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  1. (Script in English) Alejo: Oh no! I'm out of ammunition! *Alejo fights Axonians, seems to have upper hand, still gets taken prisoner.* Alejo: Why are you attacking me? Axonian Stormtrooper: You wear and dishonor our armor! Alejo: It was a birthday gift from Reptil77. Let me go! Axonian Stormtrooper: Yes, but he did not give adequate credit. Alejo: What? Axonian Stormtrooper: When a sheet is made with materials from other artists that are not free to use, credit must be given! Alejo: Excuse me? Axonian Stormtrooper: We will show it to you before killing you. Alejo: (Sarcastic) Great... Axonian Stormtrooper: Responsible artists give credit by finding out who is the rightful owner of the sheet, what parts of other artists were used to make it, and then put a section on the sheet or in the description. As shown here. *Shows two credit sheets, one English, one Spanish.* Alejo: So, if he had given the proper credit, I wouldn't be in danger right now? Axonian Stormtrooper: Exactly. Alejo: Shit. This is what I get for accepting the Nazi armor. Axonian Stormtrooper: We are not Nazis! Our faction respects all life forms and does not commit ethnic cleansing. We are just an empire with a German aesthetic. Alejo: I did not know that! Axonian Stormtrooper: It has been a pleasure to educate you before sending you to your final destination. Alejo: Damn. (Now that I know this information, I can escape, take off this armor and go to warn others!) THE END. (Thanks to Judgemagister for translating. Credit sheet and bonus sprite sheet in the comic!)
  2. Dhalo

    Hi guys

    Since the registration issue was fixed, we have had around six joiners -discounting the spam bots- and revival is slowly underway. People can now join from the discord servers without issue.
  3. The steamy flightless bird shan't claim the victory!
  4. When Sprite Wars elected new staff in 2017, we anticipated an influx of members and activity across the site. The Sprite Wars Discord server grew increasingly popular and our efforts reached people on Deviantart, where the Sprite Wars group is also decently sized. But the forum did not receive an activity boost. Members were unable to register due to an error in the security question. Even when answered correctly, it did not let new members join. I have memories of asking the developer Player1 what happened and if it can be fixed, but those turned out to be false memories. My memories also say Monstarules thought the same thing. At least two members of the staff ran on the false notion that we had gone through our command structure and found no solution to the problem. I talked with veterans and spoke with at least one ex-staff, and they didn't know what was going on. Theories circulated. Were we sabotaged? Or did the site's format snap and get broken forever? But the solution was simple: I actually asked Player1. The solution? Remove the security question and the Captcha. The site registry works now. As exciting as this is, I am also humiliated and ashamed. There's no covering my butt over this and I will not cover anyone else's. I'm also not going to resign over a mistake. That's that. New members can now register and join in on the War That Never Ends!
  5. If the Kugestaldt Republic was owned by Elon Musk, they'd be cloning cat girls right about now.
  6. It's been a while since I've posted here. Maybe it's time for me to make a new profile picture. Any ideas, empty room?

  7. Registering on behalf of Nex. Theme : youtu.be/JopFcOUbgtgFaction Icon - imgur.com/a/nKdum8yFaction Name - The Ankanian ImperialisAlignment - Lawful EvilTechnological Level - Semi FuturisticDesc : https://swwars.fandom.com/wiki/Ankanian_ImperialisNotable Persons:The Deity Emperor - the Deity Emperor is the person who guided the Ankanians through his right hand the Praefect, said to be fighting an everlasting war against the gods of the Ruinous powers in the warp. Legends have it that the Deity Emperor will return clad in golden armour, leading Ankania through the incoming darkness..The Praefect - Once a mere man, now the right hand of the Deity Emperor. Leading Ankania in his stead, the Praefect started the crusade of blood (it’s edgy ik). Launching multiple offensives against Xenos and heretics alike. Unfortunately, the Praefect was mortally wounded during the Heresy that started all of this bloodshed in Ankanian historyHow to Portray :The Ankanian Imperialis is a Xenophobic and religious Empire as mentioned. But, they will most likely send ambassadors out to the said Xeno races, but if that fails they will for sure strike them with the hammer that the Imperialis Militaris is.The Militaris uses doctrines ranging from the Deep Operation doctrine to the Shock & Awe doctrine. Rolling over the enemies with their armoured vehicles such as the Malcador MBT or the Arkus Super Heavy Tank. As the hammer is the Imperialis Militaris the Legiones are the Scalpel of the Ankanian Imperialis. Striking from the Orbit by launching Drop-pods onto the Battlefield to dropping into the battle by using the Thunderhawk Gunships which is normally used by the Militaris. The PDF can be imagined as a low-tier Militaris. Links to the Sprites :imgur.com/a/nKdum8y
  8. Back with another one! Fregata has some very sneaky people.
  9. Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cGufy1PAeTU
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