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  1. Dreamt a disturbing dream last night. The dream started with a series of commercials, where city and maybe provincial spokespersons were delivering messages to people. Sometimes in the middle of the commercial or at the end, they stuck their heads off screen or underwater, sometimes briefly and sometimes for the duration of the commercials. It was spring or summer time. Fast forward to winter and there is a cargo ship docked at port. The bodies of two crewmen were present, one slumped over and another laying on the ground, torn up, throats possibly slit, parts of their bodies slightly mutated. A pair of gelatinous, bipedal humanoids showed themselves, and both infiltrated the dead bodies and caused them to rise again. One or both of the creatures then exploded and died due to instability. Meanwhile, I was visiting a house and spending time with some people, eating ice cream. Between one and three men rushed inside and attacked us with firearms. We fought back and I somehow got myself a handgun. One of the hostile men grabbed our host and held him hostage. I fired three bullets: the first hit the enemy, the second one grazed the host's side, the third hit the enemy in the shoulder. He went down, area was secured, we won. Next I was at home. A city bus went down our street, and people-creatures began attacking. These were mostly resurrected bodies which were inhabited by a virus. The virus originated from fast food chicken and spread easily via public transport. It greened the fast food chicken a bit, but was not potent at all until the gelatinous things took over some dead bodies. With this new... Evolution...? the virus was able to resurrect corpses, mildly greening their faces and other body parts, and turning them into either zombies or mutant tribals with their own language. Using city buses to transport their armies, they moved across my city, attacking any survivors with the spears they somehow acquired. They were somehow mentally incapable of using the buses to crash into houses, and could not really bring the city buses off the roads when they drove them. My dog's face had some flesh revealed around the cheeks, and she was shaking a little bit. I wanted to pet her so badly. Dad stated with authority that she was going to fight it off. It made sense to me: the virus did not take over the living, merely possessed the corpses of the dead. Using knives and over objects, my family repelled a zombie-mutant assault on our front door. When a city bus pulled up, my mother gave them a plate of chicken. They grabbed it and started cheering in their own language like she was going to join her, then immediately turned hostile when she went back inside the house, and so we fought them once more. At one point the street went quiet, then a large number of city buses went up the street. My ears picked up the sounds of what were possibly some of our neighbours being attacked. I know not if they survived. Thinking about the city and provincial officials in the commercial, I ponder if they willingly injected themselves with the virus. The virus did not normally infect or take over living things, those who were infected seemed to receive minor issues prior to recovering. But if the officials injected it into their veins, it might have transformed them into willing carries who covered up the virus's existence via well-created adverts as their faces slowly greened. It might be the tribals we saw were live humans who became infected, but I do not think so. They were either resurrected dead bodies or possessed by the gelatinous humanoids. As a dream it was strange, violent, and not something I want to repeat. Funnily enough, members of my family watched the movie Charming during the day, and in one scene, Prince Charming had to charm a group of monsters so they did not eat him or his friend. The next movie involved a shuttle bus. I had headphones on or speakers turned up during all of this and did not notice ANY of those plot points, but she remarked how those were similar to some of the plot points in the dream.
  2. This game was an absolute hit, and mod support lets you add more soldiers or use fewer. There's enough modifications out there to convert it into a Star Wars or Warhammer 40k game, for fluffs' sake. And now we're onto the Chimaera Squad spin-off and 3 is supposedly in the works. XCOM's got some big pixel art inspiration for me, and I enjoy watching my friends stream the game!
  3. Hi Solidus! I know it's four years later, but I just wanted to let you know I saw this and am watch-listening to your gameplay. Rings bell. Cheers! EDIT: You're fun to listen to and so is Metal Gear Solid 2. So I'll keep watching and listening. Your sound quality needs improvement, sounds like there's some kind of NREEEEAOWWWW noise and it's a little annoying. Thanks! EDIT EDIT: There's minor EDITING in this baby! I like when there's a little bit of editing for fun's sake.
  4. Just skimmed this through, looks like it could be fun, music & scenery's nice and it's kinda compelling. Sprite Wars movie night, perhaps? I'll ask the others soon.
  5. Working on that comic series...

  6. Dhalo


    Uploaded to Majhost in 2014, http://www.majhost.com/gallery/MA-Devilfinch/Halo/white_drone.bmp this picture was used in a conversation regarding Drones on the Halo wiki. It's possible it was used to argue the existence of Drones with the rank of "they have white armour and they're supposed to be tougher" Ultra.
  7. Welcome to Sprite Wars, Werewolf!

  8. Hey everybody, Reputation was a feature where members could give or subtract points from each other. This was great for... Well, I'm uncertain if that golden age lasted for forty-one millenniums or forty-five seconds. It got removed. Guess what? IT'S BACK! (Kinda.) Posting quality content, discussion, tips, tricks, insight and critique will raise your rep'! So post those drawings, sprites and artwork, talk about the campaigns, throw around ideas, comment on each other's work, and increase your infamy on the block! *Offer only lasts until Deltahalo's life expires, or the heat-death of the universe. *no refunds! *not even a little bit!
  9. War scenes, interactive comic, mech! More to come.

  10. Thanks to ShogunTrooper's upload on the Discord, we aren't suffering badly from the Majhost collapse. There's a significant amount of history in there including a scene featuring the actual infamous SNOWMEN ARMY. Hello! I am visiting the angry dome because I have the ANGREH. My goal is to post more sprite comics, get more stuff done, and I've been updating my sprite topic and the free use chat, along with creating a sprite comic topic for myself and updating the interactive comic I started in 2017. Our discord is alive, thrives daily, we get new members every week or month it seems, but... *sigh* It gets kinda lonely in here, on the forums. In The War That Never Ends, there are several fronts to fight on, and I'll pick the Forum. All's quiet, but maybe if I shake it up a bit... EDIT: It's been 20 days since. I'll keep holding on & hoping. C'mon! Check out the comics! Check out the war scenes! I dare you!
  11. Most people who frequent SW and see the old comics will see backgrounds like this used here & there: This is one of the backgrounds from Front Mission: Gun Hazard. It is one of the very few you can find on The Spriters-Resource today. Seeing only destroyed city blocks (and a village in the countryside) made me wonder: where are the backgrounds for complete cityscapes in Front Mission: GH? So I got to work on a little sprite kit. And there was another one available on TSR: Maybe someone will make a sprite comic about a crew robbing a wrecked bank in a war zone or a post-apocalyptic setting. Even so, I set to work. Restored! This one was also part of the background. ^ Major props to Arima for ripping this stuff, I wouldn't be anywhere near this far along without the fact he worked hard and ripped the backgrounds which are already available. There! A nearly usable bridge. Set the building upright, added doors and window-ish thingies, ect. Thanks to Lucasodelta for helping me shade the original windows! I'm also working on fixing up this building. ALL OF THIS IS FREE USE!!!
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