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  1. Kind of old? KIND OF OLD? Dude, that joke is far BEYOND old! Hell, I don't even think it can even be considered a joke anymore.
  2. A hummer-esqu type vehicle, free for anything but East.
  3. Roller Coasters....the horror...........the horror.........
  4. hey zeph! whats up?

  5. What about their Bigfoot/Hotshot sheets?
  6. My address is there too, yet my inbox is empty.
  7. Not sure how useful it will be but meh....
  8. Free for West. And this too. Also free for the West.
  9. Chibi chose not to be on the active users list.
  10. Free guns Ones on the left were made by scratch and the ones on the right were edited off Phils sheet. And a free tank for the West And before anyone says anything it wasn't edited off of Konig's tanks.
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