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  1. Yeah yeah, 'thread is dead', but the whole forum is in traction. Not as bad as Halo Sprites forums, which are basically Cass's abandoned playground, but still. Enjoy this silly meme I made based off a game I have yet to play and a member of the forums I never met. All credit belongs to Nexus and Tsauruvia. "Merku...I am already a demon..." What a shame that he purged his whole majhost Gallery. Even the free use stuff.
  2. It's weird, I sort of miss Steampeng. That Steampunk army was extra rough around the edges, but it could've worked.

    1. Dhalo


      Hi, late, but yes!

  3. Been feeling way too much disaffection these past 2 years. The hibernation that this site's been experiencing is one part of it. I was really amazed by the lore everyone had built before I joined. I devoured whatever I could that wasn't lost. I really felt like I could help contribute to the community. My whole spriting career is basically still in shambles from the misfortune that struck me in late 2014 through most of 2015. The interest is still lost in the background somewhere, but it gets buried by more pressing matters. Watching the majhost crash pull the rug out from under our collective feet hasn't helped, and neither have some of the other debatable turns of events that affected this community more recently. A little over 2 months back, the fifth anniversary of when I signed up here passed. It's such a strange thing to comprehend. Five years is a lot of time for something to exert its impact on you, and this forum definitely has done so, relic of a better different time that some may view it as. I've found newer interests, different ways to express myself in silly vanity projects. On some level, I have to think that my current creative works took a subtle inspiration from this website; the freedom to develop one's own ideas, and the ability to bring them into a greater pool that people could adapt and interact with. All I can say for sure is: I'm not ditching Sprite Wars yet.
  4. -Justin Beiber lover,
  5. Yeah, the new stuff looks great.
  6. Hello again! Nice sprites. Enjoy diving into the 13 years worth of wacky history on this site...that's still viewable. Whoops, I thought this was a new thread because it jumped to your newest post!
  7. Most excellent.
  8. Nice to meet you! By any chance, will you be re-posting your old WW1/2 sprites?
  9. You're welcome.
  10. http://www.blastwave-comic.com/index.php?p=comic&nro=1 An acquaintance showed me these comics yesterday. I was immediately intrigued. "What's this, a webcomic that isn't about daily life of anthropomorphic animals, wacky college life, nerds who work at a department store, outright pornography starring a man who is implausibly good with the ladies, a parody of fantasy RPG tropes, or a once hilarious comic that poked fun at religions and politics for shits and giggles, only to turn into unfunny propaganda because the author had a bad breakup and decided to take his rage out via his comic? Amazing!" There's only a few dozen strips, but really, a short and sweet comic is better than a 12-year old epic. Also, here's a niche website that's doing it's part to preserve the pre-suck era by letting you watch modern youtube videos on old youtube:http://www.utubeclassic.com/#
  11. Looks like the Steam greenlight stupidity is spilling over into the rest of Steam. I hope things get solved soon.
  12. Now that's a Sprite wars OTP!
  13. Here's my 2 cents: With a dropbox established and full of content from a lot of users, that's a major success. The thing is, we've succeeded mainly in saving content from the most recent campaigns, Gobal and color-coated. Excluding certain users' galleries, there's a big black hole where older content is concerned. The Sprite wars comics folder hasn't been touched since 2015. Unless I'm wrong, the dropbox page is already short on space. A possible solution to this would be a protected archive for older sprites Mega.co.nz, as conceived by Commander Evil. But he hasn't been online since last year, so that idea is on hold. I actually collected all the comics I could find that had been saved on the wayback machine, sorted them out and put them in a .RAR in anticipation of posting them on the Mega page. I can't post them on dropbox because the total size of the .rar is 1.2 GB and our dropbox only has 500 megabytes of space left. I like to assume that a lot of what I saved was collected by other users who also saved comics that were deleted by the time i joined, and would really like to post that file on the hypothetical Mega folder where it could be augmented or used to fill in blanks as the need arose, not to mention help contribute to sprite sheet archives, but that seems like a pipe dream as of now. You'll notice on page one that Underling has listed the archive status of all the campaigns. That's been unchanged since the start. I'm pretty sure people have mentioned having .zips of their own, however, they are unable to post them In short, a reasonable foundation has been laid to delve deeper into archiving efforts, but extenuating circumstances have hindered attempts at serious collaboration.
  14. You can add admittingsword to the list.