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  1. Fantastic stuff, Demps.
  2. Problem: I can't re-vote.
  3. Lemme go find my cane then so I can hit you with it.
  4. Alright, count me as less concerned. Am I eligible to put my name in for Watchman, or do I technically count as an old man?
  5. It'd feel just plain wrong to no longer have the sole remaining Founding Father in an administrative capacity, and I feel like kicking Monsta and Freak out of their positions for the sake of trying to refresh the forum is kind of a dick move. Far as I'm aware, both have done decent jobs as Watchmen, so I see no justification in removing them from their spots.
  6. Good to have you back.
  7. Oh not that shit again.
  8. Everything looks different.
  9. PANIC
  10. I have no idea if the Arcade is even used - Without the leaderboards working (from what I can tell anyhow) it's hard to tell if anyone uses it regularly. Lord knows I don't, sadly, can't even play Raiden-X like I used to. I could see an upgrade being overall a good thing, would just require an adjustment period as we figure out what still works, what doesn't, and what works differently. That being said - PANIC
  11. Holy balls that topic is cancer.
  12. Niiiiiiiice. You can make a topic for yourself in either our Art Forum or Sprites.
  13. Great to have you here, Anowi. Said it on DA but I'll say it again here - Your work is fantastic. Keep it up!
  14. Thanks for remembering mine, Backtothefryingpan. I really do hope that this is a good sign. My dad got rid of my old harddrives, so the only place I could get my old WIPs that weren't re-posted on Imgur by others is through Majhost returning.
  15. Soli! Been a long time my man.
  16. Enjoy your stay!
  17. Another year, another attempt at making up for the mistakes of my past. Although... I think I skipped 2015? Can't even remember anymore. This would be the... Seventh attempt, I think? But enough rambling, perhaps I should properly introduce myself? Hey guys, it's TimberWolf AKA James Callahan AKA FKR AKA MadCat AKA That One Asshole Who Will Not Die. How ya doin'? Truth me told I've actually been busy attempting to improve my life, make up for all the mistakes I've made both on and off the Internet since I was 12, and I think we can all agree my many, many, many bans rank up there as some of my biggest. How I would go about actually making up for all my fuck-ups? Well... I can't really say. My sprite work has been lost entirely - First, my computer's motherboard decided to commit suicide, and the harddrives left with my parents when they moved to Ontario. Next, I was one of those idiots who uploaded all of my shit to Majhost - And we are all well aware of what happened to that. I would be glad to contribute ideas while I slowly rebuild my art assets and regain the skills I've lost, but my ideas tend to go over like lead balloons no matter what I do, so I'm not so sure that would be a good idea either. Whatever it ends up being, I just hope that I am given the privilege to be a part of this community, but that's entirely up to the Admins and Watchmen, isn't it? Oh, also, nice to meet you new people. Hope you're all enjoying SW.
  18. Okay, okay, okay, who now. People saving my crap? Now that's a surprise. If any of you have, I'd greatly appreciate you hanging on to it for as long as possible. A lot of the stuff I worked on included resources and sprites by other users that are now impossible to get replaced. EDIT: Also, hi Skurge. Not entirely too surprising that you've stuck around through thick and thin.