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  1. Hola! What would you like to know?
  2. Find out how much you should worry so that you don't worry too much. Interact with them and see if they care. If they don't, then do not put the extra stressful effort into worrying too much. If they do care, then you can worry a little more than you should. Play Don't Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin at your own pleasure. Take a hint from Mandemon's princess game and learn to balance worry with happiness and or certainty. Done. That do.
  3. Spartan 117 is back as Spartan 118, reporting that all of his sprites were deleted when Chromebook did a thing and bad stuff happened. Any and all links related to his sprite work or Global 1 would appreciated. You can put them on the topic in Sprites, or send them via private message. Update: 10/16/2017: Spartan has gotten a whole bunch of sprites back. Three cheers for Sprite Wars!
  4. I actually don't mind if people ponify weapons, vehicles, and even create pony versions of characters, because it reminds me of what we do with sprites for fun. But The Conversion Bureau stuff? Ugh. I think I know someone who made a fanfic where the Empire of Mankind actually captured the ponies and tried to do humanify them or something. Weird stuff.
  5. Hi

    Greets, Hamahaki! I'm one of our two not-head admins. We're not very active on the forum right now, however we do have a beach party scene and interactive comic that are drawing a bit of attention. Feel free to check those out when you can, and I hope you enjoy your time here. If you need any help or pointers feel free to hit me up with our nifty private messaging system. Please be advised that juryrigging the pm system to actually hit people will be frowned upon.
  6. Hiya, Kastup Steeve!

    1. Steeve the Fox

      Steeve the Fox

      Hi there, sorry for replying so comically late; forgotten to check in while working on stuff.

    2. Dhalo


      How can I possibly be mad with that comically enlarged smile?

  7. Who wants to help me get lil' Dan out of the cave!? (Or do the exact opposite?)

  8. This reply is reallly late, but I can't stand missing out on a greeting! Welcome to the Wars of Sprite, feel free to chat on the Discord, post on the forum, and check out my new interactive comic. (Which can be viewed under 'Sprite Comics'! c:)
  9. Thanks for the epic contributions to our greater good. Your mercenaries are being processed as I type.
  10. The object of this game is to finish the set of lyrics with a line of your own. If possible, please continue with another set. Here we go! Lock the door, drop to the floor with your shotgun drawn, here comes another-
  11. Overruled. Provision No.13 states that the mouse must be fed instead of the cat, however it has no specifications in regards to what the mouse is fed and in what quantity. Future provisions may be made to ensure that the mouse has reason to maintain a livelihood, but this rule maker's experience says that even a really fat mouse will get up every day and go eat something.
  12. ~~Please do not follow.~~ 1.Do not make a mess in the pool unless there is a fight going on. 2.Jet fuel cannot melt steel memes. 3.Everyone who dies in the Watchmen's service shall be added to the Sprite Wars pantheon. 4.Every Taco Tuesday at 7:77 PM EST will be time spent to spriting the pantheon. 5.Cthulu is not welcome here. We do not like him. 6.If your hoodie is too large for you, then it is not your's. THIEF! 7.Look both ways before being leet. 8.If you identify as an attack helicopter we will put our Surface to Air Missiles into effect. 9.Stop kidnapping princess Peach. 10.Evert month, we must put a new sanction on Sprite Wars while removing another, for the sake of staying fresh. 11.All snails must groove with their shells or nobody will hear them. 12.All your dice must be rolled in a gangster's paradise. 13.Do not feed the cat, but feed the mouse instead. 14.Under no circumstances are you to hack into our brains. Not even for Communism. 15.If you see a watchman, you are to to take off any extra layers of clothing you are wearing and high five them. The removal of additional clothing is to limit the practicality of suicide bombers bombing while high fiving. 16.Every suicide bombing while high-fiving a watchman will result in a sanction against Sprite Wars. 17.For every staff meeting that lasts late, Monstar, Frek Ops, and Dhalo will each get a dollar. 18.I think Monstar just choked. 19.The Hundred Acre Wood belongs to the watchmen, with no exceptions. 20.No 300 references. 21.Russian English is permissible. For example: "Tonight we dine in house." 22.Frek Ops is the president of my island. 23.I am the president of his island. 24.I stands for Dhalo. 25.I'm done.
  13. Thank you! I should be there for that briefing.
  14. Though we are short on numbers I do see merit in this move. I apply as a candidate for voting for who will be moderator.
  15. I am in agreement with most of this post, but not throwing my support on the mid-section because my eyes skimmed some of the words over. Good going, Scarlet!