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  1. Faction Name: Liberalis Terrae Taskforce Praetoria Faction Alignment: Neutral Technology level: Modern/ Near Future [DESCRIPTION OF FACTION] Following the arrival of aliens onto Earth and subsequent interstellar tragedies that resulted in first contact wars and skirmishes, an enigmatic, resourceful, and fiercely anti-xeno individual known only as "Caesar" formed the Liberalis organization to protect Earth and Humanity from aliens and the threats that came with them. Individuals ranging from anti-xeno zealots to those desiring to defend their planet rallied behind the Liberalis cause, allowing the group to grow from a small insurgency movement to a well trained and supplied pseudo nation with territory across the globe, all rallied under the banner of a Terra for Terrans. Following a series of defeats by xeno forces and their allies, Caesar decided that the dire situation on Earth necessitated an expansion into the stars to create a new safe world for Terrans while the battle for the Sol System continued. He commissioned Andreus Burrus to lead this expedition to the stars, assigning him the title of Praetor and providing him with vast resources and manpower. The effort has paid off, with the Taskforce establishing a safe haven in a new system dubbed "Neo Terra", with colonization of the system well under way. Despite their success, the Liberalis Taskforce has since lost contact with Caesar, leaving the leadership and direction of the Liberalis forces going forward exclusively under the Praetor's guidance. [NOTABLE PERSONS]: Praetor Andreus Burrus - Originally hailing from South Africa, Burrus was pivotal to the swift take over of the South African government on Earth and quickly rose through the ranks to become one of Caesar's most trusted officers. When the time came for Liberalis to expand, Burrus was a natural first choice. Having seen the horrid effects the infestation of xeno gangs and criminal organizations had on the already crime ridden country of South Africa, Burrus is devoted to the Liberalis cause. Unlike many other famed Liberalis commanders, he is well regarded as a tactful and calm mannered man who avoids impulsive decisions. There is little debate among Liberalis' officer core that he is the right man for this job, but his careful approach sometimes infuriates subordinates who would rather exterminate threats by charging head first, guns blazing. The Marshal: Another enigmatic Liberalis leader, the Marshal has been charged with heading the law enforcement of Liberalis territory while Burrus handles military affairs. He is a strict authoritarian, who comes down harshly on violent domestic threats to the safety of the human civilian population and the Liberalis administration. Expect him to command military personnel only in times of emergency. Dr.Browning: An American bio-scientist who was originally responsible for the creation of Liberalis' augmented supersoldier commandoes. He has been tasked to assist Burrus by helping to quash or counter any rising biological threats the taskforce may encounter on their mission. [HOW TO PORTRAY FACTION] Liberalis forces are strongly anti-xeno, ranging from those who would rather they stay the hell away to others who want to genocide them to end their threat to humanity. If a xeno ship enters Liberalis home turf expect them to treat it as a serious threat and respond aggressively. As stated, general attitudes in troops vary, however xenos found to be colonizing Liberalis systems are often executed as invaders. Disregarding xenos however Liberalis are largely humanitarian, going out of their way to assist and protect human beings both in and out of their territories. Expect Liberalis troops to provide humanitarian aide whenever possible to humans in crisis zones. Troops attitudes on xeno sympathizers vary, with some commanders preferring to execute them as race traitors. Many others opt to attempt to reach out and convert them to the Liberalis cause, using violence or expulsion as last resorts. In combat, expect Liberalis forces to use standard combined arms warfare, with infantry supported by mechanized and airborne elements - basically portraying them similarly to irl modern combat forces. When attacking, Liberalis forces are largely composed of Praetorian Guard infantry forces, who act as stormtroopers for Taskforce Praetoria. Occasionally BAT troopers are used to augment assaults and act as disposable troops to hammer enemy defensive positions, however these are usually in large premeditated wave assaults. Expect to only see territorial troopers acting similarly to WH40K PDF forces, only coming in on the attack when times are dire or their garrison world has been invaded. Links to Sprites: s o o n
  2. Finally got this done. Liberalis forces are now retreating from Egypt. Gonna try and get another comic out today.
  3. Time for some Proxy Wars.
  4. Here's the resources for the African Union NPC army I featured in my last comic: Sprite Sheet >> http://i.imgur.com/L0LpvM9.png Current Territory>> http://i.imgur.com/5fs68xN.png They're basically just defense forces for the ungrabbed land in Sub-Saharran Africa. The territory is definitely still up for debate-if this screws with anything just lemme know.
  5. Figured I'd delve a little more into what's going on with otherwise Unoccupied Africa as I make my land grab northward.
  6. Part 2- Hawkin's armored battalion attacks the Voltor town and establishes a perimeter, giving the trapped Raiders room to escape. Also Skurge here's the Background I made for the Voltor fieldbase: http://i.imgur.com/CpOOd38.png
  7. And now a return to long forgotten Raiders in Egypt:
  9. Put some old stuff I had lying around together for a generic army for y'all to use.
  10. Part 2 finished. Next up, the responses to Japan and South Africa.
  11. I support this idea 100%. I know I've been horrible in responding to a bunch of you guys so at least this'll keep things moving (or hopefully motivate me to stop being a lazy bastard so often).
  12. Updated Liberalis' profile to reflect the latest retrofit in my last comic.