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Found 2 results

  1. You're reading this right, I have discovered the truth as to why Majhost has been down a very VERY long time. I have permission to post my findings here, so here it goes. BEFORE I DO THIS THERE IS A DISCLAIMER: If you try and research this for yourself, I and Spritewars is NOT responsible if you get in trouble. I did this for a research reason, and therefore I am exempt from any trouble I might have gotten into with my federal government.. Anywho, here we go: So we've searched high and low for reasons as to why our beloved Majhost has gone down. Some people had the majority of their things archived. Others, not so much. We noticed that the page says "Down for maintenance" or 403 forbidden. I have done extensive research on this topic, and I have reached out to Kevin Loch (unfortunately, messages to him probably go straight to the spam folder). We first noticed that Majhost's subscription kept getting renewed. From what I understand, there were a few time periods where the website was still accessible through certain means after it got taken offline. However, now those methods are gone. Reiterating what I just said, the subscription keeps being RENEWED. Why though? Why on a website that just says "Down for Maintenance"? There have been rumors as to why it went down, but most of them got shot down. I will shoot a few down for you as well. R: Hard drive failure A: Data recovery is rather fast, and he would have broadcast that to the users. R: He can't keep it up anymore A: Nope, he keeps renewing the subscription R: Wiping the drive A: Would be up again already. R: He's being a dick A: This one pisses me off, you'll see why, but no R: We can use Brickshelf A: Actually no, someone is removing Sprites from brickshelf, which is a recent occurence. The true answer that I discovered, which is so blatant, disgusting and surprising is that Majhost was used to host a lot of pornography, including zoophilia, hentai, and a lot of illegal, underage pornography displayed in actual pictures and through hentai. What has happened? Well, seeing as the websites subscription keeps being renewed, chances are he probably had to do some legal things, such as letting the government go through and find out who hosted the CP, and if he got it back, he is carefully deleting all of the bad things from the hard drive. The government might be doing too. To be quite honest, I don't think our things will be gone. However the reason it is taking so long, I discovered through archives. There are thousands. Tens of thousands. Maybe even HUNDREDS of thousands of inappropriate, pornographic and possibly illegal images. This is why it has taken so long, and why the website is still being renewed. The hosting hasn't suspended the website, and we can still see it says down for maintenance. In short, I'm now almost 100% Majhost is going to be coming back. Each passing day is more promising than the last. There is probably going to be a lot of authentications, and captchas, but that shouldn't bother us. Let's just wait for it to happen. We're far from dead with this realization that Maj should be coming back!
  2. Everyone, I want to make a large list of our Majhost account names incase Majhost does come back, and it seems like it is going to eventually. So post your accounts, and any you know of. Tango (older sprites of mine) esreveR (I don't like him but he did have some good stuff) RandomRebelSoldier ABINADI Gniolliv DHalo MrJedi MikeRugar TheMadSoldier IvanTheMouse Steampeng millboar Skurge Tsauruvia Tsauruvian mouser madjackalprime bucue5 brothersarmys wolfrider armymank nexus93 mrjao1 merku mannerheim marksic BFEAadmin majorswift xshadowkalashx mannerheim keelan sanjit rufus solidus meiji07 dempsey owlbear1337 tallran krusade iron-mike eris fluxx garrick stormthefox stormspotterfox dracostrife poogan kronic531 hyacinth13 darko sukairaa stualpha zephy Usvash matchbox91 MD1032 Artea shinva Drdisco glitch63 Zigge bluefox auto-fox Jam sammisan Hazapuza DarkKaiser ElectroDan tarantula1991 docstoffhimel darkoverlord Mechanox firered6 timberwolf drecanic blitzkrieg boarmaster RFZ Saphire1331 (?) spoons Freak-Ops htlr archym Giko Hisoka Mysterious-Madman Spacemarine335 admittingsword I'll keep adding as people deposit usernames.
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