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  1. Hey hey, I'm pretty sure those older guys were saying the same things about Pokemon/digimon/power rangers/something when we were all kids, saying it was some retarded Japanese smoothie with cockfighting and the desire to have pets or something. The classics will always be classics to us. Besides, it can always be worse, no matter wha- Wait, space thunder kids? FUUU-
  2. Sounds like my parents when they're nagging me about stuff and then proceed to raising their voices about me not having a job or applying myself. ; ~ ;
  3. http://darkdiamond.net/web-notes/get-the-first-episode-of-back-to-the-future-free/ Yep, you read that topic title correctly. Free for you guys that loved Back to the Future. You can also get the first episode of their monkey island game free (Or you used to be able to..) and whatnot. Basically, they just want you to register and fill out your address. No payment info or anything required! If they charge you a single cent for the episode, I'll eat my shoe and post the video on Youtube.
  4. I've been playing this along with Dungeons and Dragons (Still need to finish up so I can give a review on it..) and I'll agree, it's pretty fun. ... Now I'm just waiting for Dynasty Warrriors GUNDAM online. I wanna build my own mech!
  5. It's that scary? Huh... *clicks on Remilia's username.* There was nothing scary about that.
  6. Given that fact, even I'll choose A... <-- shivers at the thought of seeing that guy's junk.
  7. I haven't been targeted for venting yet. DDDD}: C'mon! I'm a wide open target!
  8. I stopped playing after that one update with the cursed items thing. I originally was going to keep playing after that, but they changed the general feel of the game and combat to the point where I wasn't really interested in it anymore. I played Empire side too, Orc, Paladin. ... Because I was retarded. I really liked it up till the patch though, and then it just got uninteresting. It really had potential too. ; ~ ;
  9. http://www.escapistm...nly-Says-Capcom ... And then Capcom gives a big "fuck you" to us english speakers. /wrists
  10. I was originally going to get the 3DS purely for Megaman Legends 3 and ONLY Megaman Legends 3 Guess what I found that changed that. < O M G W T F >
  11. This is probably the worst thing I can possibly say... but Welcome to America. 8D ... /wriiiiists Why does college cost so much?!?! *suicides*
  12. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=XQv9CurZqr8 And this is the song you gain massive amounts of Nostalgia from. And then realize the original theme wasn't as awesome as this one.
  13. Sorry I ruined most of it by not having chimera hunt installed. DDD}:
  14. I'll probably attend just for Team Fortress 2, because I have no life. 8{D ... Someone mind adding me in the clan page on steam though? It's 'Zaikanata' .
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