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  1. Tri can't do anything about Waglet and those specific sprites because he didn't post them on Triblox.
  2. If Bungie had any control over this I doubt they would allow an anime, or a movie. They would stick to the basics of gaming.
  3. Created the Internet
  4. Anything Nazi is bound to be good.
  5. Loves Big Long Thick Rifles
  6. Has no Analginity
  7. Gets extremely jealous when I talk about other guys
  8. Has a fetish for Meer Campbell
  9. Cass has an unusual fantasy involving Breaking Benjamin
  10. Aye, you told me Matthew, like Meself. Polish name is Maciej though, English its Matthew.
  11. Honestly, I liked the other board better. It seemed to have more originality. And why is it IPB3 now? I don't really understand that.
  12. So...what? We're going to be paying to breath or something? Anything that causes job lose is worse then the effect americans want.
  13. If you guy's want the convergence to be complete then you'll need to somehow get Mooface over here and make him post Crumpets Then sparkie Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
  14. Hello there all! I'm Wojo and I was brought here by a friend(s) of mine that suggested it for me! A little about myself is that first off, I can't sprite worth anything. At all. I try to and most of the time I fail. One day I hope to get better. A little about me personally is that I'm from Poland, am 14, and a complete Nerd. I'm into gaming on Xbox Live ((If you wanna hit me up I'm VVojo (Two V's)) and some PC games, love reading, and am for some reason obsessed with Halo, Star Wars, Star Trek and other crazy wacky things... Music is sort of a big part of my life for me, just love it. Am mostly into Rock and Alternative but I listen to other styles as well. Out of all my artists I believe my top two would have to be Trivium and Anberlin. Amazing groups. Well I hope to have a fun time here and meet tons o' new people! Peace