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RWBY is a CGI-anime series (genre is somewhat debated) created by Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum, it's set in a Fantasy world where there are large black monsters called Grimm which almost wiped out all of humanity and teenagers can kick butt and- Blah blah blah blah.

Seriously, there IS a lot of good stuff in here, animation, plot, humor, ect ect it is SO AWESOME YES YES YES :D but I think sometimes it's better to show then tell!




This is one of the first character trailers for Rwby, below it you can find all of the others, four trailers in total, which give you a small idea of JUST HOW FREAKIN' AWESOME RWBY IS~ and tell you a little bit about the characters and 'lay of the land'.

By the time you've watched all four, you should be PUMPED for Rwby, so you'll hopefully find time to check out all of the episodes of Season 1, maybe watch the production video pre-season 2, and then the first episode of Season Two which JUST CAME OUT TODAY! :D :3 :)


Now, I know you guys have a VERY strict meme policy, and I can understand why, but I would like to put something here to get people interested:

...Nvm meme's too big. Have a link!


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Thank you, Mr.Mandy!


@FreakOps, the FIRST EPISODE OF SEASON TWO was released on Rooster Teeth yesterday!

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