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  1. havent made a comic in 5+ years so here goes nothing tried to keep it simple and mysterious.
  2. I edited my post to include my profile
  3. The Von Mauser Private Military Company BACKSTORY: In the late 200Xs, a series of uprisings took place in Eritrea, a small African country south of Egypt. During this time, the government of Eritrea need outside help to deal with the increasing number of militants who were revolting against the "Dictatorship" that they were facing. None of the large PMCs came to the aid of the government, mainly due to their lack of funds. The rebels eventually overthrew the capital of Eritrea, Asmara, and the country was left in shambles. With no major political power, multiple warlords appeared, and a series of battles were fought over who would become the leader of the country. This is where the Von Mouser PMC came into being. Supposedly made up of former elite operatives from armies around the world, the VMPMC seemed to come from nowhere. The soldiers were highly experienced and made quick work of any of those who would oppose them. Suddenly, the warlords of Eritrea found their armies being slaughtered, and their spheres of influence decreasing rapidly. Unsurprisingly, VMPMC quickly and easily took control of the war torn country's government, and have been using it as a base of operations since these events. ARMOURY: AX-5 Chambered in 5.56 NATO, this standard issue rifle is a clone of the American M16, with minor modifications such as the quick change upper receiver to allow an easy transition from a long range rifle to a CQB ready carbine. Other modifications include a hand removable delta ring assembly, an open bolt, and a standardized RIS rail system. AX-6 While almost aesthetically identical to the AX-5, the AX-6 offers a multitude of improvements and optional modifications over the AX-5, the most major being the quick change lower receiver to allow the use of 7.62 ammunition. MX A clone of the Benelli M3, this 12 gauge shotgun offers very little as far as modifications go, but it packs quite the punch. M290 Tthe M290 is a rebranded M249 PARA LMG. AT-4 The AT-4 is a Swedish made 84mm unguided anti tank weapon. No knockoffs here! TROOPERS: While the VMPMC's soldiers are not superhuman, they are very experienced. What they lack in technology, they make up for in skill. STANDARD SOLDIERS: Even the most basic operators in the VMPMC are given the best equipment that Von Mauser has to offer. Every soldier is issued an LBT 6094b, a 3 Day Assault Pack, a UV-5R VHF Radio, a set of COMTAC IIIs, and an AX-5, MX, or M290. They wear ACU as their standard camouflage to distinguish them from the elite units. ELITES: While their weapons are similar, the elite/veteran troopers in the VMPMC are issued AX-6s instead of AX-5s, and instead of ACU BDUs, they are issued Crye Precision GEN3s in AOR2. Although these "Elites" are few, these men have much more experience than the standard troopers. CO's: Instead of having multiple leaders among groups, the VMPMC is mostly run on a squad by squad basis via nanomachines (see SOP from MGS4) however, there is one known person who may be in charge: NAME: ??? No one knows the name of this person, only that they are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. However, it is known that they are either the leader of the VMPMC, or very close with the leader. any other attempted information gathering on this person has had fatal results. VEHICLES: Since the VMPMC has largely been sticking to the tiny country of Eritrea, they have not yet needed any large mechanized force, although this situation may change very soon.