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  1. Sylver doesn't come up, but DarkKaiser does. And I saw Electrodan, okay, adding that too.
  2. Also you can always double check on Brickshelf.
  3. UPDATE The website's WHOIS is revealing that the domain name is not for sale and that it had been renewed. If you notice, going to www.majhost.com is not giving a 404 error anymore. I actually managed to get the phone number used to registed Majhost.com and I left a very polite voicemail kindly asking for a call back (at the hoster's convenience) if he could give any information on what happened, so I may POSSIBLY have some offical information soon. Also, you or I could PM DAN to ask him, he still comes here.
  4. Everyone, I want to make a large list of our Majhost account names incase Majhost does come back, and it seems like it is going to eventually. So post your accounts, and any you know of. Tango (older sprites of mine) esreveR (I don't like him but he did have some good stuff) RandomRebelSoldier ABINADI Gniolliv DHalo MrJedi MikeRugar TheMadSoldier IvanTheMouse Steampeng millboar Skurge Tsauruvia Tsauruvian mouser madjackalprime bucue5 brothersarmys wolfrider armymank nexus93 mrjao1 merku mannerheim marksic BFEAadmin majorswift xshadowkalashx mannerheim keelan sanjit rufus solidus meiji07 dempsey owlbear1337 tallran krusade iron-mike eris fluxx garrick stormthefox stormspotterfox dracostrife poogan kronic531 hyacinth13 darko sukairaa stualpha zephy Usvash matchbox91 MD1032 Artea shinva Drdisco glitch63 Zigge bluefox auto-fox Jam sammisan Hazapuza DarkKaiser ElectroDan tarantula1991 docstoffhimel darkoverlord Mechanox firered6 timberwolf drecanic blitzkrieg boarmaster RFZ Saphire1331 (?) spoons Freak-Ops htlr archym Giko Hisoka Mysterious-Madman Spacemarine335 admittingsword I'll keep adding as people deposit usernames.
  5. 2 of 3. Mike and Freak, you guys should pull back your forces! https://s15.postimg.org/eof2nieqh/GC_Comic_30.png
  6. Well tbh our biggest issue is the frenemy named Life that happens to sometimes grab us by the ballsack/pussy and then twist it as hard as possible. Life doesn't help us when it comes to making comics.
  7. Monstarules


    It is horrible. The cops, court, and even her mother are upset that I had to go through this too. Of course they have to do this stupid "procedure" thing...
  8. https://s4.postimg.io/dksu8vdaz/GC_Comic_28.png The endgame ball has started rolling!
  9. Monstarules


    Here's a rant for you. My stalker ex girlfriend got me arrested. Go fucking figure. Now they keep trying to contact me through several means of messaging and someone even came to my house dropping stuff (that she wanted given to me) off. Oh and if you happen to be friends with her on Facebook PLEASE do not talk to her about me.
  10. So I will be making some GTA: V videos while I recover from appendictis. EPISODE 1: The first video of me playing GTA: V, no audio from me, just pure WRECKING! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3O2iEsBgeo I decided to practice my helicopter skills in Grand Theft Auto V, and I started liking how I was doing so I started recording. I take down several helicopters and then escape over the horizon, all while in first person.
  11. Monstarules


    Hey Rayie. Welcome to the site for spriters! Glad you joined before Shadoww or someone else deleted that post on the PB2 forums. On a note, you could probably help anyone who needs it by making weapons. I'm interested to see what types of vehicles you might make.
  12. I'm still going to bee doing my own little galactic offshoot so I can give some TFX backstories, Kaithe backstories and mosey on in the Kragolyte Empire. I'm going to give the United Space Command up as a multicontrolled good faction (AKA anyone can use them to assist them in fighting "evil" forces).
  13. I didn't fall for shit, as usual xD
  14. I would also like to add that it's mostly just a campaign tag referring to any activities located outside of our solar system. It's mostly for me and anyone else who is possibly interested in going beyond the current limits. My current plan for campaign 3 involves a lot of comics that have absolutely nothing to do with Earth, Venus, Mars or the new planet. I'm thinking around page 5 into the GC3 is where my comics involving the new planet will show up.
  15. The Interstellar campaign is a subplot
  16. This is still an approved subplot For the "Interstellar" sub-plot, your faction needs ships with some type of warp drive. It's required to go all over the place. I'm sticking with TFX, but I need to know who's interested in this too. PM me or send me a message on Skype. Also, Kugestaldt?
  17. You have that AA launcher...and a missile following the helicopter.
  18. You have your opportunity to decide the fate of the helicopter. I think Mike and I had both agreed you'd get the next comic.
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