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    That's classified.
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    But this one isn't... so the list as it goes:
    Gaming, Consoles, PCs... and Military kind of stuff, count zombies.

    Thing to note too is I love Gas Masks, cuz they're awesome :V
  1. Nice to meet you as well, and everyone who posted! Peace out.
  2. Just kidding about the title. I came to this site when I was introduced to Sprite Wars making when my Computer was busted and cannot be able to play any games with the GPU out of the topic (PCI Slot failure) but still capable of image editing, this site has some good sources and links, and it seems it has a very good community as far as I've noticed, and today I had to break the silence. As I don't usually do this in forums. But hello people! Just so I hope I can get along most of the folks around here and there, and may you all have a very nice day. That's all comrades, peace out! Warrior250
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