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Sprite Wars

Global 2 Deployments List

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We do have the map but I figured this could be useful to keep track of battles/conflicts going on at the current time. So post what ongoing battles and locations here and I will keep the first post updated.



-Terran Command-

*Out of combat at the moment*


-Robotnik proxy faction-

*Influencing other natiosn to join under the corporation

*Blood Hand defending Manchuria

*Deployign Pirates to attack the first wave of the egg fleet of alt universe Eggman

*using Neo Mongolia to invade Russia


-Voltor Empire-

*Central Africa


*invading Croatia

*Invading Montenegro




*interrogating Merlina



*Invasion of Japan

*Defense of Euroupe

*Working toward s Alliance with the IDF

*Working on alliance with Indonesian government



*providing funds and resources to Chinese and African Resistance movements

*Assisting African Resistance against the Voltor and Assisting with Invasion of Japan


-Task Force X-

*Invasion of Japan


-Antarctican Empire-

*Invasion of South Africa


-New Teutonburg-

*Defense of Euroupe



*Defense of Euroupe

*HOUND operation with EAGLE on Starforge

*Defense of South Africa


-Tempest State Federation-

* Operations in South Africa



*Operations with Enforcers to destroy terrorists

*Opearations to go to Heaven


-Liberalis Terrae-

*Defense of Japan

*Assault against Voltor in Egypt

*Invasion in Manchuria




*Defense of Euroupe

*Assisting African Resistance


-Mecha Sonic's Legion-

*Defense of AntArtica Base

*working to bring in more forces from other dimension


-SS Paranormal division-

*Assault on Mecha Sonic's base








*In African Resistance FireBase



*In Nicole's Custosy on the moon


-Egyptian 7-

*Asssisting African Resistance against Voltor


-Chad Spec Ops Team 7-

*Evacuating from Chad


-Ryic blackrain/Azaroth-

*Currently screwing around.




-African Resistance-

*Raids on Voltor bases and liberating prisons


-Chinese Resistance-

*Raid on TNN HQ

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Voltor does not have a foot hold presence in the middle east, only a small man operation infiltration team which is now..dead.


We also now hold Bosnia, Serbia, Italy, borderline of Montenegro and Croatia.

As for Africa we hold Egypt and Libya, soon to nab Chad.


I like the idea of this topic, helps us know a little more about the situations we have here.

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There has been error with Axonians in South Africa, they have been mistakenly placed there.

Not entirely. Me and Steampeng have discussed this, and there are a few troop companies stationed there. They're part of a small garrison of South Africa, that was supposed to monitor the Antarctican activities.

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My Task Force X main character, John O'Leary, is currently offshore of Okinawa on the USS Bainbridge

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We're currently on Okinawa. We will have taken about 50%of the island by the next comic. From what I understand, Shiki is going to assist Liberalis

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