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Sprite Wars
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Commander Evil

Unit Rule Ideas For Raid

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Well, heres a few ideas on unit types and stuff like that.


All of these classes and said classes are stated with infantry in mind, but they could easily apply to other units like vehicles and such.



Unit Types:


Cannon Fodder:

Conscripts, redshirts, whatever. Usually dragged off the streets and forced to fight, or just trained enough for basic survival in the battlefield. The point is, they die in droves.


Most frequently encountered unit, relatively easy to kill singly, but in numbers they can be very dangerous. They take the "A mob automatically assumes the IQ of its stupidest member" rule to heart. That said, can gain a skill boost if commanded infield by a competent leader.


-Standard/Enlisted units:

Your basic infantryman, well trained, experienced, competent. Usually divided into squads ranging between 5 to 10 men, they're good for just about any job as long as they have the right tools.


A few notches up from your standard conscript, they usually have a higher survival rate, but not by much. Its assumed that they're trained to use any vehicle or weapon in an army.



Usually assigned either to an infantry squad, a conscript horde, or just hanging around the command center giving orders and making bets, officers are a common sight in any army.


They're usually veterans of several conflicts; calm, cool, and collected in any situation. Highly Competant (usually), a good officer can lead some of the least experienced troops to victory. Usually given the authority to call in heavy support (air strikes, artillery, reinforcements, etc...)


Elite Units:

Commandos, death squads, secret police, they serve many roles. Usually called in for especially difficult situations, they're many notches above Standard Infantry, and can slaughter conscripts en masse.


Usually given weapons and tools, then left to their own devices, they can be a major threat when let loose behind enemy lines. Cutting off supply lines, assassinating officers, sabotaging vehicles, they usually get the job done, No Matter the Cost.



The leading figurehead of an army, the supreme commander; The Symbolic leader behind any army. Without him, the army would dissolve into a mess.


Usually highly trained, super powered, or just plain lucky, the leader could be good, evil, or somewhere in between. He can usually pilot any vehicle, no matter how complex; use any weapon, no matter how unwieldy; and generally be badass like that.


Note: Killing CO's without permission is usually frowned upon, and will almost always be responded too with extreme drama.



Not quite a leader, but a famous figure nonetheless, the hero inspires morale in most units of his respective armies, and sometimes even commands the respect of other armies as well. He is a well known figure, usually known for either acts of heroics, or the sheer amount of people he has killed.


The same general CO mentality applies to heroes, but he is usually used more in combat.

Note: same 'killing off' rules usually apply to heroes.



Endnote: Heroes and CO's are usually allowed some kind of super power/form/whatever, but giving every grunt trooper a super flaming berserker ability is usually frowned upon.






Feats and Achievements:


Heroic Actions


On occasion, pilots, officers, and even simple grunt infantry have gone above and beyond the call of duty, and performed a heroic action. These actions may simply increase morale among the men, or it may be something extremely heroic, like taking on a tank single-handedly, with no special weapons.


Things like this are rare, but they do happen. Use them sparingly to avoid drama.


The Awesome


Sometimes a grunt trooper does something so incredibly badass, that it can only be called an Awesome. Usually this results in said unit being promoted to hero status.





Just a few ideas for unit classification and heroic things. Lets hear some input on it.

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The Awesome


Sometimes a grunt trooper does something so incredibly badass, that it can only be called an Awesome. Usually this results in said unit being promoted to hero status.


Like how I did with the scuba Ptole in that Sprite Wars classic thing and he was all 'POWER OF THE SQUIRREL AIM FOR THE NUTS'? :D


I like it, nice thinking CE.

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A couple suggestions for additions.


Veterans: Not quite Elites, but certainly more seasoned than your regular enlisted (and certainly better than conscripts).


Specialists: Soldiers probably a tad better than enlisted rank, but like their name are geared towards one specific purpose, which they excel at. Fighter pilots, engineers, medics, ship crew fall into this category.

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This should be in 'The Great Raid' forum shouldn't it?

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Vehicle Types


Ground Units

The basic vehicles in an army, without them, you're usually pretty screwed from the beginning.



These are usually lumped together with infantry, but sometimes are counted as a vehicle, hence listing here.

Motorcycle is a general term, which can refer to any small vehicle capable of carrying one or two men. Can either be wheeled, hovering, or in some cases, jet propelled.

-Vulnerable to: Just about anything, honestly.



The workhorse of any army, could be anything from a technical to an armored humvee.

Usually used for transport and to protect infantry and convoys, they are cheap and easy to operate by any driver.

-Vulnerable to: Infantry with rocket launchers, most armored vehicles, air units.



Used to ferry supplies and troops. Usually protected by other units, the truck is lightly armored and usually unarmed.

-Vulnerable to: Just about anything.



Like a bigger, angrier truck, usually well armored and armed with anything from a machine gun to a laser cannon or missile pods, they're commonly seen working alongside tanks and infantry.

-Vulnerable to: Infantry with rocket launchers, tanks, mechs, air units.



The most recognizable unit of any army, the tank is often one of the most used as well. Armored, Heavily armed, and capable of smashing through most resistance, the tank is often used to spearhead assaults and destroy enemy bunkers.

-Vulnerable to: Infantry with heavy weapons, other tanks, mechs, air units.



Usually a tank or truck with a long-range weapon mounted on it, Artillery is usually used to keep enemies under cover so forces can advance, or to annihilate advancing forces from afar. Useful for hitting important targets and laying siege to bases.

Comes in two normal varieties, cannon and rocket artillery.

-Vulnerable to: Determined Infantry, other artillery, tanks, air units.



With the advent of high tech machinery and computers, combat mechs have become a reality. Their use is widespread and varied, ranging from infantry support in the form of power armor, to large weapon platforms that make the earth shake with their stride. Infantry and light vehicles usually have a problem fighting them.

-Vulnerable to: Tanks, mechs, air units.


Air Units

Although not MANDATORY, they do help a lot. Have many uses.



Easy to see and hear coming, they're the aerial workhorse of most armies. Capable of providing both fire support and transportation, they're commonly used in conjunction with ground forces to sweep through an area, destroying anything they come across.

-Vulnerable to: AA Units, Infantry with Rocket Launchers, Fighters


Transport Plane:

A large airplane capable of carrying heavy loads. Usually unarmed, slow, and lumbering.

-Vulnerable to: AA Units, Fighters



A small, nimble, fast plane, used to destroy enemy air units, and sometimes enemy ground forces.

-Vulnerable to: AA Units, Fighters



A large lumbering giant laden down with bombs or air to ground weapons, used to destroy enemy ground units and bases. Useful for leveling enemy fortifications, supply lines, and sometimes ground based superweapons. Depending on type, may either be fast, or armed to protect itself.

-Vulnerable to: AA Units, Fighters


Naval Units:

Battleships, carriers, and the like. Fleets can provide a mobile base if required.


Patrol Boat:

Fast, nimble, and lightly armed, patrol boats are used to guard rivers, harbors, and other waterside facilities.

-Vulnerable to: Larger Ships, Bad Weather, Helicopters


Torpedo Boat:

Like a patrol boat, but usually a bit more armored, and given anti-submarine/ship weaponry.

-Vulnerable to: Larger Ships, Helicopters



Any vessel capable of undersea travel, usually used for infiltration and destroying enemy ships.

-Vulnerable to: Destroyers, Torpedo Boats, enemy submarines



A somewhat large vessel, usually used as escorts for a fleet. Armament ranges from cannons, to missiles, and so on. Some have helicopter landing pads aboard them.

-Vulnerable to: Larger Ships, Torpedo Boats, Bombers, Submarines



Large, heavily armed Ships. Used for many purposes, ranging from shore bombardment, to anti-ship and submarine warfare.

-Vulnerable to: Larger Ships, Bombers, Submarines, Torpedo Boats



Usually the center of a fleet, the Battleship is a fortress at sea. Protected by thick armor, many gun turrets and missile launchers, along with the rest of its fleet, the battleship is a force to be reckoned with. Capable of annihilating targets from miles away, it can be used to level cities, fleets, bases, whatever falls into the cross hairs of the big guns.

-Vulnerable to: Bombers, Submarines, Torpedo Boats


Aircraft Carriers:

A city at sea, the Aircraft Carrier can accommodate many fighter planes, helicopters, and in some cases, even bombers. Slow, Lumbering, and vulnerable, they are usually well protected by the rest of its home fleet. Can serve as a flagship in the absence of a battleship.

-Vulnerable to: Battleships, Bombers, Submarines, Cruisers, Torpedo Boats




Just some generic unit type descriptions for war-newbies.

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