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  1. Welcome aboard. Are you Soldier66666 from Deviantart?
  2. Faction Name: Republic of Mechvaraa Expeditionary Force 2/Republika i Mechvaraa Spedsnaari Ferkais 2 Faction Alignment: Lawful Good Technology level: Modern/Retro-Futuristic Having escaped their population from their homeworld, Mezvaraa to Terra from the clutches of the Holy Mazenovich Empire, the Mechvaraan set up bases and military facilities on the place they landed from the approvals of the local leaders. Over the course of two campaigns, they rapidly improving once cumbersome weapons and war machines under many pressures from all sides on the planet, while constantly sending troops back to their home to fight the Empire. By the end of GC2, they've acquired some units from the former Independent Oceanic Treaty, and have opened peaceful diplomatic channels on Earth. Due to the fear that their homeworld's rapidly drained resources by both sides for over ten starturns, under the collective decisions of the Council of the Republic, Representats av di Republika, the Expeditionary Force 2/Spedsnaari Ferkais 2 is assigned to gather basic and exotic materials, foods and resources all over the galaxy, explore otherworldly lifeform (with extra precautions), as well finding some habitable worlds in case the forces of Mechvaraan in the homeworld is utterly decimated by the Mazenovichs. With the galactic knowledges provided by the ally Task Force 100 and former IOT scientists, the Mechvaraans are ready to start the engine and explore the 'Samashais Koros', the Milky Way Galaxy for the first time. Notable Persons Fleet Admiral Jenkin Hardek: Having served as the fleet admiral of the Mechvaraan Astronaval Force on the War of the Heaven alongside with Field Marshall Shireen Haraus (who gets promoted and reassigned to lead the [REDACTED], now the young admiral is appointed to lead the Expeditionaries after the latest conflict on Terra. Loves to blame every bad things that happened towards the Mazenovich Empire, usually modifying human expletives with word 'Imperial'. ("This is Imperialshit!) Army Captain Sierra Kelis: A young and really optimistic officer, this blonde-haired Mezvaraan were involved in many battles in her homeworld, like Battle of Bastko and Siege of Cesaris, not counting any small campaigns on her nation. Skilled with light-to-medium sized weaponries. Likes Terran drinks like tea, coffee, vodka and any other. [TBA] [HOW TO PORTRAY FACTION]
  3. A'ight, here we go. I don't like Friendship is Magic, but what's pissing me off is the very concept of 'Ponification': Making everything you love into the Pony version of them. Seriously, I fucking hate that shit. Do you think that equipping vulcan cannons to Derpy Hooves to create the 'Slug Pony' is a good idea?! We have the fucking Donkey Slug for that! No, you can't ponify the Emperor of Mankind to become the fucking Princess Celestia by reincarnating him, that's just plain fucking stupid. Shit, mane, I just can't stand it when they got their hands over historical things, like painting an old Kar98 with Rainbow Dash-themed colors just to make it "20% Cooler", or editing Rainbow Dash into the photos of World War 2 victims, it's just fucking offensive. And... There is 'The Conversion Bureau', a series of fanfic where the human race is converted (involuntarily) into goddamn ponies while destroying the planet Earth 'just because those fucking pastel-colored horses are simply better, pure, innocent, peaceful beings than the barbaric, tyrranical, genocidal, warlike stupid hoomiez'. It's misanthropy up to 12, mane. Alright, that's my 4-cents for today. Thank you and have a nice day.
  4. Jaja's Kooky Quest: Spooky Water

  5. "Blast your foes in Vortex and experience the awesome af moments! You can blow shit up, and the plus side, you can fly, or turn your warmachine into vehicle mode, not unlike the Cybertronians!" Ma Turn:
  6. Niceu update
  7. Go ahead, our Webmaster.
  8. Hello, friend. Mi name is not so important, anyway, warmest welcome for yo. Hope you love this place and enjoy your stay, mate. FreikOps
  9. Got permission from Mike to post this little thing.
  10. Sprites belong to their respectful owners.
  11. English-Indonesian-English One day Silver decided to punch the faces off of all xenomechs. Xenomech leaders got very angry and decided to destroy the military power senator silver using a robot named all Armstrong who shouted at everyone "nano SON" New: One day Barrister and Robotnik fighting on the school yard. After Freeki shouts "FIGHT!", Barrister throws some Terran knives to Robotnik's face, and landed on his nose. Infuriated, Robotnik throws some nanomachines to Barrister, making his face bleeds. After intense fight, the two called by Headmaster Monsta. In his room, he says an ultimatum to Barrister and Robotnik, both bleeding and bruised. "YOU ARE BOTH SUSPENDED!"