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  1. Hah, nice XD Thermal paste here, more things to come on Monday.
  2. So I'm building my own computer. Specs below: Motherboard: MSI Z97 Processor: Intel Core i7-4790K for 4.0ghz RAM: Ripjaws X 4x 8gb for 32gb GPU: MSI Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 4gb (Eventually upgrading to MSI Nidia GeForce GTX 980-Ti Lightning 6gb) HDD 7200 RPM 2TB Western Digital WD Black (If you find a better one for a nice price, hit me with it please!) SSD: Crucial MX200 500gb Power Supply: Thermaltake Toughpower 750W WiFi: D-LINK Xtreme In addition to these, there will be several more additions such as speakers, a monitor, mouse + keyboard, sound card, bluray optical drive, card reader & LCD fan controller, as well as some more fans. TIMELINE 11/10/2015: Ordered the cooling system, thermal paste, and toolkit. 11/11/2015: Ordered the case early because of a promotion 11/12/2015: All of the ordered items sans thermal paste arrived today. Living close to the shipment origin has it's payoffs -> http://imgur.com/gallery/iFYV8/new 11/13/2015: Ordered Motherboard and PSU 11/14/2015: Thermal Paste arrived **FUTURE BELOW** 11/16/2015: Motherboard and PSU arriving 11/27/2015: Ordering RAM and CPU
  3. The assassination was cancelled due to the security issue! NOW BACK TO HOKKAIDO!!!!!
  4. Ok, there have been a lot of miscommunications and misunderstandings about my faction. This is completely my fault, and I'm sorry I didn't type this up sooner. To start off, what the majority of the units you are fighting is actually regular GI's from NATO forces. The actual operators have names, and are the elite ones. They're just serving as field commanders and specops units. The majority of the comics you see is run by the armed forces of NATO. An example of one with a bunch of TFX operators, and not actual TFX forces would be the Liberalis Terrae prison breakout, the scene in the briefing comic before I took the bait where the TFX forces were fighting in the woods, or the strike team who took the base on Okinawa. Explanation for why I used TFX pieces? I just used the TFX pieces because I made them and I happen to be attached to them. Here on out, I'll be using the premade sprites of the US Army made by Mike and John to prevent any inconsistencies and confusion, unless portraying specops or TFX. Secondly, TFX originated from a canon completely different from SpriteWars. To start things off, there's a reason why TFX is allowed the support of the NATO forces, being that in the TFX canon, we prevented the destruction of the world about 5 times. Not only that, in the original TFX canon, Task Force X was formed by elite operators from each nations military; war heroes, famous soldiers, elite operators, and therefore we had a lot of funding and support from said nations. When I ended up on SpriteWars, that plotline now had to be remodeled and adapted somewhat. Segwaying into the third thing, revolving around TFX canon. Scorians (the race who made ARX), Kaithe, Mobians, Star Wars races, Halo races and Kragolytes were present in this before I came to SpriteWars. I also had ARX. I didn't want to seem like a jerk and suddenly having all these forces at my command since I kinda just came from nowhere. Now presently, I don't have any plans to use Halo races, Star Wars races or the Kragolytes, at least not in this GC2. Especially because Millboar and other users use those first 2 races. Kragolytes, I wont have time to completely sprite them before the end of this season anyways. Now I believe I have to do some explaining about my races and ARX Kaithe are reptilian humanoid aliens from the planet Kait'hur in the Milky Way. Kaithe are special, as they are completely good (aligned with the good factions). You might ask why. They just are, as they are aliens, and a human can't just accept that "They just are good" (this is, again, why they are aliens). They have the ability to let out a terrifying screech which causes ear damage to the enemies. Their skin is almost rock solid, and is bullet resistant (not bulletproof!). They wear supplemental armor on their bodies to help protect them even more from bullets, but especially laser weaponry, as this can burn through their skin. They have the ability to see at night, and their sight is ultraviolet sensitive (as seen by their purple eyes) which gives them the ability to see things sharper, as well as detecting hidden things, such as bloodstains, or cloaked vehicles. Kragolytes are also reptilian humanoid aliens. They hail from the planet Orlando in Fornax. They're known for the Kragolyte Empire, which is run by genocidal aliens with a dominance complex; they want to own everything, and if they cant have it, they destroy it. Now, to make things clear, not all Kragolytes are bad, and several serve with TFX and Kaithe on other planets. Kaithe and Kragolytes get along well because they're both reptilian, and therefore like similar conditions. Kragolytes have sharp claws and teeth, and use these as their melee weapons. These originated from the Brink of Alienation flash game on Newgrounds. They often aren't armored, as they are extremely resilient, and often have to have their organs hit a few times for kills, unlike most species, who get killed or incapacitated from just one shot to an organ. Scorians were a highly intelligent race of intellectual beings who originated from Hexor in Fornax. We didn't touch much on them in the TFX canon, as they were wiped out by the Kragolytes. What was said was that Scorians made ARX and that ARX was released into space, so that (hopefully) a good person found it. Now in the original canon, ARX was found when the Kaithe discovered the capsule in space, and gave it as a gift to TFX because we needed an AI. In this canon, I stole it out of a robot that Eggman had shoved it in (because Eggman isn't incredibly bright when it comes to realizing the intelligence of robots) after he had found it floating in space. I wanted to have it from the start, but I was afraid I'd be seen as an overzealous noob, as ARX was highly intelligent and had done a lot of good, such as link satellites together and code them better for efficiency, allowing us to spy on our enemies movements, as well as listen to their conversations, which ARX could decode. Now granted, our main enemy there were humans, and therefore they're not incredibly complex. However, ARX is an AI who can adapt, and while Shiki was making a joke out of it, I was accepting I couldn't hear anything from heaven or like that, I was just hearing the transmission to Earth, which was completely misinterpreted as "GODMODE AI LOLOL. MONSTA CAN'T SPY ON THE BARRISTERR WHILE HE'S IN HIS GODSHIP. LOL !!! LOL LOL LOL NOPE GODMODE! LET'S TROLL MONSTA". I kinda just went with it, and I had an idea that it was a setup as the information was leaked on purpose (I also didn't like how Shiki jumped to conclusions too much, and wouldn't let me explain. But that's an argument between her and I). If I read a coded transmission between heaven and the Barrister, that's completely my fault, as I thought it was passing through Earth to MechaSonic's forces. Now, as I said before, I had them when they popped up in the TFX canon originally, and therefore it should have been made apparent I had them from the start. However, I didn't sprite them immediately, and the concept "nothing exists until you sprite it" I took seriously. I'll be making some comics on the history of how TFX came across these resources, and such so you guys can get some sort of a visual history, and so I can adapt my canon to this one. WE CAN BE DEFEATED Hoooooly shit you guys have no idea how many losses my forces suffered. I've lost top operators, characters, and at one point, the entire task force had to go into hiding when we got blamed for a "terroristic" assassination of a corrupt general in the Royal Marines. All of my characters have nearly been killed several times, some of them were even on their deathbeds and were undergoing emergency operations to save them. I've lost several soldiers, ones that you haven't heard of. But I've lost over 20 very important supporting characters in the TFX canon, a handful (around 500) of TFX operators, as well as thousands of regular armed forces of NATO. Why did I have so many? It was a huge thing when I had it where I created it. Multiple people played multiple characters of mine, and multiple people played multiple enemy factions. It was the fanfic roleplay riot of the century, but it wasn't talked much about because new users often would have trouble adjusting. Some did, of course, but most of the time, they couldn't. Most importantly, some of it I haven't shown yet. The biggest thing I haven't shown is Red's miraculous medical training, which has been a huge piece in the original canon. I'm just having trouble getting Red to fit in somewhere, as I don't have too many dramatic scenes yet. In this canon, I just didn't fight any real organized forces until Terran Command decided to pull one on us, which is yes, a defeat. And I see that really organized enemies want to pick a bone with me, which means that I'm going to have some rough victories and losses. Well now that I have explained this, I'm open to questions and comments. I'll give you the whole backstory on it too if you want, but that's going to take upwards of a week to write, and probably a good hour to read through.
  5. Monstarules


    That's why we upload them somewhere to archive them...too bad we can't upload images directly to SpriteWars
  6. http://s27.postimg.org/41q99cai9/GC_Comic_23.png COMIC 2/4: Destroying Valhalla Valhalla is destroyed, as well as the 2 comandeered xenomechs. The TFX strike team has infiltrated and ecaped undetected.
  7. I'm doing a 4 page comic that has already been agreed on between MajorSwift, Shiki and I. Just in case anyone does a comic involving me, the 4 page comic is before the events in that comic. Page 1 has been finished.
  8. PART ONE OF FOUR http://s29.postimg.org/4gg18zgl3/GC_Comic_22.png
  9. All of my files have been recovered and are safely on a flashdrive. I'll let you all know when I'm back in business. It should be later today.
  10. An acceptable issue is like one I'm having now, which is hardware failure.
  12. I saw how bad the original Kragolyte speech sprites were. So I redid them.
  13. I'm liking this idea. I've made several comics so far, but haven't gotten responses.
  14. Kaithe and the Task Force stays away from Archtross. Kragolytes can make an appearance, I just need to make better sprites for them. United Space Command could POSSIBLY jump up from time to time. These ARE finalized though. Kragolyte speech heads Green ones have fangs. Why? Genetics.
  15. <$> NEW USER DETECTED ///ANALYZING/// ///TRANSMITTING/// Username: Dendygar Allegience: Unknown. Proceed with protocol BOR v6.9 /override <$> Overridden ///END/// Sorry about that, the TFX ARX system wanted to analyze your allegiences...we have some bad guys here...jk jk all of us that aren't banned are good people, but some of us (Skurge) control evil factions! I'm the resident Monsta. Welcome to Spritewars! I hope you enjoy yourself with us!
  16. NSFW warning. You will see (real) mud, blood, death and gore. This one was so long and epic I had to give it music. So why not a music video with combat footage. Oh yeah, and if you're wondering why you don't see everyone aboard the Venom's at the end, it's because there are 2 sides, and they are a wide helicopter. http://s2.postimg.org/k5ebpb4rd/GC_Comic_21.png
  17. Updated. TFX progress on Japan and Papua New Guinea will be represented as the IOT color. TFX progress on Papua, Indonesia will be represented as the Mechvaraan colors.
  18. @CommanderCool No, look closer at the colors. Some of those are United Space command. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. also is the kugestaldt going to make a return? This is a subplot by the way, KAZ approved it
  19. That map is way out of date. I updated it but never posted it
  20. http://s17.postimg.org/logcz0sql/GC_Comic_19.png
  21. I need to have everyone sign this if they haven't already.
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