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Icon Frenzy

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- Click to Download -


To learn how to remove the anoying shortcut arrow from Vista and 7 Icons - Click here - and use the application provided. I used it and it's safe, supplied by microsoft experts also.


Ok so I went a bit mad with photoshop and started slamming together gaming Icons based on the works of Exhumed...




Here's a close up of my favourite one so far that I've done.


They support all Icon sizes and multipul windows versions. (Yes even the SUPER LARGE Icon setting works)


I fully plan on releasing them for Gaming bro's when I'm done. But as I don't have every game on the planet... Suggestions?

Some extras may already be found on Exhumed's IconArchive acount.


List so far:

Age of Chivalry x2

Aliens vs Predator

Alien Swarm

All Points Bulliten

America's Army x2

ARMA2 - Might add an Operation Arrowfuck version

Assassin's Creed 2

Assassin's Creed Revelations

Blacklight Retribution

Company of Heroes - Includes Tales of Valor version

Counter Strike

Cursed Mountain

Dawn of War - only done Winter Assault

Darkness 2 x3

Deus Ex x2

Die by the Sword - if you remember this game I love you

Dragon age origins

Empires -the mod for HL2, Brendoni Only

Empires total war x2 -already working on Shogun

Fallout 3 x2

Firefox x2

Global Agenda

Half Life 2


Iron Grip: Warlord x2

Just Cause 2

Killing Floor

King Arthur

Lead and Gold

Left 4 Dead 2

Legacy of Kain defiance

Lost Planet 2 x2

Mafia 2

Mass Effect 2


Medieval 2 total war x2

Men at War: Vietnam

Metro 2033 x2


Mount and Blade Warband

Overlord 2

Postal 2 Apoc weekend

Plants vs Zombies

Red Faction 3

Red Orchestra


Sins of a Solar Empire

Skyrim x2

Space Marine

Splinter Cell Conviction

Stalker call of pripyat

Stalker Clear Sky x2


Team Fortress x2

LOTR Conquest

The Witcher x3


Warhammer Battle March


World In Conflict

Zeno Clash

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How bout Evil Genius, Saints Row 2 and PAYDAY The Heist :3

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In regards to STALKER, He already had a few done. I think he missed the original though, so I'll whip one up.

And god yes, why didn't I fucking Dues Ex. I will totally do a Max Payne 2 as I have that game.


I know for sure he already did a saints row Icon, I'll stick it in the pack.





Firefox anyone?









Counter Strike



Witcher 2


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