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  1. Faction name: Coalition army Faction Alignment: Good, not legal Technology level: Medium, not nuclear [DESCRIPTION OF FACTION] The Coalition army is the group of people who do not agree whit the ideals that the UN has and for that reason they decided that they would return to take the world control by force. [NOTABLE PERSONS] (if applicable) Jason Colson: the ringleader of the Movement Javier Ortega: Is the person in change of getting the equipament to continue the fight Radio guy : This person has a clandestine radio station to raise the spirits of the resistance soldiers [HOW TO PORTRAY FACTION] They have participated in several battles in cities and in some forest areas, they are very experienced in guerrilla warfare and have among their ranks some defectors from the UN army and some war veterans who still can and want to fight, even so The team with which they count does not face the one they have against the military technology that the UN tells or the training in military tactics, they also have many elements which have never been on a battlefield. LINK TO SPRITES https://s19.postimg.org/d7srkt5gz/bbbbbb.png
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    where I can publish Where i can publish my sprite wars or sprite sheet
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    Ok,here i go... Mi name is: Alan I'm from: Tijuana,Mexico I live in: los Angeles,California I have :15 years old
  4. Credits for the creators of the sprites!
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