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Help Stop The American Cencordship Bill

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I don't know what has happened for the last four pages of this thread but bear with me here...


I mostly decided to sit back and see what happens before I made a decision either way about this subject.


At this point I realize that was a mistake. A big fucking mistake.


Apparently the U.S. government is making jabs to take down all anonymous filehosting sites simply because they're easier to run pirating schemes through.


That kind of thing seems so un-American and makes me more afraid than ever of my own government. For that kind of reasoning one might say helicopters should be banned because they crash.


Ugh. I hope the new age the Mayans were talking about is some kind of reversal of all this shit. For fuck's sake.


Actually to be frank, the governments of ANY country on the face of the planet are rather piss poor in running things. The vast majority of them are corrupt, greedy, inept and stupid in the long or short run.


.....well except maybe for New Zealand.


Funny, I was just discussing this with a couple of people yesterday. Government in most parts of the world is not a means of order, it's a means of coercion. People who live in just government systems should not take their benefits for granted.

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If they can't get it through in overt ways, it's only a matter of time before congressmen start slipping portions of it into amendments for other, unrelated bills and forcing them to pass that way.

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