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  1. Have you ever played Act of war? If not do it (on an old pc), it is supposed to be Act of War with some Wargame stuff thrown in. The factions seem so far to just be rebranded versions of AoW's factions.
  2. If you are going to use a map that zoomed out, you might consider doing like "Darkest Hour: A HOI game" did for their tiny provinces, but for small island chains like the ones in South America instead
  3. The blog that the link leads to is Swedish (Ends in ".se" and "stjarn" is "stjerne" in Norwegian/Danish), the login request's text is in Norwegian Nynorsk since that is what my firefox is set to, it would be saying the same in Swahili if I had it set to that. Yeah, this isn't a result of Malware on our computers, I scanned my computer with both Malwarebytes and Avast and they found nothing.
  4. The thing is that it only happens when I try to open GC Regen's discussion topic on page 29, so It shouldn't be anything on my computer, unless no one else gets pop ups like that when viewing that page.
  5. If you are talking about Guest_Sarge_* or Guest_Remilia_*, then those are Underling's deleted accounts.
  6. I don't know where to post this so, please move the thread if this is not the place. So, I was going through some old pages when I got this: http://i.imgur.com/htnqC7O.jpg Obviously a Swedish "star goddess"-blog should not be asking for my credentials when I am browsing Spritewars.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHWOeGFKIEc Seems like they made a game for you.
  8. The guys with red berets are Kalash's dudes, I think their name had something to do with dogs/hounds/ect. Edit: Found a sheet with where they are called S.K.U.M. Service (Shadow Korpse United Mercenary Service) The other guys might be Vasili's, or at least they remind me of his outer heaven troops.
  9. I have the Playstation version, Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there was a RTS PC version.
  10. Re-uploaded some of the requests that I did back in 2011 and probably earlier, if I have missed any, please tell me: http://www.majhost.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=285119
  11. http://www.projectrho.com/rocket/spacesuits.php#id--Design--Skin_Suits Astronauts!
  12. I wish they had kept the Ace Combat world and not made another Generic save the USA from evil super terrorists game. And I hope they kept the aircraft buying mechanism from the older ACs, because there is no way I will play the game if I am forced to only fly American planes.
  13. And what I think will be their "scout"-class looks like he is wearing Ice hockey gear.
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