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Wasn’t sure where to put this topic but to hell with it. So...



"Let me tell you about Homestuck…"




One day in summer 2011 I was busying playing Xbox and talking with friends when one of them sent me a link from a site called “mspaintadventures” and what I discovered was a flash video that to me seemed a bit…strange, yet action packed. I told this buddy it felt like something that came out of one of my drawn comics, but oh no, there was more to it than that. By the time August hit I was getting more links to the site and discovering “Oh shit, this is a webcomic!?” Yet my curiosity was obtained and I decided, “Okay, time to read this thing.”


The next few days that followed resulted in my ass getting dragged into the insanity and epicness that this insane bastard –or at least that was how I felt about the author at the time- Andrew Hussie had created that was simply called Homestuck. By October, I was hooked. And the only other good thing that happened on the day Act 6 began –November 11th, 2011-, was Skyrim coming out. At the time of writing I am proud to say I’m at least a tibbit of the HS “cult”, and since no one else has done it before on this site, I feel as if I’m obligated to inform the rest of you about it.


To describe the story of this “webcomic” to you is easier said than done, it’s simply something that needs to be seen, but I’m gonna try anyway. The basic gist (or grist, if you will) is that the comic revolves around 4 kids and a game called Sburb, which ends up being not quite what they expected. Without spoiling too much, the kids eventually enter the game and are pretty much dragged into a war not only for their survival, but also for the universe itself. Along the way other characters are introduced, most notably twelve aliens called trolls, which are similar in appearance to humans except for orange eyes, grey skin and horns, who have also entered their Sburb session. I COULD go into more detail as to what happens, but really, it would spoil a great bit of the story and it is really hard to explain and understand without the reader have at least a quantum of prior knowledge on the subject. There’s a lot of action, humor, cartoony mischief, but it also has a lot of dark, sad moments, as characters can start to grow on you as the story progresses, and by that I mean you’ll see them a great deal more than characters in a video game or in a movie, and these characters will actually matter as opposed to just being there because they need to kill off someone for drama (I’m looking at you, Modern Warfare 3).


So yeah, the characters in Homestuck all hold value in the story, and each of them has a different kind of personality, different traits, quirks, and other things to make them stand out from the others and develop their personalities. Some of these perks are awesome, some of them funny, and some of them (in the case of Equius) are just downright fucking disgusting. All these different aspects help readers find a character they can identify with, and if there’s one person you don’t like, then there’s always someone else. As the story progresses the character development gets incredibly complex, someone who you thought was a complete douchebag can end up being the nicest person in existence, or someone you thought was a heartless bitch could end up actually giving a shit about something, or a person you thought was a chill motherfucker could become a psychotic killing machine. I think Hussie created a lot of these people –especially the trolls- as a means of characters study and the perception of these characters in the eyes of the public, and observing how we as readers change as they themselves change. Of course that’s just my opinion and it could just be me overanalyzing a webcomic, but it’s still something to think about for you new readers: expect the unexpected.


And another thing about the trolls, chances are as you read you’ll probably pick one of them that you like or find interesting as your “patron troll”, or it could be based on which month your date of birth might be since their symbols are based on the zodiac signs. For example, I’m January aka Capricorn so technically that would mean Gamzee is my patron troll (I think…), but personally I’m a fan of Vriska. She starts out seeming like a utter bitch but by the time I got done reading up until Act 6…lemme tell you, I think the only other character that’s put me in a mope like that was Liara T’Soni at the end of Mass Effect 3.


This is not a webcomic of the light-hearted. Homestuck is over about 5-6 thousand pages long, and while most of these are just pictures with some text below them plus flashes, there is a lot –and I repeat, a LOT- of pesterlogs dialogue boxes, most of which are heavily required reading in order to even get a glimpse of what’s going on. If you plan on reading this from the beginning, I highly recommend you do so only when you know you have a long period of time where you don’t have to work or go to school because quite frankly, this will take you a couple of days to get through.


Besides the characters, story, artstyle and all that crap, one of the other huge aspects of Homestuck is the music. There are a ton of artists who work on the music used in the flashes, notably Michael Guy Bowman and Toby “Radiation” Fox, and there are a LOT more songs that haven’t been or won’t be used that are on several massive albums. Currently there’s about 8 official soundtracks (the largest being Volume 5) not counting spin-offs and “unofficial” albums such as Drawing Dead and Alterniabound, and they all have some pretty damn good stuff on them. While about 98% of the songs are original, there are a lot you can tell are inspired by others (not to say the artists plagiarize though there was one point they did have an issue with an artist that did, he’s no longer part of team) and most famously a cover by Bowman of Trisha Yearwood’s “How Do I Live”. Yeah…after hearing one particular cover from Volume 8, I have never looked at that song the same way again.


Once again I’d like to emphasize that the one reason I haven’t gone too in-depth into the discussion of the universe of Homestuck is because it’d be too hard to do without some major spoilers, and the fact that the only way I could do it proper justice is to tell you to read it for yourselves, which is what I want you guys to do. So if you’re already sold your soul to Hussie then that’s fine , but for those of you who haven’t, now’s as good a time to start as any, so get yourself started and say goodbye to whatever life you had before.

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1st bookmark on my tab that opens up when I start firefox. Cannot get enough of it. Ever.


Adding on to that, webcomic form isn't the only way to read it. Hussie's been coverting his stories into book form since early last year.




3 Problem Sleuth books, and as of tonight, 2 homestuck books.





If you go searching for Homestuck stuff on google, DA, tumblr, youtube, etc. BRACE. YOURSELF. FOR ANYTHING. AND EVERYTHING. There is no greater spectrum between amazing and plain fucked up than the Homestuck fandom.

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