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  1. For those interested in a possible idea...

    THIS IS JUST AN ALPHA IDEA FOR SOME SORT OF INTERSTELLAR CONFLICT! Lots of things will change if this is liked.





    I have a lot of questions and things to ask. I know there are some active people who just had their faction removed from this. First things first, you need to go spacebound. Second, is the Kugestaldt going to be returning?

  2. Can I join in? I was planning on invading japan before the wipeout.

    I wouldn't do it because we have Axon support helping us, and 2 invasions at once would be a disaster, because Japan belonds to the IOT and if we have to fight 2 armies to get to it, it will be very bloody for the opposing armies.

  3. Probably after the invasion of Japan and Indonesia/New Guinea, at least thats when I start waiting for a new campaign. There's still a lot going on. I'm guessing this one will end around oh...November or December. Since Global 3 is going interstellar, there's going to be a long wait because we're going to have to make a lot of maps for different planets and galaxies. I'm going to start working on a map of the Milky Way, and the Star Wars Galaxy (which I'm thinking could be the Triangulum Galaxy, as Empire At War uses a similar model to that galaxy). Also a good target for mapping would be the Whirlpool Galaxy, NGC 1097 (Since it's in the Constellation of Fornax, let's call this galaxy Fornax), the Pinwheel Galaxy and Andromeda.

  4. I think Shiki wants to have her xenomechs attack the Cole. They'll chew a hole in the side, and control some of the crew. However, due to their numbers not being large, they will end up eventually losing the battle to the Navy SEAL's, Army and Marines onboard, after inflicting moderate casualties to the crew, and some of the soldiers (I think we were talking around 100 casualties).

  5. Here's my argument Ms. Shiki.

    A spy satellite grid can cross over the entire planet every few minutes. We do not know everyone, or who the heck is where, but we know where some people definitely are. Now, since an invasion was being planned, a detachment of forces were already on their way to New Guinea. The satellites noticed a boat that had been previously moving was now dead in the water, and no longer sending out radio signals (in the middle of an invasion zone, no less). And since I have some seafaring experience, merchant ships are REQUIRED by every company under the sun to have emergency power and communications, and even satellite phones. On a transocean crossing, like this merchant ship was on, they would have been put to use if the boat was dead in the water and people were alive. This sparked interest in a ship, which happened to be nearby. Not saying that this happened immediately either. It could have been moving over the course of a few minutes, few hours, or even a day to intercept it. The destroyer is faster than the merchant ship as well, I might add, and the strange behavior warrented an investigation. A scan on the ship showed no movement, prompting even more curiousity. Now you could say this is bullshit (and this is the real bullshit in question): a ship happening to be nearby. I could have easily maneuvered an orbital strike ship, or sent an attack jet from a carrier to the exact same effect. Also, going with the "blowing up the ship is not a peacekeeper thing", we obviously attempted to make the ship identify itself, and told the ship we'd destroy it. Now since I'm not familiar with how the Xenomechs act, I pictured them as sadistic and slightly robotic. As for the blending technology, still suspicious information beforehand, and we didn't detect any signals (since they were "cloaked" by the xenomech transmitters). Now the scrubbiest thing to do was kill them in a few panels...well shit, a freaking 15 inch gun explosion could kill any spritewars characters, or maim them severely enough that they wouldn't be able to escape from environment/pursuers.


    And to top it off, I highly doubt there are just 2.



    In other news, I was waiting for someone to finally make a comic someplace near there so I could attempt to try and push something out of somebody. I posted the comic to also let FOps and MajorSwift I was still waiting on them for their respective comics on things.

  6. Oh! I have the links to that!




    Thats when it originally was being shut down. His response is here: http://news.lugnet.com/announce/brickshelf/?n=128


    And to answer this question regarding PB2 users...

    Um...Does that have anything to do with what were talking about here?


    I copied and pasted the message on several forums.


    Oh and Mecha, Eric Gurt is developing it, but he cant really do it with Flash. Programs are stopping the support of it, he probably has to make an actual game now, which he unfortunately has absolutely no real experience with complex coding. And his semi bad grammar doesn't really help us know much. And with PB2 dying in game, I highly doubt anything is going to happen soon.



    And an Update: VG-Resource and PB2 locked the topics. Dunno if we'll get sigs from them.

  7. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST. IMPORTANT INFORMATION IS IN THE ENTIRE THING! This will be copied and pasted on several other forums, as an urgent help message. This is not an advertisment. Every forum listed here has a reason for why this site needs to be back up. Some forums have bigger reasons than others.


    There are way too many people to count, who have lost items due to the crash of Majhost. So we must DO SOMETHING!


    I have a huge masterplan that will involve your help, people. I want to get Majhost up so we can rescue everything from everyones Majhost folder. I have a list of users who's items I will be putting in a huge zip folder. But to get Majhost up, we need to find the founder. Luckily...


    His Twitter: https://twitter.com/kevinmloch

    His Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kevinmloch

    His Email: kevinmloch@gmail.com


    That is the founder. His name is Kevin Loch. Now, he is active on Twitter, Facebook and I'm pretty sure he still uses that E-mail. So what are we going to do? We are going to message him requests to re-open Majhost for a week or 2 so that we can get all the files from Majhost and recover everything we can. This includes everyones lost work, comics, important pictures and old sprites. I'm making a long list of people's majhost accounts that I'll be going through, especially older users that aren't around anymore.


    TO SPRITEWARS USERS: We know this pain, and we know it hard. We've lost what, around 50,000+ files? If we can do this, I will be getting several old users sprites, and making a massive zip folder.

    TO ALOHA USERS: I will re-upload my old artworks to the forums for you, and I think Danko could get his country flags and other icons back from his Majhost folder.

    TO PLAZMABURST 2 USERS: I will be re-uploading my concepts for ideas for the game...and I know some of you used to use this website to host your concepts as well.

    TO BUILDANDSHOOT USERS: I will reupload the weapon previews, and the sights for AoS. The old sights and Mod Challenge previews were hosted there, as well as a few sights for the weapons.

    TO VG-RESOURCE USERS: I know you guys have lost some work as well. I'm not that active there, but we need your help. I know some of you were impacted more than others, and I know some of you don't care. But this is to help everyone reclaim access to lost sprites that we've not had access to in 8-9 months now.

    TO DOUBTERS AND CRITICS: I know it's a long shot but WE NEED TO TRY.

    TO THOSE WHO PROBABLY WANT TO BAN ME FOR ADVERTISING: This is not an advertisement to any website. This is me trying to get help for my friends, fellow forum members and me. I can guarantee you that at least a few members have been impacted by this. It's not even about me. It's about the hundreds to thousands of users who were impacted. I want to help them all. Some of us check that website, every day. Hoping, praying that it's back online. Praying that we get another chance to get our old work and files.


    ***Here is the master plan***


    We will all send emails, fb messages, or tweets. I'm reaching out on several forums to help us with this, including Spritewars, VG-Resource, Aloha.pk, Plazmaburst 2 and Build and Shoot. We need to let this guy know that we were never informed that our files would be taken off the internet. Don't do it just for me, or yourself. Do it for the users you don't know, the users who will be helped by this. You're helping people get their much loved files back (on spritewars alone, you'd be helping us get over (rough estimates) 50,000 files that went missing).


    Here's an example of what a FB message/tweet/email should look like. And don't copy and paste directly. Make your own, but the start and end are important to put down. This way we let him know that multiple communities are affected. If multiple options apply, list them. If I was you, I'd probably do all 3 to get his attention as much as possible.

    "Dear Mr. Loch,


    Majhost has been down for an extended time, and [me/friends/community members] have lost valuable files. These files were important to [me/friends/community members] and we had absolutely no warning that this site would be going down. It's not right that [me/friends/community members] have to lose our files. If it's a money issue, [i/we] understand, but we only need this website up for 1-2 weeks to get all of our files back.


    Thanks for your time,
    [username], part of [forum]"


    Send messages to his FB account, twitter and email. I will be bumping this post as much as (reasonably) possible to raise attention.





  8. African Liberated Front spritesheet. It is also in the dropbox.




    This faction can only be used in comics by me, MajorSwift, Skurge, Dempsey, and anyone else in Africa (and ONLY Africa). They are fighting the Voltor and Liberalis. They are neutral to anyone else unless you help their cause. They are decently trained, but they have less than adequate equipment and barely any sort of chest armor. This is not a faction controlled by any single person.

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