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  1. Yeah they certainly are productive results. Goemar and Koesh are dominating the topic on VGR insulting everyone who lost something, saying "It's your own fault if you lost anything", and they're not pointing that at me either (I didn't lose my work): https://www.vg-resource.com/thread-30604.html

    There's the fuckery, pretty much all by myself on VGR with nobody to back me up because there are an unfortunate amount of twats who like to insult you unless you're god. They hear what they want there, not what you say.

  2. I can offer a few answers to the FAQ's:

    A: Far from it. It however, is what makes the most sense, an--

    Q: Then it's not real.
    --Listen. He keeps renewing the subscription. Why else would he? Additionally, someone is scrubbing sprites from Brickshelf, which is a newer occurence. There were also interesting events which happened on the site. Also the fact that it is always undergoing a 403 error means that someone is doing work behind the scenes.

    Q: How do you know this is the reason?
    A: Elementary. No seriously. CP is highly illicit everywhere and it was hosted on Majhost because it did not have the authentications Brickshelf had. In fact the issue with Majhost was that it was largely unmoderated and I discovered some things on the deepweb, that pointed to Majhost for being a useful site to post things to.

    Q: Mighty dangerous things you discovered there, are you going to get in trouble?
    A: No. I didn't break any laws.

    Q: Will I?
    A: I can't answer that. I don't know what you had there.

    Q: The hoster?
    A: Seeing as Kevin Loch isn't in jail, probably not.

    Q: Will my stuff be there?
    A: It's probable unless you broke the law or posted a lot of porn.

    Q: What about my account?
    A: Also, probable, unless you again, posted a lot of porn or broke the law.

    Q: When will this come back?
    A: I can't put a date on it. Chances are the government of the USA has yanked account information and went through the hard drive, collecting evidence. The government should in theory have given back the okay files. If he's just deleting them himself, it might take a while.

    Q: What would change?
    A: I suppose authentication and automatic deletion of inappropriate things.



    I kept this a secret for a very VERY long time. One day I was able to get past the 403 on Majhost and instead of down for maintenance it showed the home page. However when I tried to log back in it showed a 403 forbidden. I didn't want to give anyone else false hopes, so I kept quiet. Seeing what I am seeing in recent times, I'm deciding to say it. It's a shame I couldn't get anyones things, it was probably a hiccup while they were working on the website. It's being redesigned a bit, that's all I could see.

  3. You're reading this right, I have discovered the truth as to why Majhost has been down a very VERY long time. I have permission to post my findings here, so here it goes. BEFORE I DO THIS THERE IS A DISCLAIMER: If you try and research this for yourself, I and Spritewars is NOT responsible if you get in trouble. I did this for a research reason, and therefore I am exempt from any trouble I might have gotten into with my federal government.. Anywho, here we go:


    So we've searched high and low for reasons as to why our beloved Majhost has gone down. Some people had the majority of their things archived. Others, not so much. We noticed that the page says "Down for maintenance" or 403 forbidden. I have done extensive research on this topic, and I have reached out to Kevin Loch (unfortunately, messages to him probably go straight to the spam folder). We first noticed that Majhost's subscription kept getting renewed. From what I understand, there were a few time periods where the website was still accessible through certain means after it got taken offline. However, now those methods are gone. Reiterating what I just said, the subscription keeps being RENEWED. Why though? Why on a website that just says "Down for Maintenance"? There have been rumors as to why it went down, but most of them got shot down. I will shoot a few down for you as well.


    R: Hard drive failure
    A: Data recovery is rather fast, and he would have broadcast that to the users.

    R: He can't keep it up anymore
    A: Nope, he keeps renewing the subscription

    R: Wiping the drive
    A: Would be up again already.

    R: He's being a dick
    A: This one pisses me off, you'll see why, but no

    R: We can use Brickshelf
    A: Actually no, someone is removing Sprites from brickshelf, which is a recent occurence.

    The true answer that I discovered, which is so blatant, disgusting and surprising is that Majhost was used to host a lot of pornography, including zoophilia, hentai, and a lot of illegal, underage pornography displayed in actual pictures and through hentai. What has happened? Well, seeing as the websites subscription keeps being renewed, chances are he probably had to do some legal things, such as letting the government go through and find out who hosted the CP, and if he got it back, he is carefully deleting all of the bad things from the hard drive. The government might be doing too. To be quite honest, I don't think our things will be gone. However the reason it is taking so long, I discovered through archives. There are thousands. Tens of thousands. Maybe even HUNDREDS of thousands of inappropriate, pornographic and possibly illegal images. This is why it has taken so long, and why the website is still being renewed. The hosting hasn't suspended the website, and we can still see it says down for maintenance.

    In short, I'm now almost 100% Majhost is going to be coming back. Each passing day is more promising than the last. There is probably going to be a lot of authentications, and captchas, but that shouldn't bother us. Let's just wait for it to happen. We're far from dead with this realization that Maj should be coming back!

  4. No problem with that, also, the map is now updated. Waiting for FreakOps to place Mezvaraa, and Judgemagister, you may place Kolvartia as well wherever you want, copy the blank planet marker onto the map and place it wherever, just not on top of anything else.


    Additionally, Judge, place your faction icon and color as well as name under whichever category you want to.

  5. With the end of the assault on Heaven, came many things. The Terran Command Remmnant, Robotnik, and most of Liberalis Terrae retreated off into space. Liberalis conceded defeat in the Asian operating theatre, and has now become Neutral. China has been irradiated and destroyed, although there was very minimal loss of life because of the Xenomechs. The IOT was disbanded and several elements joined the Mechvaraans, and Task Force X. The IOT high commanders Bunny and Antoine joined TFX, while Sally stayed to lead the peacekeeping force. EAGLE forces have also decided to work with the Task Force further. Sonic and Tails are still missing in action, as well as Esdaille (I think Mike and Shiki have a plan for them, as Shiki is doing the Executors in Interstellar). New Teutonburg is starting to explore space. The Axonian Empire suffered damage to Korea from fallout and has mostly retreated to the Ferra system and Axia, although like most of the other factions, are still maintaining a small presence on Earth. Terran Command and Robotnik have suffered moderate-severe losses of forces and equipment, with TC now on the run from TFX and the Mechvaraans (Robotnik has all but vanished and probably wont be appearing immediately, although from what I know, Mike has a plan for him). The Task Force and the Mechvaraans have wrapped up recovery operations on Earth and have placed refugees on Xorg-7 and Kait'hur. TFX is now additionally bolstered by mobians and mechvaraan forces.TFX and the Mechvaraans have pulled out into space, only maintaining small outposts on Earth. America, Canada, Japan, Australia, Indonesia and Papua are now under their own control again, with support from the mechvaraans and the mobian peacekeepers. The Executors were welcomed to stay on Kait'hur in order to plan their next course of action. The Executors, TFX and the Mechvaraan forces have returned to Kait'hur in order to discuss what to do next...


    Hopefully next season is quicker and a lot more fun for the involved factions.

  6. Here's what I need so far from everyone (since nobody has posted responses yet)


    - Planet names/ideas. Also if there are any important planets, or planets that are part of SW history, such as Mezvaraa, that need to be placed, you should place them.

    - Someone to play as the forming republic government and then some people to play news. I'd prefer multiple faction owners to at least make a news comic at least once in a while, as the news isn't specifically for one network either, it can be biased to any side of the conflict, or no side at all.

    - Factions that are interested. Update and re-post the map. Also, don't go crazy claiming all the systems. You will stretch yourself thin and open yourself up to attack if you do not maintain your forces and productions of resources ;) and if it is flat out ridiculous I will claim systems for you.


    Also interstellar is probably going to end up outliving GC3, just a heads up. Not saying that GC3 won't last long but this will somehow or another move on to a different season because of the large scale.

  7. Bumping this to the top, time to rekindle this thread's discussion. I think we need to wait a while now that GC2 has ended for people to get together and to really get excited again. The main issues we encountered:


    - Everything ended up drawn out and it wasn't much like massive battles from GC1 until near the end.

    - People were left waiting for response comics, and the altercations were very drawn out. While this is okay in many scenarios, sometimes people just get tired of it and want to move on.

    - People didn't often listen to each others requests, and acted outside of what they should have in some occasions (I myself was guilty of this a bit during the beginning)

    - Relating back to that second thing, some people just flat out had to leave or go long times without responses on comics because of real life. However we often didn't find out why they left until after they came back.

    - Unfinished sprites, aka the lego kit. Okay, that was mostly my fault, and it did hinder people's production of comics. Also, there were people who didn't share their completed sprites.

    - There sometimes was an obvious lack of planning...such as how the end of this campaign felt very rushed, even though it has been going on for over 2 years.

    - Majhost died and we ended up getting kicked in the sack. There's some promise it will come back, however, but it hasn't yet. We learned we needed to find more reliable image hosts and to back up our files.


    Interstellar has it's own discussion topic now too, there's that as well. Anyways, I digress. Discuss. Comments?

  8. Introduction

    So as many of you know, there is going to be a Sprite Wars GC3 related side campaign, known as Interstellar. It's involving a larger scale conflict, and it is meant for armies that are really well put together and can deal with several large scale battles. Currently I am doing the map (again) of the milky way. Here is how the map looks blank, with mostly blank planets/systems and a few factions (planet names will be discussed a few paragraphs down, so will faction control).


    Basic Details

    Now this campaign is constructed for ACTIVE PEOPLE. You need to be ready to make comics or else the battles will auto resolve with victory for the attacker. There will be a time limit of 10 days (I'm open to discussion on that) to respond once an Interstellar comic is made involving other players. On your own, is a different story. This goes against the scaled down campaign that is going to be GC3. This is going to be pretty large and is focused on large scale warfare, and adds in a new aspect, diplomacy. There are 4 alignments featured here: Good, Neutral, Evil and Pirate. Good and Evil are self explanatory, and are going to be focused on doing what they do best, fucking each other up. Neutral is neutral. Piracy, however, gets explained below. Most planets are neutral unless controlled or aligned with a faction. Examples of planets that are pre-aligned with a faction would be Kait'hur, aligned with TFX, Axia, which is aligned with the Axonian Empire, or Mezvaraa (not shown, I'm letting Freak place that one), aligned with the Mazenovich Empire. You can claim certain systems to be pre aligned, but there is a limit on that (there's more on this in the planet and faction control sections). This campaign features a unique approach, with diplomacy and exploration being key factors.


    The Government

    The Galactic Government is a forming republic that is being formed to allow all planets in the galaxy access to diplomatic relationships with each other. It often undergoes peacekeeping missions and has some influence over factions (Extragalactic enemies, Pirates and certain factions are excluded from this, because they don't recognize or work with the government). It is still under formation, and they are not recognized by a lot of systems and planets. Especially pirates.


    Basically the government is a neutral faction and votes on whether to interfere with things or not. Mostly this faction is set to be used as a response to organized piracy. It is often going to undergo attacks from pirates as well. This is set to be a playable faction, by more than one person, and I am wondering if there are any volunteers to play it. Anyone who has a faction, good, neutral, pirate or evil, can do this.


    The Piracy Alignment

    The pirate is friends with money, and that is about it. They often attack almost anything and everyone. Not even the Task Force or Kragolyte Empire is safe from the pirate factions. Pirate factions are often targeted in raids that are meant to control piracy. However, due to the vastness and not always explored areas of space, these factions have hideaways in locations that are often unknown. Once discovered, however, they need to run, and fast, as the government and factions effected will race to the area in order to re-aquisition stolen goods, and to capture leaders. This often leads to battles. For a price, pirates can offer their services, but like mentioned, they work for one thing: Money. An exchange of money can turn the pirate mercs that are working with you into your enemies.


    Judgemagister brought up the idea of a piracy like faction, and I like it to be honest. If you want to run a faction of pirates, then by all means, go ahead and loot. Just beware of everyone you make enemies with!


    Aquisition of Territories

    You are rather free to do anything you want. This is a frontier, and it is a large one. Be careful however, piss off the wrong planet, faction, species, or the government, and you can end up with insurgency, rebellion, or liberation. To align a planet, you need to appeal to them with your diplomatic skills. Once aligned, it takes a lot for a planet to become unaligned. You can occupy planets, and if you treat the people right there, you can generally, over time, get them to align with you. Invading a planet is seen as extremely unpopular, unless the planet is controlled by evil forces and pirates. More often than not, whether your forces are good or evil, you will end up with either pirates or some sort of resistance if you occupy a planet. However if the planet supports you, the chances of insurgency lower. Not being an imperialistic faction helps planets like you.



    I only named a few hazards, bigger ones mostly, but hazards include asteroid fields, black holes, gravitational disturbances, magnetic disturbances, radiological based hazards, star clusters, ion storms, nebulas and anything you can really think of in space. I want you to all explore in addition to the combat and massive battles. If you explore, you will no doubt discover hazards. Everyone in the quest to find resources suffers from some sort of issues.



    Thses are only unnamed at the moment because I wanted to get a bunch of us together to decide names. Now there are a few pre-existing, which I have either named or mentioned, but I want to get us all together at one point in time to discuss names for the planets. In addition to providing a location for bases, outposts, potential incomes, and other things, resources are going to be a big thing here. Controlling resources can influence your factions performance, and allow for better diplomatic relationships. There are also POI's, or points of interest. Those include wormholes, gas sources, antimatter sources and many other things!



    Explore to find new planets, points of interest, and hazards. Explore to your hearts content, and have fun! Beware, you may run into pirates or enemy forces!


    As of now, I only have a few people down. I want anyone who is interested to actively contribute to this idea. The GC2 ends in roughly 10 days from the time this topic is created, and GC3 will probably start in about a month or 2. Currenly I am looking for more participants, and planet names.


    Note from RektOps: Added Mezvaraa and Maz Empire by Monsta's request.

    UPDATED ON 08/10/2017

  9. English - Arabic - English
    one day. Storm fox went to the bar to kick Prime Monsta. Monsta got so angry they got into a fight and causing destruction across the city from the wars Sprite. At the end came capture Freak and melted them. End.


    New sentence:

    Mechanox decided to make some brand new Mechs. Unfortunately for Mechanox, Autofox decided to borrow them, and stole his designs! Infuriated, Mechanox called Millboar, who sent the Tau empire after Autofox! Millboar lead the Tau to victory and the plans were secured.

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