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Global 2 Profile Thread

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Sorry for the bump, but I added important info to the TFX profile

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Myrmidon Corporation

Providing the best technology and military.. for a price.

The story so far

Founded by CEO and president Jin Ule this megacorporation is shrouded in mystery. It was newly founded during the first Interstellar war (G C 1) ,but in its short time it has been providing virtually every consumer need along with dabbling into Military Weaponry and space travel. Although it is knowledge they have been providing resources to Terran Command and the Liberialis Terrae this organization is fully focused on profit instead of Anti-Alien outlooks. It is now providing military and Law enforcement equipment to the South Amercian Directorate consisting of Benin, Niger, and Nigeria and the newly formed Neo Mongolian Dominion.

The Myrmidon Corporation only focus is not of good or evil ,but making corporation profit or gathering resources to meet their demands of their shareholders

How to Portray

The corporation does not send their own private military forces and it's rare to see them not at the HQs settled in the nations, but they do have agents that handle any missions the corporation needs to get done from forging new alliances to gain profit in new nations to classified operations.

(in short don't put them anywhere I will place them if needed)

For their nations of Influence it will be that nation's military providing military forces in defense of their countries or doing military operations while Myrmidon only provides the resources and vehicles for their military.

Sprites for the Neo Mongol Dominion and South Africa Directorate will be in the dropbox
(MikeMurdock's Folder, Armies, Misc Armies for Campaigns and stories)

links (don't know if they will work)



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Updated TFX profile with new info.

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Arcadia Colony Rebellion


Fed up with The Terran Confederation's increasing stranglehold over the Earth, and Highlon's exploitation of the colonies, the Arcadia Space Colony begins gathering support for a colonial rebellion, starting in Earth L5.


Because the Colonial Independence movement is in a somewhat grassroots phase, new units will be added as comics are made.


Arcadian Resistance Soldiers


Gaits Space Armor *UPDATED*

Gaits RED METEOR Variant


Colonial Warship

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