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  1. is currently building his WAGH

  2. Spartan says: durrrr huuurrr merku why do you care about fellow human beings they are in a different country man it shouldn't matter they're getting a health care system the rest of the civilized world has Bardock9000 says: Im sorry do I know you? Spartan says: I'm Spartan. And THIS, IS, HEALTHCARE!11!11!11 Bardock9000 says: Im kelly Im Bardocks mother Spartan says: oh lol Sorry. XD Uhhmm. I'm gonna...go. >_<
  3. Bardock9000


    IT IS THE TIME OF THE AIRING OF GRIEVANCES. LET EVERYONE KNOW HOW YOU TRULY FEEL!!!!! "The celebration of Festivus begins with the "Airing of Grievances", which takes place immediately after the Festivus dinner has been served. It consists of lashing out at others and the world about how one has been disappointed in the past year. I HATE FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS AND THE MOTHERS BRINGING THEIR WINEY LITTLE BASTARDS IN FOR LUNCH! ITS A GODDAMN TOY!, ITS SHIT AND IS PROBABLY OUTSOURCED BY CHINA! MCDONALDS IS NOT A PLACE TO TAKE YOUR KIDS LADY, IF YOUR GOING TO EAT FAST FOOD CHOOSE A HEALTHIER CHOICE BEFORE THEY GET ADDICTED AND TURN INTO A GODDAMN BOOMER! WINGWOLF, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO OUR EPIC BATTLES OF STUPIDITY AND SOMETIMES WIT?! I AM EXTREMELY DISSAPIONTED IN YOU! REMMY YOUR LACK OF RAPE IS DISTURBING, I DEMAND MORE CHILDREN HAVING PROBLEMS SLEEPING AT NIGHT! ESPECIALLY ME!! RFZ...... I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA!!! BUT I WILL GET BACK TO YOU ON IT! AFTER A FEW POSTS OF PEOPLE AIRING THEIRS, WE WILL MOVE ON TO THE FEATS OF STRENGTH "As described in the "Festivus Book", the head of the household selects one person at the Festivus celebration and challenges that person to a wrestling match. The person may decline if they have something else to do, such as pull a double shift at work. Tradition states that Festivus is not over until the head of the household is pinned in a wrestling match." ADMINS YOU BETTER BRING YOUR A GAME! I WAS TRICKED INTO DRINKING SPIKED EGGNOG!
  4. I personally don't want to live for-ever I will take my dirt nap when I reach 70, because I will be too old and my best days would behind me. Knowing myself depending on my parenting and my kids. I have a high chance of just getting dumped into a home... So yeah, screw you youngsters.
  5. Josh says: Hey mom, my friends are terrified of you. And I haven't even told them how you look yet. Berta says: Haw ha.. Josh says: Should I tell them your settling through your midlife crisis? Aka Metapause? Berta says: I am going to hurt you! Its goofy time.... Josh says: Oh shit! No NO NO Johncrick says: PROMOTIONS!!!!
  6. Josh says: Hey mom.. Berta says: What is it? Josh says: The Game Berta says: You are not my son.... Josh says: trollface.jpeg Berta says: FFFF- You little shit! I've turned my mother from a newfag into a respectable user of the internet. I feel like I accomplished something today.
  7. Umm, it happened at the beginning of last june or something I cant remember.
  8. Well, umm that's mildly disturbing. I am going to use the image in my head of him flipping off his cat instead of me thinking different. It is the very same user.
  9. How many of you have the once a member named Esverse, on their MSN contacting list? or other messaging device? How many of you been harassed by him, Raise your hand. If so, have you also blocked him on your list? Raise your hand again. Now for my side story I have tried my very best to be this persons friend, I defending and I tried my best to get him unbanned from the website. I obviously failed at it, and now I regret ever trying to help him in the first place. For day after day, this boy "because I simply I refuse acknowledge his current age because he is too goddamn immature" has sent me messages harassing me, calling me names such as "Emo shithead" and the ever so famous "Cripple faggot" this nickname came from when I injured my leg for a few months and I told him about it, in which I also regret. I kept him unblocked and friended because well I try to see the best in people. This person needed a friend, so I stuck by him thick and thin. He sure as hell wasent getting any help from his family. Ever sense he was banned from spritewars, he rentlessly attacked me when ever he felt like it. So I became the role as his verbal punching bag, so he can let lose of his steam and calm down. I told him I was there if he needed help with somthing or just wanted to talk about other things. Alot of my friends have some anger problems, so I am there to help them feel better and help them make intellgent choices. I am not the best person, and I have some faults just like everyone else. Lately im a little depressed because of my personal life, so is everybody else. I play the "good person" role as much as I can in society, I even helped out the local church when im not a obvoius fan of any kind of religon. I try to offer help to any indavidual that is in my reach my reach of helping. When I play by the rules, and try to be that good samaritan. I get screwed and knocked back down. Some poor kid in another country has it much harder than me and always will. I live by this and thats why I try to help when I can. I am sitting here at my desk playing one of my games "Stronghold Crusader" I call it quits for the night and exit the game I see a message from making fun of my qoute in my msn box, and called me a emo faggot agian. The whole reson, I put a qoute like that there because it has a symbolic meaning, such as "Why must I fight and struggle just to live my own life?" I personally think its bullshit on how people have to suffer just to live at all. I got a huge history of dark momments on my family and my past, so what? Some kid out there has it far worse than I ever will. I accepted that. As my response to Esverse was this. Regretfully I was to upset to save the chat log, so I will retype best to my memory. When I saw the messages, he was offline and I recived them an hour and a half ago from him signing off. "Okay, you are now blocked on my contact list." "I have defended you, been there for you, and been your friend." "I offer my opionon when you asked and also helped you when you asked" "I am sitting here playing my video game and you come out of now-where and say somthing like that, I haven't said anything to you that was ever remotly insulting and if I did I you would tell me right off the bat." "I have been nothing but loyal to you, and even took your abuse hoping you would relize I wasent going to abadon you like everyone else did." "If you can find another way to communicate with me then feel free to do so, but if your going to message me with just more insults then would you kindly just fuck off?" "Human resousrces operator Bardock9000, aka your only friend." As you can see I was harsh, but I was angry. Ironically I help my friends to aviod them doing somthing like what I just did. I dident have the best childhood, I was verbally abused and domestically for 15 years of my life. Because of that I have some social skill problems, thats why I have gotton into some arguements with some of you. I have been trying to fix those problems, that why I help people with simliar problems like mine. As I rap this up, I have calmed down more and I am re-reading my paragraphs. "Thats life for you, suck up and get over it" When the hell did sombody decide to give the word life such a negitive meaning? If I recall it means, giving a inainmate object a gift called breathing. Not a another word describing the defnition of fate. If your reading this. Just refer this as me blowing of steam and nothing more. I decided to post this to exsplain my situtation and another way for the community to know a little more about me. Feel free to post your opionons. After a night of rest I am going to unblock him and hope he hasen't done anything stuipd. Somebody has to help him right?
  10. Its fine, but why a big white bar with in it? Oh I get it.
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