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  1. This is why we need stricter labor laws. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbA2U8MmJ68
  2. Dammit Steampeng not again!!!! *chases after Steampeng with a trench shovel*
  3. A swordsman eh? We don't get many of those around here these days. Well anyways welcome the group.
  4. I already have some GLA vehicles picked out. XD
  5. This could be promising. XD
  6. Finally I got the damn thing uploaded!!! *ahem* Anyway my username is Mechanichal Chaos 1
  7. Ah ok. I'll let you know as soon as I complete downloading.
  8. My connection is a bit slow right now but I should be able to download it this week if possible.
  9. I go by the name of Mechanical_Chaos_1 on steam
  10. I'll give it a go. please be gentle
  11. Hello Tyler and welcome to Sprite Wars. Please remember to leave all hope and sanity behind. Trust me you wont need 'em.