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  1. The assassination was cancelled due to the security issue! NOW BACK TO HOKKAIDO!!!!!
  2. That's why we upload them somewhere to archive them...too bad we can't upload images directly to SpriteWars
  3. http://s27.postimg.org/41q99cai9/GC_Comic_23.png COMIC 2/4: Destroying Valhalla Valhalla is destroyed, as well as the 2 comandeered xenomechs. The TFX strike team has infiltrated and ecaped undetected.
  4. I'm doing a 4 page comic that has already been agreed on between MajorSwift, Shiki and I. Just in case anyone does a comic involving me, the 4 page comic is before the events in that comic. Page 1 has been finished.
  5. PART ONE OF FOUR http://s29.postimg.org/4gg18zgl3/GC_Comic_22.png
  6. All of my files have been recovered and are safely on a flashdrive. I'll let you all know when I'm back in business. It should be later today.
  7. Back in business.
  8. An acceptable issue is like one I'm having now, which is hardware failure.
  10. I saw how bad the original Kragolyte speech sprites were. So I redid them.
  11. I'm liking this idea. I've made several comics so far, but haven't gotten responses.
  12. Kaithe and the Task Force stays away from Archtross. Kragolytes can make an appearance, I just need to make better sprites for them. United Space Command could POSSIBLY jump up from time to time. These ARE finalized though. Kragolyte speech heads Green ones have fangs. Why? Genetics.
  13. <$> NEW USER DETECTED ///ANALYZING/// ///TRANSMITTING/// Username: Dendygar Allegience: Unknown. Proceed with protocol BOR v6.9 /override <$> Overridden ///END/// Sorry about that, the TFX ARX system wanted to analyze your allegiences...we have some bad guys here...jk jk all of us that aren't banned are good people, but some of us (Skurge) control evil factions! I'm the resident Monsta. Welcome to Spritewars! I hope you enjoy yourself with us!
  14. NSFW warning. You will see (real) mud, blood, death and gore. This one was so long and epic I had to give it music. So why not a music video with combat footage. Oh yeah, and if you're wondering why you don't see everyone aboard the Venom's at the end, it's because there are 2 sides, and they are a wide helicopter. http://s2.postimg.org/k5ebpb4rd/GC_Comic_21.png
  15. Updated. TFX progress on Japan and Papua New Guinea will be represented as the IOT color. TFX progress on Papua, Indonesia will be represented as the Mechvaraan colors.
  16. @CommanderCool No, look closer at the colors. Some of those are United Space command. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. also is the kugestaldt going to make a return? This is a subplot by the way, KAZ approved it
  17. That map is way out of date. I updated it but never posted it
  18. http://s17.postimg.org/logcz0sql/GC_Comic_19.png
  19. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST. IMPORTANT INFORMATION IS IN THE ENTIRE THING! This will be copied and pasted on several other forums, as an urgent help message. This is not an advertisment. Every forum listed here has a reason for why this site needs to be back up. Some forums have bigger reasons than others. There are way too many people to count, who have lost items due to the crash of Majhost. So we must DO SOMETHING! I have a huge masterplan that will involve your help, people. I want to get Majhost up so we can rescue everything from everyones Majhost folder. I have a list of users who's items I will be putting in a huge zip folder. But to get Majhost up, we need to find the founder. Luckily... His Twitter: https://twitter.com/kevinmloch His Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kevinmloch His Email: kevinmloch@gmail.com That is the founder. His name is Kevin Loch. Now, he is active on Twitter, Facebook and I'm pretty sure he still uses that E-mail. So what are we going to do? We are going to message him requests to re-open Majhost for a week or 2 so that we can get all the files from Majhost and recover everything we can. This includes everyones lost work, comics, important pictures and old sprites. I'm making a long list of people's majhost accounts that I'll be going through, especially older users that aren't around anymore. TO SPRITEWARS USERS: We know this pain, and we know it hard. We've lost what, around 50,000+ files? If we can do this, I will be getting several old users sprites, and making a massive zip folder. TO ALOHA USERS: I will re-upload my old artworks to the forums for you, and I think Danko could get his country flags and other icons back from his Majhost folder. TO PLAZMABURST 2 USERS: I will be re-uploading my concepts for ideas for the game...and I know some of you used to use this website to host your concepts as well. TO BUILDANDSHOOT USERS: I will reupload the weapon previews, and the sights for AoS. The old sights and Mod Challenge previews were hosted there, as well as a few sights for the weapons. TO VG-RESOURCE USERS: I know you guys have lost some work as well. I'm not that active there, but we need your help. I know some of you were impacted more than others, and I know some of you don't care. But this is to help everyone reclaim access to lost sprites that we've not had access to in 8-9 months now. TO DOUBTERS AND CRITICS: I know it's a long shot but WE NEED TO TRY. TO THOSE WHO PROBABLY WANT TO BAN ME FOR ADVERTISING: This is not an advertisement to any website. This is me trying to get help for my friends, fellow forum members and me. I can guarantee you that at least a few members have been impacted by this. It's not even about me. It's about the hundreds to thousands of users who were impacted. I want to help them all. Some of us check that website, every day. Hoping, praying that it's back online. Praying that we get another chance to get our old work and files. ***Here is the master plan*** We will all send emails, fb messages, or tweets. I'm reaching out on several forums to help us with this, including Spritewars, VG-Resource, Aloha.pk, Plazmaburst 2 and Build and Shoot. We need to let this guy know that we were never informed that our files would be taken off the internet. Don't do it just for me, or yourself. Do it for the users you don't know, the users who will be helped by this. You're helping people get their much loved files back (on spritewars alone, you'd be helping us get over (rough estimates) 50,000 files that went missing). Here's an example of what a FB message/tweet/email should look like. And don't copy and paste directly. Make your own, but the start and end are important to put down. This way we let him know that multiple communities are affected. If multiple options apply, list them. If I was you, I'd probably do all 3 to get his attention as much as possible. "Dear Mr. Loch, Majhost has been down for an extended time, and [me/friends/community members] have lost valuable files. These files were important to [me/friends/community members] and we had absolutely no warning that this site would be going down. It's not right that [me/friends/community members] have to lose our files. If it's a money issue, [i/we] understand, but we only need this website up for 1-2 weeks to get all of our files back. Thanks for your time, [username], part of [forum]" Send messages to his FB account, twitter and email. I will be bumping this post as much as (reasonably) possible to raise attention. Thanks, Monstarules.
  20. I need to have everyone sign this if they haven't already.
  21. This has been OK'ed as a sub plot. I'm reworking the map of the Milky Way. Main plots are still focused on Earth at the moment, and a lot of factions can't leave the planet. A smaller planet is also going to be part of this apparently.
  22. Have to hand it to you shiki, that made my night