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  1. KURADIAN ARMED FORCES 1st Fleet (sprite and story pending) Map Color: Slate Grey Side: Neutral This fleet came out of nowhere, seemingly from another universe in what constituted a freak space-fold accident. They are on the run and armed to the teeth. Their fleet carries four millions refugees and their supplies are dwindling out. They need land to settle and new supplies. They will obtain them, one way or another. C.O. Shouou Reinhardt "Interesting, everything is just like on the other side...except for our home." This man is in charge of general overseeying of the fleet. He always wear a mask, to obscure some horrible wounds. This has an unnerving effect on his men and they usually follow him out of authority, rather than respect. He is not loved, and he is rightly feared by those who have to get in his way, but he never stepped out of line. No abuses have ever been reported on his behalf. He's simply fearsome. Admiral Leonid Herbert "If we have to invade another Earth to avoid our people starving in the void, so be it! Take the fleet to high orbit." Highest ranking admiral and overall commander-in-chief of the whole fleet. Highly competent, but he doesn't and cannot ever hope to command the respect of the men like his predecessor did. He commands the Kuradian Armed Forces with a cold, calculating demeanor. If he has to take this parallel earth to ensure the safety of the refugees, he will do it, at all costs. Historical File: Nannbara Armisael Garrick (K.I.A.) "Control? What about that fold unit? What?! ...I understand. I knew this day would come. Luck's run out after all. Got something to tell to the lord of death after a-" The former commander-in-chief of the first fleet. A veteran of the Corvolt Wars. Died defending Mars from [REDACTED] Many memorials have been erected in his honor. The first and most significant is located in Shinmachi, the heart of the Kuradian Government, on the Exodus ship of Home-1. His body burned in the cockpit. When Search and Rescue found the wreck of his VF-19, all they could see were ashes. After a brief DNA testing, the ashes where brought back to the Exodus fleet right before the space-fold incident.
  2. to Dempsey: Should be free from control To further clarify my post, while i was known a long time ago here for being one that pushed ultra-realism in his way of storytelling (If not in the depoction of fighting force at least in the depiction of political events and interpersonal relationship, i think i failed in both), don't let that comment stop you from playing it as you see fit
  3. to revise or not it's up to you, it's not like i'm some godfather or anything, i just told how it sounds to me
  4. Sorry if i dig your post but i believe it's necessary i make some clarifications The big problem with your idea is that Imperial Japan was already a "Japanese twist on the Nazi villain" as they shared a lot of points (such as racial theories, with them being "The japanese race is superior to everything" rather than "untermenschen need to be eliminated" d going for a lot of similar national policies. Japanese society as a whole can still be quite recepting for nationalist ideologies, however the nazi in Japan, right now, are seen with ridicule, or as something only WW2 otaku are interested in. Furthermore, in japanese, touten (pronunced in the closest way possible, Toh-ten), means "This store 当店 " rather than "Eastern Sky, 東天", which can be all to similar to Toutenkou 東天紅 , which can be either the morning crowing of a rooster or a chicken breed.. A party like that would be laughed off the elections. Furthermore the renaming of japan to something that is not japan would have the whole archipelago up in arms, revolting. The whole of the Military included. Basically, your army ends up being comically ridiculous as soon as someone with a passing knowledge of east asian contemporary history reads the comic. And I, sadly, major in Japanese Studies.
  5. Note: i don't know when i'll actually start playing, but still. Strategic Intelligence Directorate Cell Kilo-Alpha-Foxtrot Niner Allegiance: Currently Unknown. This group of four operatives is currently stationed in the United States of America. They seem to be currently serving an unspecified power. Sometimes they use equipment clearly originating from off-world. Who is their handler, what does he want and how he wants it accomplished is all shrouded in mistery. Characters Major Robert Kreuze Tag name: Rock Age: 36 Cell commander. Veteran operator, keeps his cool just as it's expected by a Special Forces Operative. Keeps recalling events that are not part of Earth's history. Captain Nakamura Hideo (中村 秀雄) Tag name: Swivel Age: 30 Kreuze's second in command. Japanese looking. Linguist, speaks English, Russian, German, French, Spanish and Arabic. His Japanese has a large influx of words not currently identifiable by contemporary Japanese sociolinguistics. Lieutenant Nagashima Noriko (長島 法子) Tag name: Merry Age: 28 Blabbermouth. According to Nakamura, the only reason he's still on active duty is because of her inhuman skills in processing data and taping into commnication lines, be them digital or analog. And also because of another thing not often spoken by Nakamura that usually drives them into violent fights. Lieutenant Ludwig Weber Tag name: Red Age:29 If Nagashima is the blabbermouth, he's the taciturn one. Deadly with a Sniper Rifle.
  6. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M140AS4C this seems to be the correct MU link, i hope it works. put in in C:/ and remember to download the update and to run the update in the game's folder.
  7. Variable Frame = used mainly on VFs. Allows a quick and extremely efficient transformation from one mode to another. Mainly found on VFs. Pinpoint Barrier (PPB): Energy Disc projected by a generator. Used to concentrare an extremely resistant barrier into one single spot, allowing the craft to deflect shots that would penetrate a standard distributed shield. Reactive Warhead: Uses a ORTEC reaction to generate a nuclear-like detonation without any radiation generated. Heavily used by Factions influenced by the old Alliance and the SFF Fold Generator: Allows any object to be moved from one point of space to another by slipping into subspace. Again, heavily used by the SFF and Alliance-influenced forces.
  8. Wing, CNC is made by EA PAcific, wich is what Westwood was reshaped into. It's an internal development team.
  9. I have the standalone expasion, bought it online on 1C's website for ten bucks, and sadly it doesn't have multyplayer :/
  10. Not bad per se, but as with half of the vehicles in the game, it looks toyish. Compare the sandstorm with the original Hover MLRS. the original is a no-nonsense design, very spartan, yes, but proper for an high speed military attack vehicle. This one has a chassis wich looks like a defective A-Wing, full of unnecessary curves, while the missile launchers look uninspiring.
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