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  1. Dhalo


    Uploaded to Majhost in 2014, http://www.majhost.com/gallery/MA-Devilfinch/Halo/white_drone.bmp this picture was used in a conversation regarding Drones on the Halo wiki. It's possible it was used to argue the existence of Drones with the rank of "they have white armour and they're supposed to be tougher" Ultra.
  2. Welcome to Sprite Wars, Werewolf!

  3. Hey everybody, Reputation was a feature where members could give or subtract points from each other. This was great for... Well, I'm uncertain if that golden age lasted for forty-one millenniums or forty-five seconds. It got removed. Guess what? IT'S BACK! (Kinda.) Posting quality content, discussion, tips, tricks, insight and critique will raise your rep'! So post those drawings, sprites and artwork, talk about the campaigns, throw around ideas, comment on each other's work, and increase your infamy on the block! *Offer only lasts until Deltahalo's life expires, or the heat-death of the universe. *no refunds! *not even a little bit!
  4. War scenes, interactive comic, mech! More to come.

  5. Thanks to ShogunTrooper's upload on the Discord, we aren't suffering so badly from the Majhost collapse. There is a significant amount of history in there including a scene featuring the actual, the infamous, SNOWMEN ARMY. Um, hello! I am visiting the angry dome because I have the ANGREH. My goal is to post more sprite comics and get more stuff done, and I've been updating my sprite topic and the free use chat, along with creating a sprite comic topic for myself and updating the interactive comic I started in 2017. Our discord is alive and thrives daily, we get new members every week or month it seems, but... *sigh* It gets kinda lonely in here, on the forums. And I don't always fit in on the discord, most of my content is met with a "nice!" and 'great works!", even though I try to mix it up and provide some semi-insightful commentary on everyone else's creations. So, that leads me to a big irony: I want my stuff noticed, but I also want the forum noticed, so I'm going to post most of my stuff on the forum, not the discord. Particularly my comics. In The War That Never Ends, there are several fronts to fight on, and I'll pick the Forum. All's quiet, but maybe if I shake it up a bit...
  6. Most people who frequent SW and see the old comics will see backgrounds like this used here & there: This is one of the backgrounds from Front Mission: Gun Hazard. It is one of the very few you can find on The Spriters-Resource today. Seeing only destroyed city blocks (and a village in the countryside) made me wonder: where are the backgrounds for complete cityscapes in Front Mission: GH? So I got to work on a little sprite kit. And there was another one available on TSR: Maybe someone will make a sprite comic about a crew robbing a wrecked bank in a war zone or a post-apocalyptic setting. Even so, I set to work. Restored! This one was also part of the background. ^ Major props to Arima for ripping this stuff, I wouldn't be anywhere near this far along without the fact he worked hard and ripped the backgrounds which are already available. There! A nearly usable bridge. Set the building upright, added doors and window-ish thingies, ect. Thanks to Lucasodelta for helping me shade the original windows! I'm also working on fixing up this building. ALL OF THIS IS FREE USE!!!
  7. Smash Mouth and Evanescence is a good crossover, if memory serves. There are other good mashups with Smash Mouth and other music. After helping clear out space in the basement and break up a 118 year old desk to make up space for our new freezers, I needed to chill out. This video helped! "Battletech/Mechwarrior Lore : Exodus to Elementals - A Primer on the Clans [Part 1]" is informative and interesting, as is it's second part. The Black Pants Legion team put hard work into this, and it shows. The speaker's voice is calm and smooth mostly, but he gets passionate at points and can hype a character up to be an amazing war hero who equates getting shot in the head with taking the trash out every week, or beat on their image until they are the lowest of the low, and yellow-bellied, snake-tailed scoundrels. His mixture of calm and thrilling tones are great for relaxing, and I recommend giving a listen for at least twenty minutes of your time while you work on a pixel art project, unless you're someone who can't handle historians in the background whilst you go at it. Anyway, I like this video ad recommend it!
  8. Dhalo


    It's got some interesting stuff that I don't mind having in the Halo universe, but almost none of the Halo feel. The sound effects and mechanics are different. Also, what made the Banished stop using red armour for their Elites in favour of blue stuff? Seems like an attempt to copy nostalgia, without any regard for actual substance. It's Halo 4/5 with a tiny bit of older games mixed in, and is still a 343 game without Bungie's input. CE, 2, 3, ODST and Reach are not going to be replaced anytime soon, I think. Edit: The Elites in the blue armour are https://www.halopedia.org/Sangheili_Enforcer called Enforcers. They're anti-building units in Halo Wars 2, so the Banished using them in Halo Infinite makes sense. I enjoy when games at new classes of enemy.
  9. The mixture of techno and violin music is exciting and relaxing for me. I think Hideki's work is brilliant.
  10. *Tank building sounds*

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      Good advice. Check my sprite topic pls!

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      Thank ya. Your stuff looks amazing, too. That big tank type really does impress.

  11. It wasn't the Titan Empire I think, but I could not make out the sprites. The dream actually made me more interested in what you're going to come up with. 😄
  12. Nope. The Prikkis are literally THAT small! Lucasodelta made many of these vehicles, and he made them in SW scale.
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