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  1. Bout MGS Survive, even if Konami just wants to get money, I might be interested into this. Might explain how MB soldiers are found a decade later lost over the battlefield? Also might be Skullface testing his spores over MB survivors in afghanistan..... BUT ... That's still recycling MGO stuff....
  2. We shall return from ashes.

  3. THE COMMON TREATY ORGANIZATION Faction Map Colour: Blue. Side: Good. More coming soon
  4. Put walls around the ConYard and 1 Pillbox at each corner. Add a powerplant, Barracks and a refinery.
  5. > I'm calling air support right now. and begin the music! http://www.moddb.com/mods/renovatio/videos/instinct
  6. No.... It's impossible. Red steel and napalm would have crush us before even installing the first brick....
  7. So End August/September? cool. Gives me time to polish things, and think about an epilogue/ plot. Also CC => lol.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_4kDZiiYOc#t=39 I just died on this one.
  9. You are so right, D. xD EDIT: "I want to get into airsoft." (WOT). I agree with steam, you should. Re EDIT: After you'll be forced to pause for drawing lessons ('true it's me here! )
  10. Wow. If only it was like that in France... Here lots of people (even if it is stricly legalized) own legal or illegal weapons. In the North of France you'll find a lot of WWII weapons still in a good state, and in the south you'll find more modern weapons....
  11. We should plan the multiple shot taser. Or electric non lethal rounds.
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