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  1. Mine was 'Spacemarine335', the same as on brickshelf.
  2. It was only a matter of time... Also, Boll had a boxing match against his critics?! He has balls, you have to leave him that,
  3. I love one of the comments on PC Gamer: I couldn't agree more. Also, "the removal of the games from Steam crippled the studio financially."? How can the removal of games that are already shit and wouldn't be accepted by anyone, even as a gift, cripple someone financially? They probably didn't make alot of profit to begin with, especially after the broadside they got from Jim Sterling.
  4. Welcome to our own great hall, All come in, the little the tall, Throw your tankard into the wall, Until you hear the morning call! Take a seat, have a mead, join us in battle and the feast, sound the horn, endure the storm, if you slay the mighty beast. Standing up, Sitting down, Saluting the king's his crown, No ounce of anger and no frown, No hate will ever pulls us down, We're happy as the oak is brown, so smile and bring your tankard down! Take a seat, have a mead, join us in battle and the feast, sound the horn, endure the storm, if you slay the mighty beast. Just sit down and have no fear, for a long time did I reside here, grab a flagon, take fresh deer, Listen to my story here. Take a seat, have a mead, join us in battle and the feast, sound the horn, endure the storm, if you slay the mighty beast. A young lad I was, not eighteen even, When I met a nice guy I called Steven, He showed me, I wasn't believin', the joys of a site, I now call Heaven. Take a seat, have a mead, join us in battle and the feast, sound the horn, endure the storm, if you slay the mighty beast. What the hell did just happen...?!
  5. To forge I am sworn, to fight I am born!

  6. I would suggest at the start of the next GC, so every player knows and can prepare accordingly.
  7. ShogunTrooper


    To sum up my current situation in terms of technological equipment: Shit. My PC had a few 'minor' issues. At first, my Midgardians (Space Vikings) reappeared. I had accidently deleted the concepts a few months ago. I think: "Nice! I thought they were lost forever!" and saved them on an externous medium to not lose them again. Then, later that day my Dvarga (Dwarves) prototypes vanished without trace as I tried to save them afer doing some editing. (I use 'forge' sheets that include scraps of everything I 'might' need for the sprites I'm currently working on, using different layers to not overpaint them). And promptly lost all progress of long-bearded and stocky greatness. The day after that, as I I turned the PC on, I had quite a shock: ALL files saved on the computer were gone. Games, Music, Videos, Images, Sprites, EVERYTHING! I pulled from data carriers together what I could (thankfully the novel I'm writing was among the saved data, as well as my Sabaton albums), and now start at zero again... And I brought my PC to my local expert. He said it would run smoothly now, but he doesn't know what could have caused this mess.
  8. While my voice doesn't count much (I haven't posted ANY comics yet, and feel very bad about that fact) I want to throw my opinion in: To be honest, my fist reaction was a negative one. But that's not the case anymore, as some posts above me state: A project needs a deadline. I support this idea of a deadline, but I want to add something. If a player can clearly state why he can't post his comic before the deadline comes down (the word 'before' is important), there won't be penalties and they get another week, maximum. If a player doesn't post a comic before the deadline and can't state why he couldn't, the hammer comes down.
  9. WELCOME TO SPRITE WARS! Have a mead, sit back and enjoy the feast! May your story be sung in Odin's hall!
  10. This sprites might save my Space Dwarves! Thank you for posting them!!^^
  11. Alright, here they are: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Spacemarine335/MajhostBackup/VerdantCampaign/comic1.png http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Spacemarine335/MajhostBackup/VerdantCampaign/comic2.png http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Spacemarine335/MajhostBackup/VerdantCampaign/comic3.png http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Spacemarine335/MajhostBackup/VerdantCampaign/comic4.png http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Spacemarine335/MajhostBackup/VerdantCampaign/comic5.png http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Spacemarine335/MajhostBackup/VerdantCampaign/comic6.png
  12. I uploaded the Comics from the Verdant/Exodus Campaign I could find to my Brickshelf account: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=557945
  13. I might have a few comics from an East campaign. Verdant or Esgun or something was the name of the planet. As well as some 70s campaign comics. A few from GC1 might be in there as well. I need to take a closer look to my files, but I might, MIGHT, have them. I can't promise anything, but I will dig in my folders.
  14. ShogunTrooper


    Welcome to Sprite Wars!^^ Sooner or later the spriting gets you... it gets everyone...
  15. You didn't ask... Exactly. And we could sort them somehow. those are WW2, those are modern, those are futuristic, those are non-human, etc. A few tutorials for those who want to become Customizers like Skurge and Ravener would also be helpful.
  16. Sprite Wars created a vast and rich universe, every faction is like a shard in a mosaic. Unique in itself, but still not really significant (no offense) without the other shards that make up the picture. I suggest we offer new users a hand to create their own shard of SW. We could create starter packs that include the basics of an army (vehicle parts, soldiers, etc.) with the simple rule that the new members at least customize them slightly (helmets, turrets, colours, flags, and backgrounds for example). Of course, it would be hard to create such a starter pack and it could be misused, but it would offer a way to become a part of SW. Another suggestion could be a campaign for new members, where they can learn the basics of SW and can find ways to improve their armies before they play on the real field. It could also be a way to give new users advice in the ways of storytelling and how to improve their comics. Example: The story of the war between the Iron Alliance and the allies of the Barrister is incredibly well presented, and could scare possible new members away, because it seems too good. A campaign to learn the basics of storytelling could avoid that. What do you think?
  17. Are you high? The war never ends at Sprite Wars! Also, welcome back Underling.
  18. For me it's clearly Fallout 4 (it activated am "I just came!!"-moment) and Mass Effect: Andromeda(Loved the series, hated the ending). I'm split at Starfox, I think it will be confusing to fly an Arwing with two screens.
  19. Sir Christopher Lee... At first Leslie Nielsen and Now Christopher Lee! My favourite Actors always die!
  20. I feel funny. *takes a pie to the face*

  21. Valhallan Spectres: Trained Spectre Commando, reporting for duty! Selected What is our mission, sir? Awaiting orders! Ready! Sir! Move order Moving out! Through the shadows. Advancing, silently. Roger! Attack order Go for the heads. Leave no witnesses! Fire! Every bullet counts! Attack order ,but fighting a stronger unit That's a big one! Grenades! Find it's weak spot! Squad! Fire! When attacked They know we're here! Our cover is blown! Man down! You will pay for that! Repeatedly selected Please repeat, sir. Transmission incomplete, we need that again. Uh, hello? Lost connection, please repeat. Other lines Whoa, I can look straight into the sun with my helmet. *whistling a tune* Valhallan Cuirassiers: Trained Ready for action, sir! Selected Awaiting orders, sir! Cuirassiers ready, sir! Your orders, sir? In position! Move order Cuirassiers, march! Foward! Advancing! Of course! Attack order For Valhall! For the Empire! Bayonets: CHARGE! ATTACK! In the name of the Empire! Attack order ,but fighting a stronger unit Um... Yes sir! Don't let it get close! That's a big one! Uh-Oh... Yes sir... When attacked We're under fire, sir! Hostile contact! Argh! Enemy fire! Repeatedly selected Is this frequency clear? I'm sorry, sir? Is this thing on? Someone get a tech up here! Other lines Ah...hah...ACHOOO! *sniff* Sorry... *tic* *tic* *tic*... Um, is this thing on?
  22. Hehe... sounds funny: Bowser trying to hit jumping plumbers... hehe... =3 In 'Scenes of War' Tallran (correct me, if I'm wrong) posted a battle between two fantasy factions, based on metal slug sprites. I meant something like that. Metal Slug is a pretty crazy game, it wouldn't be that hard to find matching sprites for a medieval/renaissance/fantasy setting. And Abindai's greek hoplites are great too.
  23. I think the current Sprite wars campaigns are a bit like Warhammer 40k, but what if we turn the table around and Sprite wars tries to be like Warhammer Fantasy instead? Sprite Wars: Legends The campaign would be free-form, like the others, but in a fantasy world, where the most wars are fought by steel hitting steel (swords, axes, maces, etc.) and a little gunpowder (muskets, matchlock pistols). For short: a somewhat medieval campaign. It would be interesting to see fantasy variants of the Executors, Axon or the Voltor or your own versions of Mordor and other kingdoms of fantasy works. How does that sound? Somewhat like that: https://explainingtheoldworld.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/the_best_hd_hq_hi-res_wallpapers_collection_-_fantasy_art_by_tonyx__1300_pictures-616_wallpaper_warhammer_mark_of_chaos_01_1920x1200.jpg
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