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  1. Swift, are you waiting for the comic where Chernobyl and Blue ambush Taylor?
  2. Name: Red Evil Tank Ass Ramming Dick Shits (RETARDS) Bio: Tank MLG 360 dorito pro with mountain dew graphics on the side of their recently made M1A34000 abrams with a 800 inch gun that blows everyone to shit because weed How to Portray: Imagine world of tanks, or warthunder
  3. Well I heard from other people that there weren't really any long range comms working for the Liberalis. As for the spies, they'll make their appearance soon enough. I did show the USS Essex ambibious assault ship in the first part of the comic. The USS Bainbridge is offshore as well, and there are Monitor PT boats that I'll be sure to show off. I'll release more of the vehicle sheets in the TFX topic ASAP. As for air support, I have the Osprey, and I have an F18 hornet squadron lying around, as well as an A10 Thunderbolt II detechment. Scout plane...now, thats the fun part. I'll make sure to show you in the next comic. And I wasn't expecting it to be easy. I was expecting a fight for my boys :1 On a side note, are there any alien prisons on Okinawa?
  4. MajorSwift, I'm going to start by invading Okinawa. Since you really don't have any communications, your mainland Japanese forces will have absolutely no clue until a survivor shows up and blabs...that is, if there are any survivors. They're starting the attack on Okinawa's east side, on a beach, and the Japanese IOT are attacking from the south. By the way, we have air support, scoutcraft, spies and offshore naval artillery.
  5. Monstarules


    My best friends boyfriend is a douche, but she doesn't want to lose him because he's, a DOUCHE who'll spread shit about her if she breaks up with him and goes out with me (because, I'm Monsta, ofc, the nice guy). Anyways, so she goes to him crying saying how he doesn't pay any attention to her, and doesn't listen, and he says "Its always about you isn't it". Bouta go kick some ass
  6. This topic is gonna be a lot of fun
  7. Sefl explanatory. An infinite game.
  8. Ok I fixed it....sorry its big :< Credit to ASCAWR, Gnio, Me and Zigge
  9. ErisMarie was just a random person who joined and never posted I guess
  10. Yeah, with mike. That looks a bit uh...overkill with the killing. And since when did he take any of your guys prisoner, and additionally, why would the axonians have a low quality jail?
  11. I'll make an intro panel that you could add, introducing Task Force 100
  12. TASK FORCE X An uncorrupt group of soldiers that are Ex Nato, and are bent on saving the world. They operate out of several secret bases which are unknown to the enemy forces. They have advanced tech, but use the good old weapons from the early 21st century, and are trained to eliminate the enemy. There are no rogue soldiers, and they are still humane. They do not hurt the innocent and they strive to protect them. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Leaders The task force is lead by several men. The supreme commander is unknown, but there are 4 main field commanders. Mah. Orion Michael Irving The leader of Task Force X. He is a Marshal of the US Army, and is one of the top secret DELTA project soldiers. His battlesuit can be self contained and pressurized, and it is designed to resist impacts, vacuum, bullets and sharp weapons. His armament consists of an AA-12 Automatic Shotgun, 2 M93r's, 1 57-9, a Gerber pocketknife, a S&W pocketknife, grenades, X-2 Shockweb wrist launcher, 1 machete, 1 tomahawk, and several different types of shotgun ammo. His pet, Monster, is his most dearly beloved posession. (You MAY NEVER KILL MONSTER) Col. John O'Leary Main field commander from the SAS. He's loved by the men under him, and is the commander's right hand man. He is armed with an AS-VAL, an axe, grenades, and 2 57-9's. John is close to all the people he knows, especially the men under his command. Lt. Rees "Red" Noble Another field commander, and an excellent combat lifesaver. Red also hails from the 2nd Rangers. He got his nickname from his bloody interceptor armor, which was stained red with blood from people he'd saved after the umpteenth battle in Fallujah. Even the enemy respects Red. He may look liek just a medic, but his SAW, M1911 and Arkansas Toothpick say otherwise. Did we mention he also wont hesitate to use the medical supplies to kill his enemies too? Lt. Ross Kelly Ross is a 5'10" hellraising pararescueman who absolutely loathes everything that is evil. He's not much of a "talk first shoot later man", although he does show mercy to enemies who surrender. Ross is also known as the ripper amongst the enemy soldiers, and after seeing him rip a voltor soldier to the ground with his chainsaw, or smash a terrorists head off with his trench club, not many people would argue. He's fearless of anything, including things bigger than him...like voltor storm troopers. WO5 Patrick "Chernobyl" Kolevano Pat is an ex GRU operative for the Spetz. He is a soldier who survived a nuclear blast, and later joined the United States Army Rangers. He terrifies his enemies, as he was deformed, but like in a way nobody had ever seen. His eyes, naturally blue, had actually changed to red after absorbing over 30gy of radiation. He proved to be a medical anomaly, however, and against the ridiculously overwhelming odds, he actually recovered, and became one of the strongest men alive. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other Characters There are several other soldiers who are well respected amongst the task force, who are not in positions of power, who often re appear. They will be listed here, along with which unit they served in. Some of these people may get killed/wounded in action during campaign. Sgt. Farrand Josephs - SAS Sgt. Ferren Josephs - SAS Capt. John Fawkes - SAS Col. Richard O'Leary - SAS Capt. Kix Kelly - 101st Airborne GySgt. Blaze Johnson - 101st Airborne Cpl. Felix Ramirez - 10th Mountain Division 1stSgt. Sam Hex - 10th Mountain Division Tpr. Brent Thomas - Royal Marines Sgt. Tim Dawwe - Royal Marines WO1 James Merrick - 1st Infantary Batallion others not listed... ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bases ***DECLASSIFIED*** **********, ME - USA ******, MA - USA ****************, FL - USA ****, AK - USA ****** - Vietnam ***********, NWT - Canada Classified Location, ONT - Canada Classified Location - England Classified Location - Russia ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Portrayal The Task Force is an elite force that is trained for multiple situations. Every member knows how to use multiple vehicles, in case of emergencies. The Task Force has an intricate method for recruiting. The background checks are extensive, and acceptance usually takes a month. It's extremely hard to infiltrate the organization because you can't just throw on a uniform and claim you're one of them. There are several classified deterrence methods (I refuse to say them because I don't want people using this as a way of suddenly knowing how to infiltrate the task force. The idea is that it is really hard, and you're gonna have to do it by trial and error). In combat, everyone works together, utilizing tactics and several approaches. Everyone works together in order to find weaknesses. Another important thing to know is that there are no nanomachines used by the task force. They are highly efficient in combat, and it takes a lot to make them even slightly afraid.
  13. Ah...whens the next season. Tell me! I'll probably have my army ready then.
  14. Where's the thread to introduce factions? Or the wiki topic.
  15. What I like is Galaga and DigDug. Those are old games that I like. SkiFree, Jezzball, damn, so many memories.
  16. Well hopefully we can slow it down, or hopefully we'll be dead before the blames start getting put on other countries and mass war breaks out.
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