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  1. Happy birthday!

    It's strange to see my last comment saying the same thing.

  2. You guys do what you want, I've reached the point hwere I don't care anymore. No I'm not mad, I'm just tired of explaining myself to you guys over and over again. All I'll say is this: I wasn't "trying to shove my ideas down people's throats", I was just trying to make my point one last time. I tried making that clear with this: So yeah, it's all yours, I couldn't care less what you guys do with this forum anymore. You can call it me being a crybaby or me taking things too serious or whatever. I call it being fed up with members not understanding my posts. Take care of yourselves.
  3. I honestly cannot see why you guys would want two global campaigns that have alien factions invading Earth. If we have invading aliens in this Alternate Timeline campaign then we're pretty much gonna have two of the exact same campaigns with the only difference being one having a different theme. Can't you see that that's exactly what it would be? What's the point of having two global campaigns if we're only gonna differentiate them by only one element (the retro theme)? As I said before, if we do have aliens (no doubt with more advanced technology) then there would hardly be a retro theme at all. The main reason why I don't want alien factions in this campaign is because that if it's gonna be another global campaign that's completely separate and unrelated to the main Global Campaign, then why don't we make it a completely separate and unrelated campaign? Not only by having it set in an alternate 1970's timeline, but by making it an Earth faction-only campaign... I'd list more but I couldn't do that without being more repetitive. Please take another look at where I first brought up this issue to see other good (in my view) reasons why we shouldn't have aliens invading Earth in this campaign. Yes, I'm really trying to convince you guys to not want to have aliens in this campaign. But if this attempt doesn't work, then fine. Again, if this what you guys want, I may not like it one bit but I won't complain, either. In all honesty, I'd rather have this forum reboot not happen at all then have two campaigns that are exactly the same.
  4. There, see? Vas has the right idea.
  5. Now we're having a timeline for this campaign? This campaign is supposed to be easy and small for those who are new to the SW game, now we're adding some complicated timeline involving politcal assassinations and tensions between other nations when all it's supposed to be is a war waging between multiple factions on a fictional continent. Simple? Indeed, a perfect start for beginners. Now I'm not trying to be the boss here, I just don't like where this is going. I'm just saying that you know, it's a campaign for beginners, let's make it one...
  6. So we are gonna have alien factions in this campaign. That figures, but if that's what you guys want...
  7. Didn't think of that, lol. You're becoming a better thinker than I am. Anyways, I just don't like the "Republic of" part. It makes it seem like the main plot involves a nation trying to defend itelf against invading factions; whereas in the past, it was just multiple factions battling it out on a fictional, nationless continent (like the good old SW way). But then again, that's really not a big deal. I'd just like to "stick with tradition" or what have you. EDIT: And another thing... That's a scenario for a campaign like the Grand Campaign and soon-to-be Global Campaign(s). The Continental Campaign is gonna be a smaller campaign suited for beginners like the original East Campaign on the old site. Meaning that members will be using either small armies, a team (or teams) of individual soldiers, or even just one individual character. Not vast, overwhelming armies. Just saying.
  8. Not trying to be "Mr. Objection" here, but do we really have to go with "Republic of L'Croya" and not just "L'Croya" or "Chennora". I just don't like the idea of using a nation as our battlefield and not a continent. So the war that we'll be having will be one giant civil war? I think we just have it be a continent and not a nation like we did with Pangaea and Bivalve in previous campaigns. Please don't take this as me trying to delay or prevent anything. I'm just telling you what I feel would be the right thing to go with. And again, if everyone else wants to do this, then I won't object.
  9. I'll admit, the map looks much better now. I'd be more than willing to use it as the official map for the Continental Campaign. But I'm a little confused on the name: Say what, now? So the map you're showing us is the map of an island that's part of the continent 'Chennora'? I thought the map you were showing us was the continent. And if that's not the case, where's the rest of the Continent?
  10. fluxx

    Hey All...

    Welcome to the SW community! And don't worry about your spriting skills, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon. I can tell you when I first started out, my sprites were absolute crap, lol. Now that I'm more exprienced...they're still crap, but more tolerable. (Not saying that'll happen to you, lol) Anyways, welcome again! We could use more young blood these days.
  11. So I take it we've agreed on using actual nations? That'd certainly help differentiate this campaign from the main Global Campaign.
  12. Am I the only one who thought to wish a happy birthday to our god and master, P1? Shame on you all! Happy 21st birthday, P1! Long live the head honcho; if not for him, this new website (well, not exactly new now) wouldn't have been made for us to mangle and desecrate.
  13. Alright, I guess I shouldn't be talking about my map being better, although I didn't say it was. I meant that I think I made my map more realistic, the overall outline of the landmasses anyways. I'm not saying it is better because clearly it isn't for the reasons you mentioned. I'm not complaining, all I said was that it was too big and too plain, and by 'plain' I mean that the landmass and territorial marks look too unrealistic to me. I did say I don't mean any offense, didn't I? You think I just say that so you won't get mad? I say that because I mean it, I've been trying to be respectful ever since I came back. I admit, there have been a few flaws but I apologize for them, don't I? Besides, when you post a map you've made, it's no different from when you post a sprite sheet: you have to be willing to accept anyone's input on it, be it good or bad and I gave you mine. Now, I aplogize for making you guys mad. I now see that me calling Chibi's map "plain" was a dick move on my part. I meant something else by it, but I still shouldn't have said that since I don't much room to talk at all. So Chibi, I am sorry for pretty much insulting you, I honestly didn't mean to. And nobody's obviousley gonna improve my map for me so forget about it, if you will. It hardly deserves to be finished anyways. I'll go with whatever you guys wanna go with. What really matters is the warfare, not how pretty the map is, right?
  14. I still say it's too big and too plain of map. No offense, just giving input. I personally like mine and Mandemon's map. And I say I like my map without ego...aside from the missing details, I think I did a good job at making it realistic and fitting enough for armies to use it as a battlefield. So is anybody gonna take up improving my map or not?
  15. You don't have to play as nations, you know...or is playing as actual nations a thing you guys wanna go with for in this campaign?
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