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  1. Woah. Woah... Woa... Wojak!

  2. What if someone was to produce a battlemech that knows about rolling down in the deep?
    When your guns go dumb, you can call that weapon freeze.
    Hm... The mind wonders.

  3. Who dat? It's dat foxkitty! o:

  4. 600 messages. Yaaay!

  5. https://fiction.eveonline.com/stories/chronicles/lost-stars

    A body-collecting company in EVE Online's lore had many bodies without any families wanting or being able to afford bringing them home for funerals, sooo the company sold the biomass from the dead bodies to another company which produced drinks from biomass. How dreadful!

    ...EVE's great though. Not from a player perspective, but from a lore and drama-following one!

  6. Hi spam bots! 🌊

  7. War time boarding actions became a rarity in the 21st century, with less than two dozen recognisable incidents happening during the wars of 20XX and World War Three.
    A shift in trends happened when various races took to space, resulting in hundreds of boarding actions across the vastness of space.

    Experts previously theorised space warfare was going to consist of both sides shooting at each other until their starships began boiling them alive, after which crews would surrender. What most of those theorists failed to consider was the reality that many crews permitted their vessels to be boarded and then attempted to board the opposing vessels once they were within a short distance.

    Unlike most starship weapons, infantry weapons could be concealed from sensor sweeps, hidden from plain sight, and left undiscovered until heavily armed marines entered the badly damaged warships. Thus, firefights often broke out. The "humanisation" of warfare in space dictated hostile forces had to be captured whenever possible, especially for the dual purpose of questioning and making them decrypt their factions' unique computer setups.

    Even more common were the boarding actions against pirates, which took place plentifully throughout the 21st century and beyond, on land, in the skies and in space itself. Thus infantry became more than occupational garrisoning forces, but were also the first or last call in anti-piracy situations where valuable starships were at stake.

  8. Dhalo? More like diehalo, am I right?

    Totally not stolen from Len. 😛

  9. Working on that comic series...

  10. Welcome to Sprite Wars, Werewolf!

  11. War scenes, interactive comic, mech! More to come.

  12. *Tank building sounds*

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      Good advice. Check my sprite topic pls!

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      Thank ya. Your stuff looks amazing, too. That big tank type really does impress.

  13. It's been a while since I've posted here. Maybe it's time for me to make a new profile picture. Any ideas, empty room?

  14. Hiya, Kastup Steeve!

    1. Steeve the Fox

      Steeve the Fox

      Hi there, sorry for replying so comically late; forgotten to check in while working on stuff.

    2. Dhalo


      How can I possibly be mad with that comically enlarged smile?

  15. Who wants to help me get lil' Dan out of the cave!? (Or do the exact opposite?)

  16. Colored Campaign, on the way!

  17. Thank you for trying to adjust,I really appreciate it :) I'm sorry for getting all hyped-up about grammar.

  18. Yes,Yes it is. I'll upload a better one afterwards,Something that's original and people can actually see...

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