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  1. That sounds like a good idea. I've spent the last 130+ hours trying to find all my missing stuff so that I can finish my plotline and am starting to go a bit crazy.
  2. I'm so tired, stayed up all night trying out 3d digital environment rendering software for use with background making. I got some amazing results but it took forever to learn.

  3. I had time for a quick one last night showing prelude to the 3rd battle of geonosis. Story of this one is weak due to the need of a transitionary comic from the intro, next one will be much better as I can start getting into the meat of the story.
  4. Comic #1 of my new GC2 series, Ghosts of Secession, featuring the confederate remnant. (See http://www.spritewars.com/index.php?showtopic=3869&page=2 for backstory and faction info)
  5. Like I said, my bad, after you removed it I felt quite stupid for not foreseeing such an outcome. Thx.
  6. Mike, that is my GC2 comic, I'm sorry if I confused you I was referencing the fact that I hadn't done anything in GC2 yet, not that it was a stand alone comic. My apologies, I'll add a little GC2 tag in the future. Am I allowed to re-post my comic?
  7. So excited for tomorrow! Planning on opening up the new season with the first exploratory team of commandos back in old empire space finally meeting the new bad guys, the Drak-zan
  8. So, do we have a concrete date on when this starts? I'm trying to fit this into my daily schedule.
  9. I'm pretty sure we just post the map with our changes here, right? I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. Guess Im gonna throw the Talon into New Zealand, as that is what they were preparing to conquer right at the end of the last campaign.
  10. The Confederate Remnant Confederate Remnant Factbook Type of Goverment: Confederacy Constitution: Articles of Secession Head of State: Ajan Zilack Capitol: Mustafar Currency: Galactic Credits Background After the massacre on Mustafar, the guns of the once great droid armies of the confederacy fell silent. With so much of its power gone, the empire easily carved a swathe through the few remaining seperatist holdouts. However, a few managed to survive. A year after the clone wars, a former confederate leader by the name of Ajan Zilack went back to Mustafar. Upon his arrival, he found the remains of what had once been the central broadcasting center for the entire droid army. Enlisting the help of a cadre of scientists, he rebuilt the droid army signal beacon awakening the dormant droid armies on Mustafar. With the beacon reestablished, the armed forces of the holdouts were reactivated and Ajan became the leader of the Confederate Remnant. The remnant began its expansion shortly after, with the establishment of Mustafar as the remnant capitol. Across the surface of Mustafar, factories churned out the droids, vehicles, and other materials that constituted the new Confederate Remnant Army and Navy. With a signifigant amount of power available to the remnant and the Empire busy with the rebel threat, the Remnant began efforts to gain new allies. Within a year, the territories of the corporate sector and the hutt cartels were covertly under control of the confederate remnant. The confederates were prepared to make their presence known to the galaxy when something unexpected occured. A portal opened in the remnants of what had once been alderaan. Through this portal, was another universe. A universe more sparsley populated, yet still filled with a plethora of new races. The remnant has seized this opportunity to expand their territory unmolested and mobilized much of their forces. But they are not alone; the empire, rebels, and other factions have also taken notice of this portal and are prepared to fight for it. The galactic civil war has come to our galaxy. Heroes Ajan Zilack: A former confederate leader during the clone wars, he is now the head of the confederate remnant. Not much is known about him as of yet due to the lack of information that comes out of the remnant. Commander Logan: Formerly a commander in the Grand Army of the Republic, he was greatly discouraged by the rampant corruption and deserted to the separatist side. He is now the head of the RLA and Ajan's right hand man. During the remnants exogalactic excursion, Logan was placed in charge of the defence of the remnant holdouts and their territory. T388: Ajan's personal tactical droid, T388 is both a friend and a worthy commander of both ground and space assaults. Military Units Confederate Remnant Army: The confederate army is the land based arm of the remnant. Confederate Remnant Navy:The confederate navy is the space borne arm of the remnant. Republic Liberation Army: Formed from Republic traitors of the clone wars, this army is made up of clone troopers and old republic personell. The RLA uses a mixture of republic and confederate equipment. Approximated Military Strength Battle Droids: 138 trillion assorted droids. Confederate Militia: 2.5 billion men. RLA: 923 million men. Ships: 28 billion assorted ships. Fighters: 5 trillion assorted ships. Commando Corps: 1 million men. Heavy Armor: 6 trillion vehicles.
  11. Millboar


    Salve discipuli! I look forward to seeing what you do.
  12. Cool, thanks mike. After re-reading my earlier post, I feel I was coming across as a ball buster. Apologies if you felt the same, just wanted to show any potential issues along with suggestions for new locations.
  13. So, if there's "native" Martians currently on Mars, are we going to expect some red-faction style revolutionaries or just straight up faction versus faction, just in a new setting? In that same vein, is the population of Venus large enough to sustain any sort of war effort? And if so, how would they even be able to inhabit Venus? Bio domes, Xeno technology, just cause? If living on Venus would indeed be this troublesome, would any sort of ground war even occur, seeing that it would just be easier to eliminate what the inhabitants need to survive through either orbital strikes or air combat. The other problem with venus currently is that the atmospheric pressure at the surface is 92 times greater than earth. Logically, we can therefore assume that humans probably would either not be able to inhabit venus, or, venus may have such a minuscule population it is irrevalent strategically. Based upon the postulation that human colonization of Venus's surface is unlikely, if not impossible, we must conclude that the only way venus could be even remotely tapped is through space-borne colonies in orbit. These space borne colonies would most likely be very small, as venus would really only be suitable for robotic mining. The economics of such an operation are quite suspect, as it would require a huge investure of capital up front, with low chance of rewards due to the fact that operating and replacing the equipment alone would be expensive, not even taking into account the resources it would require to move and ship the obtained materials. As such it is likely that mining can be eliminated as a source of income, leaving venus destitute due to the fact it holds no value at all. With venus eliminated as a source of supplies/income, we must turn our attentions elsewhere. In the solar system, there is really only two more options. The terrestrial moons of other planets and the asteroid belt. Moons may be of particular interest as some of the larger one (in exempla: Titan and Ganymede) May have at least a minor potential for colonization. This however is unlikely as it would not be cost effective to colonize one of these moons simply for resources, seeing that drones could obtain them for much cheaper. This would leave moons as an unlikely location for military conflict as they just aren't valuable enough ( with the possible exception of mars's moons as they could give an advantage in the ground war on Mars.) With moons examined, we can now move onto the asteroid belt. This would probably be the least risky option, as their are plenty of terrestrial asteroids to go around and the rights ones can be extremely valuable. (In 1997, it was speculated that a small asteroid 1.6 kilometers in diameters was worth nearly 2 trillion USD in metal) As such, asteroid mining by automated drones could be effective. Now that we have shown the potential profit of different parts of our solar system, we can now evaluate the highest potential areas where combat would reasonably occur. 1.Earth: even though it's pretty messed up now, it's still the birthplace of humanity. 2. Earths moon: strategically important to earth and as a mining area for helium (yes, helium is very rare and useful) 3. Mars: only planet capable of sustaining a large population. Would be fought over for territory and resources, 4 Moons (Mars and otherwise): these could be valuable strategically and help supply the army in control of them. 5. The asteroid belt: although this area is probably one of the most lucrative, it probably would not suffer to much combat as it is huge. In summary we can conclude the following: -venus is worthless economically and strategically -much of many factions incomes would likely be supplied from the asteroid belt. -remember the moons, they are important as we'll -large scale combat would probably only occur frequently on earth and mars. -orbital control is essential to long term power.
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