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Sprite Wars
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Storm Spotter Fox

Cascade Campaign Profiles

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Theme Music

A little Backstory

JUNE 6 199X

When the RockFalls crashed into France It destroyed the Delpus Facility in Bordeaux, France. Alastor Hawk a powerful Biological Mutagen under secret development there was released into the atmosphere creating a deadly biohazard. Carried by the Winds Alastor Hawk Spreads across France Destroyign 40 percent of the populous and Mutating others into various creatures and plant life. From the Cataclysm came the Mutagenic Fallout, but at this time who can Imagine what will come out of this Incident for another 3 Decades


After a long decade war in France. Rises a new army consisting of human/Rabbit Hybrids due to the mutagenic properties. They have managed to come out on top and now Plan to make a new world order, but first they need to gather supplies from the nearest areas. Mines were placed in city ruins digging out metals from not only the wreckage of vehicles ,but also old ore mines Digging it up , melting it down and sending the scrap to be repurpose the New Lapine Dominion Created a small strike force. Sadly due to the EMP shockwaves that hit France much of their technology was reduced to World War II style of technology and an age of DieselPunk started. Now They send a strike force to Cascade for one mission. Collect resources and Recover Technology that was once lost to the world


COLETTE 'THE BLIZZARD' KORDA: The commanding officer and the Special Operations Agent sent to command the expeditionary forces to Cascade. She's a stern leader ,but tends to love her job way to much. She usually carries around a Auto-14 SMG and a Kurki along with having previous skillspiloting combat mechs




Conscipts: Prisoners of the NLD must serve there sentence out as part of the Conscripted forces of the NLD. Conscripts are the bulk of the military . They don't have any helmets, There body armor is made of weaker material than the regular army, and there assault rifles are the same as the regular army ,but with only can fire in semi-auto. Thery are lightly trained and used mostly for cheap troopers


Regular Army: The main military force of the NLD made up of civilians that went full career. They are better trained and given ful automatic of there rifle , helmets, and better body armor than there conscripted breatherns.


Broadnose: A brown Navy Hovercraft use for high speed recon in the water and light combat support. Armed with only a light Machine gun. Crew comes in a set of two troops


Meerkat: Created by one of the car companies that survive the Rockfall the Merrkat is based on the Adrien Motors BR 109 Sports car the Meerkat Undergone several modifications to turn it into a recon unit. It is lightly armored and armed with two frontal machine guns. it's characteristics of a high performance sport car is left intacted even with the modifications.


Dingo: Like the meerkat to cut cost the Dingo was modified from a Civilian Bus replacing the back wheels with half-track treads and the side windows with armor plating. A turret was added on top to provide defense and infantry support. Can carry up to 12 passangers due to the middle seats were removed to add in the turret.


Remora: Another Civilian Vehicle modified for military use. The remora serves three purposes . Two of them to transport supplies/troops. The latter as a Resource transport gathering large metal slabs to take back to base for recycling into new units.


Wasp: Made from old designs of a prototype vtol craft and a light chopper from american vehicles in the 1950s the Wasp serves as a Support Gunship providing close air support for the ground forces with it's machine gun.


[Tier 2 Units]

Whale: A large military transport able to ferry troops in the water. Usually supported by Broadsides for defense. Also wil be armed with a two machine guns.


Vulture: A attack fighter based on old world war II jets and the same VTOL turbine fans from a American prototype. The vulture provides air support for the ground forces and with it's VTOL engines it can take off anywhere. Armed with 4 anti-armor machine guns and missiles for anti-air and anti-armor roles


Termite: Based on a prototype for a aircraft that failed, but cna still hover off the ground the Termite uses the same technology to make the world's first hover tank. Armed with a medium tank cannon the Termite is the main battle tank of the NLD


Gorilla: For the 3 decade war in France the NLD's beginnings as the Lapine Sons of Paris the LSOP developed a combat mech from salvage weapons during the war of the two super powers. the Gorilla provided infantry support along with Anti-air support. A set of large caliber Machine guns and missile launchers helped the LSOP win against it's enemies and allowed the NLD to rise from the ashes. Even though it's old it is still a main fighting unit for the NLD. Uses two crewman to pilot


SilverBack: Based on the Sucessful Gorilla series Combat Mechs the Silverback is the first fully humanoid robot for the NLD. Unlike it's father the Silverback allows for Modular system to be installed making it able to attach different weapons. The usual configuration is a standard anti-armor Assault rifle or the assault rifle with Missile launcher pods


Sapuers: [upgrade for Regular Army]: Soldiers trained in the use of super Napalm bombs and Combat Flamethrowers the Sapuers job is to takes out infantry although they carry Mark 9 napalm grenades. The grenades have a MXC Additive compound that corrodes and burns Light and Medium armor on contact.


Wasp HellStorm:[upgrade for Wasp]: This Wasp Upgrade equips the Wasp with Rocket pods and anti-armor rounds for tank Hunting


[Tier 3 Units]

Vulture Multirole Attacker:[upgrade For Vulture]: Bomb Ports are added to the Vulture Hull allowing it to drop Bombs on unsuspecting targets. Bomb types are standard 500Kiloton bombs to Mark 10 Napalm Bombs that do the same effect as the Mark 9 grenades but on a Larger scale


[More Tier 3 units on the way in the future]

[Tier 4 Units]





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Eisenhower Travolta: The Mystic


Personality: A nervous, happy-go-lucky young psyker with hints of PTSD. He goes about making people happy as much as he can, all the while causing all sorts of wonton damage by accident. He never goes for the violent choice, and will use his powers just to reach that end.


Powers: Absolute Pacifist. He will endeavor to avoid using violence at every turn, often breaking out his silver tongue, or if situations get too hot, his psioniks. He will always only ever use his psykic powers to knock out personnel, jam guns, think up shields, unlock doors and so on.

Think of a sentient sonic screwdriver, and you’ll get the picture.

He also suffers from migraines and nosebleeds, annoyingly painful useless premonitions, and accidental telepathy.


Sprites: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Meiji07/Isaac/psyzak.png

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CYBER is one of six Autonomous Warfare Controller Intelligence. It was constructed originally to wage war against other five AWCI. However, the war escalated to point where the original creates of the AIs disappeared, but their machines were left behind to fight a war that they didn't even know why had started. CYBER has recently noticed Earth and concluded that it is a suitable location for one of it's Quantum Gates, one that could link it to heart of one of the competing factions. For this purpose, it has send a strike force to capture Earth and turn it into another Fabrication World.


Tier 1:


Fabrication Bot:

Fabrication Bot is one of the "workers" in the CYBER. They can, theoretically, build anything and anywhere. In reality, however, they require local infrastructure to collect metals and other resources for them to use. They are also very slow to produce anything complex, often building dedicated factories for this purpose, or converting existing ones for use. They use nanolathing, a process of spraying tiny nanomachines to build each unit and structure one atom layer at the time.



Scout is a simple unit. It has single Energy Machine Gun and enhanced electronic suite, to assist on gathering and assimilating data. It is fast, but not very durable.


Light Assault Bot:

In the War of AIs, LABs are rarely used for anything else than harassment. They are "infantry" of the machine armies, armed with dual EMGs. Extremely cheap and fast to produce, they are often simply rushed at the enemy, regardless of the casualties. There is always more.


Light Tank:

A lightly armed vehicle, at least by CYBER standards. However, it is relatively fast and has small profile and are fast to produce, at least compared to many other units. However, they are not suited for extended battles.



As the name implies, this unit is for dedicated anti-air operations. While it can engage ground targets, it is not very effective for that purpose.


Tier 2


Main Battle Tank:

A three barreled combat vehicle. It is the main tank unit of the CYBER army and used in large numbers. They also carry light SAM system to deal with airborne threats, though they are not as effective as dedicated anti-air units.



Self-propelled piece of artillery. It can either fire both it's barrels at the same time, for stronger impact, or in sequence for faster firing rate at the cost of accuracy.


Assault Bot:

This unit is the mainstream unit in the War of AIs. It has armed with pair of combined Rail-guns and Energy Machine Guns.



A simple air transport unit, that can carry up to six units on it.


Tier 3



Commander is a specially build unit. Traditionally, when creating a beach head, a single Commander is sent to battlefield. Commanders are extremely powerful and though. They are also armed with powerful D-Gun, a weapon capable of destroying almost anything. Commanders command their army directly, serving as a platform for the central CYBER AI. Should Commander be destroyed, the rest of the army it was commanding reverts to back-up protocols. The Commander also explodes with a power of a MOAB.


Tier 4


Quantum Gate

Quantum gate is the ultimate tool in the CYBER arsenal. It allows the planet to directly link to another planet. If linked to Fabrication World, this would mean endless stream of machines. This is the ultimate goal of the CYBER, to build a Quantum Gate on Earth.



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Sancta Cascade military.

Following the impact of 1886-VG, Sancta Cascade's armed forces went through a period of gradual stagnation, as their main suppliers of Military equipment (NATO) fell into disarray. They almost never recruited, so most of the active personnel were people who had joined before 1886-VG hit. However, when High command learned of the discovery of massive deposits of valuable natural resources by an independent group, the new that sooner or later, their 30-year period of isolation would be shattered. They needed to rearm and mobilize fast. And it wasn't as hard as it might seem. There were several abandoned military bases belonging to the Western powers that the government never got around to searching through, and the government has also considered trading some of the resources they'll be mining for military equipment from the South American Cartels and the African Pirates, on the grounds that anyone who tries to conquer Sancta cascade might set their eyes on them next...

*Units coming soon.*

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I'll get flags and preliminary unit descriptions improved after work tomorrow. I work a close and open pair today and tomorrow morning. For right now, this post will be a placeholder and improved when I have time tomorrow.


Trans-Pacific Alliance:




Marine light infantry, parachute infantry, special forces, TPA and Naval interceptor aircraft.




Marine main force, Territorial Army, Airmobile forces, armor, amphibious capable APCs and landing craft, TPA Air Force





M270 MRLS, and mobile SCUD-like surface to surface tactical (non-nuclear) missiles with exotic metal penetrators and splinter warheads. May have naval or air launched varieties. Airship based platforms







Union of Independent States:




Territorial Militia, Army Reserve Forces, Armored Reconnaissance Battallions (using BDRM armored scout cars and BTR-80 APCs), light heliborne forces




Regular Army, land armor forces, mechanized infantry/motor rifles, Airmobile Forces (Heliborne) and Airborne Infantry (VDV); Black Sea Fleet Marines, Air Force, Air Defense Force (operates both SAMs and AAA emplacements, mobile air defense assets, and its own interceptor aircraft force)




Mobile SCUD-style stratetic missiles, mobile cruise misisle launchers, tracked MRLS, laser based tank on T-80BM platform, strategic bomber force





Tesla-based weaponry

Black Sea and North Sea Strategic Submarine Fleets (non-nuclear as pertaining to the rules)

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