13. Honestly, I liked the other board better. It seemed to have more originality. And why is it IPB3 now? I don't really understand that.
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