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  1. Neo Mera Army Objective: a very powerful fire bender named Kazuma and his wife Adele once commanded The Neo Mera Army. After Kazuma became very sick he and his wife decided to turn the infantry over to their daughter Tsumi whom is the oldest out of two girls. Tsumi decided to keep the name as it was in honor of her sickly father. Main Goal: Tsumi's main goal is to follow in her father's footsteps and try to conquer, as many bases as she can while protecting her own. "Curb Appeal" The base inwhich the Infantry works and is commanded appears to be a regular home in a simple neighborhood but when one goes inside it becomes a techincal fortress. Every member of the Army including the commander must scan their hand on the hand print reader in order to get in, if the hand doesn't match any of the infantry members the upstairs system will shut down and guards will be called to take the intruder as a prisoner who will soon be killed. If new members join the infantry they will have their hand scanned and then will be programmed into the system. ~Commanders and other characters~ -Commander Tsumi: Sometimes irresponsible, soap lover, self-centered, but good leader. She barely listens to anything that her infantry members say not unless they are complimenting her. Tsumi is thought to have to have split personalities for she is in battle she is a ruthless killer and doesn't care who you are you will die if you cross her but back at the base she is back to being bratty and self centered. She tells her soldiers to never come back empty handed (without prisoners) and if they do there will be consequences. -VC Reverend Kimura: A perverted priest who went into the military to kill off the said devils whom work and operates in it. He loves to piss off all of his female comrades by dropping corny hit lines, he usual gets smacked in the face, or hit in the balls by the woman, but won't give up. He finds it hard to take orders from a girl whom he pictures naked at all times, along with giving orders to girls whom he pictures naked. Although this perverted priest may seem useless Tsumi seems to think that he may have some sort of power but she's just not sure how to make this power come out. -Lt.Rapheal: The son of a ice magician he met Tsumi in grade school and has since been her friend. Rapheal joined the squad when Tsumi called him to duty, he was also hired because Tsumi thought he was cute and because he has great fighting skills. He has been with the infantry for sometime and knows a lot about weapons and herbs that can heal the wounds of soldiers. He also joined the army in honor of his mother who was killed by terrorists. First Sergeant Sakaki: The daughter of a demon overlord and the sister to Lt.Akuma (works with the NMA as well). She can be very mean to people if they make her mad (Kimura), she and Tsumi were once enemies but resolved their problems due to the fact that Akuma was being promoted and asked if his sister could also join the forces. When she goes on her missions she usually tells her soldiers to bring back prisoners, she seems to have similar veiws to life as her used to be enemy Tsumi, conquer everything in your path and be a ruthless killer. Sakaki can sometimes be quick tempered or she can she easily help out a fellow comrade. Although she loves to fight and kill she still likes to resolve matters in a civilized way. Lt.Akuma: A softy who hates fighting but will resort to it if he has to. He and Sakaki are siblings but are two different people. He helped train the Assasians, Snipers, and Soldiers. He also has a thing for Tsumi and seems to walk in on her when she is either in awkward positions or on awkward moments and runs away screaming(what a wimp). His father and mother were both Demon Overlords therefore if his mother and father die then he will become the next demon overlord, his sister thinks that he is too wimpy to become an overlord therefore competes with him in everything. Sergeant Major Satsuki: A young high spirited girl (until she is made angry, of course) who was asked to join the army by her good friend Tsumi because she knew how to shop and because she has cute clothes. When she first met Kimura she was flattered by his complimenting skills until she realized what he was really asking her to do, then she became very hostile and started to hate being around him. It is believed that she holds a very mysterious power... Sergeant Chico: A spanish sex symbol who loves to take pictures of his body and who loves to video tape everything that goes on in the base. He and Kimura seem to hang out a lot, and rumors speculate that he is also a pervert undercover. which would explain the reasons why he continuosly takes pictures of the girls getting in and out of the shower and takes them back to Kimura so they can laugh at the way the girls look. He is a very good fighter and is obsessed with Battle Vixens (Ikki Tousen). Sergeant Yomi: A very flirtatious young girl who signed up for the army so she could meet some really hot guys. Her, Tsumi, and Satsuki are very close friends and tend to go shopping together. She loves to use Rapheal, Kimura, Akuma, and Chico for things that she wants such as food and other things that she wants. Kimura usually pisses her off because he thinks that "She likes him for his body and because he is so smokin hot." Other Characters Kazuma Yashinto: The old commander of the NMA Army. After he fell ill, he turned the Army over to his oldest daughter Tsumi. On a regular basis he usually sits on the sofa eating popcorn and watching his westerns that come on TV Land, along with Green Acres, The Jeffersons, Good Times, The Andy Griffith Show, and Leave it to Beaver. He also enjoys going fishing and taking his little princess out to go shopping and to go eat. Adele Yashinto: Tsumi's very caring mother. She can usually get the best of her husband Kazuma just by doing little things she is sometimes called the peacemaker of the family because when ever a problem arises she usually resolves it by giving everybody chocolate chip cookies and milk along with a lot of TLC. Tora Yashinto: Tsumi's bratty little sister who thinks that she can get whatever she wants whenever she wants. She makes her appearance, so she can visit her big sister for three months and two weeks. She is very prone to throwing temper tantrums espescially when she doesn't get what she wants, she is also a very selfish and basically, a mean little bitch. She has a huge crush on Chico. Land Units NMA Foot Soldiers- Your average soldier, though gifted with an iron will and the resilience of some crazy guy hopped up on steriods. They are vicisously loyal to Tsumi, despite being trained by Akuma. Nekojin Squad- A division of 'Cat people' who are gifted in scouting missions as well as a bit of theivery. They are often accompanied by members of the Scout Division, and are still being trained in the ways of being good scouts. They have habit of being whinney but other than that they have a very happy go lucky personality. NMA Scout Division- Little boys who specialize in scout missions, they usually help with the Nekojin Squad when it comes to learning the trade of a scout, they know a lot about the environment and where to hide when it comes to spying on people or other infantry members such as the girls for both Kimura and Chico. NMA Snipers- Self explanatory, with their natural expertise in marksmenship, it makes them perfect for nailing enemies from a far away distance. They are moderately skilled in Close range shooting. NMA Assasins- Basically, Ninjas with the intent to kill. NMA Medical Division- This consists of the NMA's Doctors and Nurses, which are used to treat wounded soldiers, natrually they are skilled in the usage of herbs and medication, making them a liabilty on the battlefield. Land Vehicals -Scout Van- A van-like vehicle, which is often used by the Scout Division (and occasionally the Nekojin Squad). Equipped with fortified armor and equipment that allows them to spy on other personel. -Soldier Van 3000-Though it's name is a bit exaggerated, this is similar to the Scout van, however it has armor of better quality, therefore it can withstand more than it's predecessor, it also contains military weaponry. -NMA Big Tank- A large heavliy armoured Tank Air Vehicles -Battle Chopter- A heavily armored chopter that is flown by two people and used for far away or close up battle it may hold a small number of soldiers. It is also used for air strikes. -Carrier Chopter- A huge chopter that can carry a large number of troops. If it is not transporting troops then it is probably transporting goods, weapons, and or medical treatments. Soldiers are also liable to jump out of the plane if they are about to enter battle due to the fact that the chopter is armored just not as much as the battle chopter therefore making it easy to take down if it is stuck to by the enemy. -Fighter Jets- Jets that are armored for battle and that are usually used for dropping missiles, or any other types of bombs. These Jets are also used in Air Strikes. They are also used in a messaging system. Sea Units -Large Submarine- A heavily armoured submarine good in close and far away combat being that it is so big it sometimes has trouble with fitting into small spaces it can carry a number of soldiers because of it's size and is very well equipped for underwater battle. -NMA Submercible- A smaller version of the NMA Large Submarine. It can carry a small number of soldiers. It is also good for underwater combat but unlike the Large Submarine it can fit into smaller places and travel down to lower depts of the ocean in order to find new things and explore. Although it is heavily armored the armor is very light make it easy to float down and even easier to float back to the surface. Overall -Weakness(es): Being that the NMA is just getting back on it's feet it still has a long way to go before it hits the point where it was when Tsumi's father Kazuma was commander of it. It still doesn't quite have a naval fleet which makes it vulnerable to attacks at sea, the NMA is also still getting used to having a new leader and porblems may and will occur, but it is still getting stronger by the day. -Strength(s): The NMA has excelled in on land combat and is also reaching it's stand point in the Air Units however it will take sometime before the NMA is together and ready for just about anything. -The NMA still has a long way to go before it is strong in all of the areas of the infantry. Although it is still a little shaking in areas it should not be underestimated because it can fight just as well as other large and organized armies, and it also has very strong people in the infantry who are training soldiers, snipers, scouts, assasins, and privates to be very good and strong members of the NMA army. (0_0) NMA Army Sprites
  2. Thanks for your compliments and even the fan gurl commet and in your wonderin most of my slang iz from yahoo and we usually talk in IM, i will try to behave myself and i am ready 4 jus about anythang-
  3. Hey evrybody i waz jus introducin myself 2 all u guys jus lettin u kno that anotha gurl has joined the forces and i'm ready to start fightin and i am ready 2 hav fun!!!!!!!!
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